I am now potless

Just want to record here that I haven’t smoked any cannabis for the past 2 months and I am feeling good about it.

I think it’s best not to consume mind-altering compounds when possible. I have come to realize that my drug consumption has damaged me some. I have been quite depressed these past few months and I think drug withdrawal has something to do with it.

Depression is no joke but I think i’ll get over it in due time.

Government pot is too strong for me.

I also am no longer posting stuff here in regards to my ancestry. I feel it’s being misunderstood.

I still believe we are products of our environment including what we ingest.

I want to apologize to those I have offended.

Dopamine and Serotonin

I have never hallucinated anything without first having consumed LSD, mushrooms or morning glory seeds. These kinds of hallucinations do not really count as psychosis. However, tripping with genetic memory can be stressful.

I have been prescribed Olanzapine; a drug given for schizophrenia or by-polar type problems. Wikipedia says:

Although how it works is not entirely clear, it blocks dopamine and serotonin receptors.

I find it negligent of the state that I speak of genetic memory to their public psychiatrists and the best they come up with is putting me on a treadmill medication. Think about that, folks. Missed opportunity to access genetic memory with a willing participant

My genetic memory delusion if delusional at all would best be treated by an art historian or a Gallo-Normand expert.

They have read my blog. Surely one of them could prove or disprove my ramblings about photons. They all have taken some physics from physics professors. They do not offer me help in this regards which is what causes my stress. All of you (except my son ) are on an equal footing in this regards. No intellectual  help for Mark: no historians, no physicists, no cosmologists, NADA!

I seek but they never answer. Isolation is stressful. Do you get it now ?

Olanzipine is also given for PTSD. Since PTSD is induced by war or other stressful situations, I feel that my own mind is probably in a similar soup of neuro-transmitters and associated compounds and so I self-diagnose myself as PTSD and accept my treatment. I think this med will be OK for me for a 6 month period as I was told by Dr Gaudet. After that, if all is OK, I will stop this med. This is what I agreed to and I will hold Gaudet to it.

Ironically in the USA there is a growing interest in MDMA, a psychedelic, in the treatment of PTSD. Quebec psychiatry is clueless in this regard and behind the times. I offer my help.

I have 6 months to organize myself a retirement routine à la Okinawa.

There are serious known health complications with this drug prescription I’ve been given: heart disease and high cholesterol.

So far, I’m not impressed with Quebec psychiatry. It’s a unitary system; a state monopoly. It operates like the catholic church but without a pope. There is no accountability. Saint Anthony is here to help.







Me and my Monkey

The Beatles

“Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey”

Come on come on
Come on come on
Come on it’s such a joy
Come on it’s such a joy
Come on let’s take it easy
Come on let’s take it easy
Take it easy take it easy
Everybody’s got something to hide except for me and my monkey


(Ooh) The deeper you go the higher you fly
The higher you fly the deeper you go
So come on (Come on) come on
Come on it’s such a joy
Come on it’s such a joy

Come on let’s make it easy
Come on let’s take it easy (Oh)
Take it easy (Yeh yeh yeh) take it easy (Hoo)
Everybody’s got something to hide except for me and my monkey, yeah


Your inside is out when your outside is in
Your outside is in when your inside is out
So come on (Ho) come on (Ho)
Come on it’s such a joy
Come on it’s such a joy

Come on let’s make it easy
Come on let’s make it easy
Make it easy (Hoo) make it easy (Hoo)
Everybody’s got something to hide except for me and my monkey


Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on
Come on, come on, come on…

Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on
Come on, come on, come on…

