Planetary Ger Toshav

I’m not a religious person but the last thing I want to do is antagonize those who don’t think like me and who do believe in a God.

In my readings I came across the Jewish concept of Ger Toshav. It kind of means resident alien. It was used in Israel at the time of Christ to refer to people who were not hereditary Jews but people willing to adapt themselves to regional customs without necessarily converting to Judaism: Galileans, Greeks, Galatians, whatever. Ger Toshav. Strangers. Their commitment was simply to follow the seven laws of Noah. Since I agree with these seven laws, I consider myself a Planetary Ger Toshav; a well-intention-ed alien who could probably reside anywhere and adapt.

Here are the seven laws:

  1. Not to worship idols. ( I hate Hollywood so it’s not a problem. Statues will be harder to quit)
  2. Not to curse God. ( Why curse something you don’t believe in?)
  3. To establish courts of justice. (OK)
  4. Not to commit murder. ( OK)
  5. Not to commit adultery, bestiality or sexual immorality. (OK)
  6. Not to steal. (OK)
  7. Not to eat flesh torn from living animal. (OK)

So pretty much, I’m a Planetary Ger Toshav¬† since I get to keep my foreskin as well. That would have been be a deal breaker.

House of Vergy

At this point in time I am quite certain that Vergil de Toulouse was my ancestor and that he was from the House of Vergy near Autun.

I just purchased Jules Caesar’s “La Guerre des Gaules’. In the very first page of the book appears my family name ( like my ancestor Francesco Garonne wrote it) Garonne.¬† It’s that river he states as the western edge of Gallic (Celtic) territory.

Genomics has confirmed my Celtiberian ancestry. I’m quite sure the Gundestrup Cauldron (remember? it was in my family) symbolizes Celtic tribal reunification in France post Numantia.

Also issued from the House of Vergy, two competing branches of this Merovingian family emerged from their grounds in Germany; The Guelphs and the Ghiberlines. Their feud was perpetrated in the Po valley of Italy for a very long time. I’m truly related to both. My ancestor Guarino da Verona was a humanist teacher for the Este.

Being a Guelph or a Ghiberline is so out touch with the way most of us do things today. Some American oligarchs are indeed also issued from this same Dynasty. They are partly to blame for the murder of our planet. They think themselves above all: the world is not flat.

Waldo, shake these motherfuckers up for me.