cronache: chronicles in Italian (as in the German family name Cranach)

crypto-toponymy: technique invented by Guarino di Verona which consists of inserting genealogical information in placenames sometimes associated with geographical coordinates. Crypto-toponymy is the technique used by Guarino’s descendants ( me ) to decipher some of this information. Guarino never actually used it himself but defacto invented the science. Printers and Mapmakers were involved.

ECCO: in italian it means something like here it is. John Lilly coined the acronym ECCO: Earth Coincidence Control Office.

Eco: ex caelis oblatus (from Latin: a gift from the heavens) is a family name given to foundlings. Umberto Eco’s grandfather was given that name. He was from Piedmont, Italy and could be an SRY-2627. He wrote about Masset Garin.

einhorn: unicorn in German

ergothic: a person that has used LSD or similar compounds and has an ancestor that has used as well. This is practically all European and American LSD users.

garron: ergot in Occitan. 1) an hallucinogenic mushroom found in rye. 2) spur or hard spike made of horn-like material at the back of the leg of certain birds like chickens (gallus, one of the symbols of France) and even on wings in African goose. 3) device at the back of a boot to urge horses on.

My Haplogroups: Y: chromosome R-M167,  Mitochondrial: U5B2B.

Illuminassholes: People who believe in the Illuminati.

leno: Francoprovençal or Arpitan contraction of ‘Là en Haut’, There up above. ce que Leno: who is there up above.

materialism: the use of material goods as a human metric: who owns what. Materialism has nothing to do with the actual use of material or who actually produced it as even the most enlightened monk still uses toilet paper. Materialism is about social positioning and usually leads to one of over-consumption and/or selective miser-like behavior and never to harmony. Note that ownership is an elusive concept and I wouldn’t put so much faith into it if I were you. You’re hurting other eternal entities for very shallow and temporary reasons. Where are you going with this? You’re a dummy in the majority.

Pianoscript™️: a music-writing 12 character alphabet in which information contained on the individual characters lead to a specific key position on a piano keyboard.

roggen: rye in German.

ryan: shitty politician.

segala: rye in Italian. Segal family.

Volscian:  The people of the Capitoline She-Wolf, the Samnites and their descendants at any time within the last 2500 years.