At what age in 2020 are people ignorant of Beatles songs? I was raised  mostly by myself on Beatles albums from 63 to 70. From age 5 to 12. I had parents but they were of a totally different culture. Baby Boomers they called us. My parents were of the Silent Generation (1928-1945). Their poster girl is Jacqueline Kennedy.  They basically had no childhood during the Great Depression. My dad worked part of his childhood as a paperboy and helper to a local veterinarian; so he told me. This generation was clueless about childhood and raised children who were clueless about childhood. No blaming, just saying… Most humans are shitty parents because of selfishness. I myself have apologized to my son. He recently told me things about me as a parent I had to admit were highly negligent of me. Now I’m selfishly passing the puck to my own parents who would be wise to do the same instead of frustrating themselves against me for telling the truth. My son told the truth as I am as well.
Other artists too were influential to me; Sergio Aragones of MAD magazine; also Johnny Carson was tops funny for a while in the 70s. But that’s unreal. It’s TV. Songs are sometimes real when not so contrived and cleaver. Clearly John Lennon is simulating  a speed kick here when singing the contraire or counter air to the words take it easy. That’s the magic of music. There were Lennons in the village of Inverness Quebec where my great-grandfather had his home. That was in the 1920s. I like Julian and Sean Lennon. Both have shown dignity in a ruff family context. You’re Dad surely agrees.
 This is from Viva MAD! by Sergio Aragones.


In a Gadda da Vida Baby!  If you could double the energy of a photon, split it in two as a pair of photons moving in opposite directions (keeping the initial magnetic field on the same side either towards or away from you): you would have 2 entangled photons with both having pre-determined and synchronously alternating sets of quantum numbers. I can’t put it simpler than that. Go read my paper again.

Do you know what can help in visualizing this?

Keep in mind that a photon always starts with a crest therefore the photon pair is sharing  a trough between them. The splitting of the trough occurs at detection. Problem solved!

This dual trough stretches to incredible distances. Should we find out how much stretching this trough can undergo would possibly reveal some sort of fundamental property of space. I wish I had physicists to talk to. I need confirmation that this makes sense.

J’ai écris mon papier en Québécois. Il date du 20190314 et fut posté sur ce site le 17 avril 2019. J’ai développé l’idée encore plus depuis.

J’ai des props interessant sur les photons. Ça ferait un beau film voir même une BD.

Le Garon transform est présent ailleur dans la nature.


Regarding Lysergic Acid

I just want to clear up my position on LSD usage.

I don’t recommend the use of LSD before anyone addresses his own personal issues. If you are a happy go lucky person like me, it would be quite OK but if you believe in ghosts, the devil, aliens, etc. you may best lay off the stuff.

Of course I’m speaking from my own standpoint; a man with strong religious/humanist genetics. It’s not that you don’t have such genes, it’s just that they might not be so active. If you’re a shrink and you’re close-minded, please abandon your practice.

I haven’t taken any such compound in a very long time and I’m not tempted either. In my case it would clearly be drug abuse.

For a psychiatrist, it should be part of their curriculum. It definitely would show you how humans connect dots and make links that may be irrelevant and so appear to be loony. Experience it for yourself and you’ll better understand those that consult and count on you for solutions. I have seen Vikings in my ceder hedge. Very friendly.

I feel that through better socializing from childbirth on through to old age,  we should overcome a lot of mental illness.



In all societies to date, the State is never the most moral entity. States are changelings and sometimes even Shapeshifters; I mean Poutin was at a certain point a commie. Now he’s an oligarch. He epitomizes Shape-shifting.

Poutin, like you and me, is immoral. Nevertheless he certainly has an ideal of ultimate morality but probably doesn’t access it on a regular basis. He’s still on a cold-war mindset. So are the Saudis, the Turks, the Hungarians, The Chinese, etc. eyeing a 1984 scenario.

In America, we are in a possible paradigm shift. Clearly, Trump is possibly the next to last corrupt president. As it stands right now, Joe Biden will be the next president and as a politician, I don’t like him very much. Here are your choices: Pussy Grabber or Finger Licking Joe.

