Song by Serge Gainsbourg
La mort a pour moi le visage d’une enfant
Au regard transparent
Son corps habile au raffinement de l’amour
Me prendras pour toujours
Elle m’appelle par mon nom
Quand soudain je perds la raison
Est-ce un maléfice
Ou l’effet subtil du cannabis?
Elle m’appelle par mon nom
Quand soudain je perds la raison
Est-ce un maléfice
Ou l’effet subtil du cannabis?
La mort ouvrant sous moi ses jambes et ses bras
S’est refermée sur moi
Son corps m’arrache enfin les râles du plaisir
Et mon dernier soupir

Bobbing Wide

What’s in a name? Much! I understand I’m not alone in this quest for truth. We have been selected by mass media to do a job. It shall be done.

I have come full circle and I’m feeling great.

Thank you Robert. No need for judges. They suck! You don’t.

Oxy Moronic

This one is for the staff on the 11th floor!

“Oxy Moronic”

I’ve been called an OxyMoron
Because I question which drugs our war’s on
Why are there more drug stores
than liquor stores you can score on
The healers have become the harmers
They’re just pharmaceutical farmers
What we used to call dealers
We now call doctors
I might be a CD Cynic
Cause that crack house is now a clinic
It’s time they change the name of the oath to
The hypocritic
It isn’t Adderalltruistic
By overprescribing
How can we fight them in a Suboxone ring
I’ll throw a Prozacuzation
With a Subketamining
They’ll say my fears are Quaaludacris
They should be Ativanishing
With every Demeroltercation
They’ll have a good Xanaxplanation
You’re just Cialistrated
Cause we made your dick deflated
It’s OxyMoronic
It’s OxyMoronicIt should be doctors getting busted
For their Klonopinions we trusted
We’re not the sinners, they’re the ones
That served us the Vicodinners

I don’t want to be an alarmist
But in that harmacy there’s a harmacist
And those scripts are making us Paximple minded pacifists

It’s OxyMoronic
It’s OxyMoronic
It’s OxyMoronic
It’s OxyMoronic

Don’t think that I AmBien crazy
The medical industrial complex
Keeps us Viagravated and hard to come
Because of Percosex
How can we Hydrocondone
Their blatant misconduct
They don’t care for patients
They care about pushing product

Are you OxyMoronic
For wanting your daily chronic
And making your mom’s house hydroponic
You’re OxyMoronic

I’ve been called an OxyMoron
For getting my metaphor on
Linoleum is a Flooron
I’m an OxyMoron

It’s time to be alarmed
We’re not being healed, we’re being harmed
Our country’s being factory farmed
It’s OxyMoronic
It’s time to sound the alarma
We can’t put our faith in karma
We got a common enemy
And they’re called Big Pharma

And it’s OxyMoronic
And it’s OxyMoronic
It’s all OxyMoronic
It’s all OxyMoronic


NOFX:  Good stuff guys!

Cosa Vostra

Circa 1933

Picture 1: Emile and Bros,  in Abitibi. I actually met this 20th century Kamouraska werewolf.

Ah OoooH! Werewolves of London Ontario!

Picture 2: Granny, Pepeo, aunt Jeanne and my father Roger

Picture 3: Pepeo (my grandfather Antoine) is siting on the bike. My Dad took the picture.

Picture 4: my dad




Message for all


just want to state my position on everything that irks me in the most upbeat way.

Simply put, we should temporarily suspend our perception of our station in life and meditate on it. Where are we and who put us there?

for myself I want to advise all that there is no deep state but there are deep societies. They are not secret but they do try to control or ostracize some elements within their societies.

This attitude is present in all ‘,white people continents’ where descendants of noble families live.

In the old days, families were very large and survival was difficult. The eldest son of the family was very important and inherited his father’s wealth. It made sense up to a certain point. It is not for us to question how this was done; it’s like looking at another species from another time.

The Catholic church back then always sided with the money which was the kings and noble families who had well-organized structures but did have some rot at the top. It’s quite useless to blame anyone today or back then for the system that evolved from previous conditions. It’s the same today.

Of course work was done by the peasants and creativity achieved by a mix of people. No one is excluded from creativity my friend.

Some guilds however were organized and worked outside of noble structures. When the time came, the younger nobles, active in guilds sided with the reformation. The reformation and abandonment of noble structures would cost the older children much more than the younger ones. These people organized themselves as well.

Through the effect of changing times and stymergy these organized structures are still remnant in society in the form of cults that favor large families and older sibblings.

Since the Earth can no longer handle a growing population, everyone will become the oldest and youngest child eventually automatically. The battle has run out of ammunition on both sides of the battle.

We already have robots. Every human needs a minimum of physical activity. You have to work within a certain amount to be healthy.

Most taboos of long ago are no longer taboos.

No issues people. This is all of society that it applies to. Let’s build us a great and peaceful culture.


Australian sad

Gaday mate, Mee mums beeben some roo with capsaciums.

Listening to Midnight Oil From Coal: Great band! They’re as hot as a koala roasting on a eucalyptus branch in a bushfire. The eucalyptus unfortunately is useless in this instance as a cough suppressant. Maybe as a flavoring agent? It’s actually used in real life for smoking meats.

I hope the good people of Australia can get their country back.

Skippy Skippy, regardez tous avec nous, Skippy Skippy, notre ami le kangaroon.

Joke Reservoir

It’s ironic that rich people deliver the largest shit stains yet they have the cleanest underwear.

It’s also ironic that I come from wine-making people yet I’m a fucking alcoholic. I looooved wine man! I used to drink two bottles a day. My favorite wine was cote du Rhone, Chateauneuf type stuff. I’m not an expert on wine which made the stuff more mysterious and pleasureful with so much to learn about things surrounding it. A great hobby.

In actual fact, there is no biological function to alcohol. It’s what I call a delectogene: a pleasure giving compound. Recreational marijuana is a delectogene for some people but for me it’s a cerebral activity booster. When drugs are well oriented they become something other than what the dealers think it’s about. I thank criminals for keeping the cerebral activity trade alive malgré eux. You rendered society a service.

I ended up having acid reflux beyond the pleasure of wine and plus my father died at this time period and I felt shit drinking so much with my mother so alone. I quit in april 2013. I was diagnosed with cancer may 2013. That kinda help quit. We’re now in 2020,  seven years later and I had the richest years of my life just reading books so far away from modernity. My oldest son keeps me busy too. It has really enriched my spirit self as I had the privilege of hind sight over a life that was materially impoverished and socially restricted with emotionally stunted people in an obsolete Burgundinian cult recently revived in post-nazi America. Salem was of a similar drug culture. Some were victims, some were not. No more. I see that the memory of value we have is from the beyond and the material personas we’ve been stuck to ( Mark Garen? incredibly cleaver) and the shit that people put us through is all bullshit that doesn’t deserve our attention because it will not be retained in the beyond. What is retained is if part of your spirit which comes up with something really cleaver or understands physical or mathematical concepts that can be used by other sentient beings. For this to occur in all of us, empathy is all important. Not fake wanker empathy but the silent type that really makes a difference.

Burgundinian organizers of horrors, you have failed to understand that spirit is almost synonymous with empathy. The drugs you give to children of 8 do not lead to mind control. Sorry dudes, it doesn’t work that way. In my case, zero harm done, zero consequences of any sort. Ergot is a living thing that does not respond to selfishness; not mine but yours.

Enjoy building pyramids without me. I’ll be that ghost spooking you out!