I was hoping for Mr Sanders to pull through but he’s about 4 years ahead of the American public. I hope the corona virus will change America’s take on insurance-run healthcare. No masks to hide behind America! Blame the insurance companies. They failed to insure your public security. What next? They’ll start charging you a premium for stocking PPEs for you in case of another pandemic!



For my doctors if they read English

I’m sorry but my time is important and to do this in french on my keyboard is a huge hassle.

I want to talk about psychosis. If you’ve had the interest of reading my entire blog, you’d find that I had something in the past that can be categorized as psychosis. I had discovered that the love I believed I could rely on was a huge illusion. It destabilized me. Basically I was down to about 3 people I could rely on. What a burden I must have been to these 3. They know I have gifts of future happiness in store for them.

The point is, I know what psychosis is but my healthcare providers clearly don’t. They were more concerned that that sucky med olanzipine was gonna fatten me up. I take the stuff and I just don’t feel the med. Guess why? I don’t have psychosis.

My first episode was about a year ago and I lived through it by myself. I came out fine with an increase in sensitivity to ill people.

I smoke 3.5 gms of cannabis a day. I empty the container daily. If it was whiskey, I would empty the bottle. This behavior is locked into my personality. Know thyself I’ve been told. I gm of cocaine is one sitting. 3 gms of cocaine is one sitting. Moral of the story: don’t take little white powders.

Right now, under the recommendations of Dr Gaudet, I only smoke CBD weed. I cheat of course.

Anyway, I truly think that ALL PSYCHIATRISTS must experience psychosis via a psychedelic. Let me be you’re guide. I have the genetic memory of the Hospital Brothers of Saint Anthony who took care of the rye eating people inadvertently poisoned by the ergot mushroom. Read my blog and prove me wrong. What fucking boring assholes these people are. Safe as milk. You’re becoming irrelevant. You’re pals are Fat Mike’s harmacists. You’re pen is mightier than the sword in the war on drugs. You dopes! Which side are you on?



I think I’ve already mentioned that I have some African DNA: very little of it. Initially my genomic provider had listed me as having 0,2% sub-Saharan DNA which made sense since my Ancestor of 9 generations ago Jean Garon married a beautiful  Island woman in Martinique named Genevieve Peintier in 1720. Her parents were 3/4 Black Carib 1/4 European. Back then, for a time, inter-racial marriages were accepted.

Since then, my genomic provider has removed the mention of African DNA and has categorized this DNA as undetermined. They also increased the amount to 0,3%

For myself, I suspect that this undetermined DNA is of  Black Carib origin. This would mean that I possibly have more or less some Amazonian DNA as well as some sub-Saharan DNA not in micro but in thousandths parts.

3/1000 sounds like a ridiculously small amount of DNA to fuss over. However, in my theory of genetic memory, I would indeed have some of the genetic memory of these people. It tints my dreams and hallucinations. We access these memories in a non-linear way Trust me. It’s not trivial.

0.3% of the world’s population is like the population of Taiwan. Could we do without Taiwan. I dare think not; all that industry! I’ve actually been there and I really liked it apart from almost being run over by a scooter every few minutes.

I ate a dish of bamboo in mayonnaise. Very weird!

Great hotel. Nice place. Nice museum. I was there the week Mrs Chiang Kai Shek died in october 2003 with Chantal my then girlfriend and my present lockdown partner. We’re sitting down the corona virus together with my son as well. All is good with me.


Song by Serge Gainsbourg
La mort a pour moi le visage d’une enfant
Au regard transparent
Son corps habile au raffinement de l’amour
Me prendras pour toujours
Elle m’appelle par mon nom
Quand soudain je perds la raison
Est-ce un maléfice
Ou l’effet subtil du cannabis?
Elle m’appelle par mon nom
Quand soudain je perds la raison
Est-ce un maléfice
Ou l’effet subtil du cannabis?
La mort ouvrant sous moi ses jambes et ses bras
S’est refermée sur moi
Son corps m’arrache enfin les râles du plaisir
Et mon dernier soupir