Memories are loopy things

It’s my contention that memories are actually made of a something called spacetime.

I recently watched a Joe Rogan Experience episode where Eric Weinstein showed a video representation of the surface of a rotating sphere ( my interpretation) looping. This was a model for the representation of a  2D surface stretched out over a 3D sphere. Interestingly movement is part of his solution as well as a variation in the perceived size of objects. I apologize for my hijacking this to explain my model of memory.

I think that memory is 100% made of spacetime. I think this spacetime is somehow sectioned off of the rest of spacetime and is somehow portable from the back of the mind to its front where you inject consciousness or animate the damned thing and then return it to where it was lodged. Since memory is also 100% about space and time and movement it all makes sense to me. It can loop also like Weinstein’s model. It is also very imperfect like physical structures or human bodies but is regulated by the same unbreakable laws of physics. Other naturally occurring things in our world also follow similar structures; that on what Weinstein is working on is an example. ( I didn’t understand, must watch anew).

This is why I call it spacetime consciousness and I think it’s a fundamental component of our universe. We happen to be the carriers of the largest spacetime memories we know of. The world is fractal and so as we get to understand spacetime consciousness better and zoom in on it we might eventually be able to greatly enrich all of our lives. There lies the other conscious worlds, folding into some distant registrar.

Indirect memory transmission is dependent on truth and therefore reliability of witness is a universal fundamental. Be keepers of the truth. You can’t permanently cheat spacetime consciousness incarnated as other people.

People believe in free-will. I believe that free-will is an illusion brought about by the elasticity of mind. When the elastic is released it can hurt.

A poem: I was thrown

I was thrown under a bus but knowing some physics I tunneled under it to emerge on the sidewalk now becoming conscious of the traffic I was re-materialized into.  Did I choose this? No I didn’t because my genetic code is so like that of others. Existence is clearly not a choice and from what I gather quite pre-determined. We are forced to watch this vulgar movie right through, no pop-corn unless you’re of a certain type preferred by conformist bigotry; selecting appearances graduating false equivalencies, a constant of people’s nature. I’m witnessing the clearing of the mud oozing from the years of carbonated culture still to this day promoting its own cognitive dissonance through contradictory statements, attitudes and consumption; that is the movie THEY are forced to watch and witness their own creative unreality should they be lucky. If not, Mormons will still give them a planet. No wonder we can’t find life elsewhere in the universe.


Did you ever notice that large predators are often the first to go extinct? What are humans; predators or caretakers? Please don’t answer both: that would mean a slow death for some of us provided by the echos of the Lookatmee choir crowd-waving a logo of some sort that’s supposed to represent something of value to them but eludes the friend-like mammals disrupted into the waffing of lemongrass: I’m guilty of this and much less because a sequence of letters has warped the pie charted on a map of dying fish. Yes shouted the lawyer on the hidden flank replacing filial windings with doubtful penmanship and a total erasure of Salian law brought forth by a culture of legal mining as cancerous as that of any heavy metal where the word fairness is often looked up in the dictionary as if it was a difficult concept to grasp.

Important insight on the environment: It’s 100% certain that we can’t use any chemical energy source (fossil)  or nuclear to remove the CO2 from the atmosphere. The only possibility is to use some sort of artificial radiation from space and somehow act upon the CO2. How? I don’t even know if it’s possible but someone must try. At least we should research this possibility.

If we orient a beam of energy from space to be tangential to Earth and constantly tracking roughly the same area through low atmosphere, could we ‘bump up ‘ CO2 (even if gradually) out of the atmosphere? Fucking interesting! If we have zero emissions, any removal is a step in the right direction and will have an effect.

For your information, we will crack solar energy and artificial photosynthesis. This will give us free energy if we want such an economic system. I know I do. The problem of CO2 removal  from the atmosphere however will not be strictly an energy problem but more a conceptual one. We need dumb people to decide to become smart. Yes, dumbness is a temporary condition. You’re genes are not gonna change but your insecure attitude about yourself must. Younger kids, don’t be bullied into conformist ignorance like your parents. Fight the urge to become a dick or a cunt like most of them and influence them positively. Face it kid, this might be your predicament; having self-centered parents. Thanks.

PS if you are a parent and feel insulted by being called self-centered you are being self-centered you simple-minded fuck face.

PPS if you are my mom, this is a blog and I’m not speaking about you. We solved our differences so long ago that I wonder if there ever were any issues ever. If there ever was, it would be a very short conversation to reminisce over. I feel this is the same with most people in my life. I’m just not that much of a trouble-maker and I find it easier to just walk away with my finger held high. Never been arrested, fired, kicked-out, sued, boycotted, stranded, etc. Being broke  I’m good at because I know that all of society is corrupt and frustrates non-counting people like me; socialists I think Americans call them!  I don’t. I just call myself a people. I don’t want a government barber but I think nuclear energy should not be in the hands of selfish idiots; same for healthcare.

I’m naturally rich but financially challenged. So what? It’s a temporary and embarrassing ( in the sense that its a load to bear) situation for me right now but  others are in a worst predicament than me. That I can confirm.

See mom, I can’t talk bad of you without rambling on about something else because I can’t find anything that bad to say. You have supported me financially and I highly appreciate that. I know you think that my physics is due to drugs and mental illness but hey I can laugh at that. It’s really funny actually.



You haven’t done nothin

Great Stevie Wonder song again!
We are amazed but not amused
By all the things you say that you’ll do
Though much concerned but not involved
With decisions that are made by you
But we are sick and tired of hearing your song
Tellin’ how you are gonna change right from wrong
‘Cause if you really want to hear our views
You haven’t done nothin’
It’s not too cool to be ridiculed
But you brought this upon yourself
The world is tired of pacifier
We want the truth and nothing else
And we are sick and tired of hearing your song
Tellin’ how you are gonna change right from wrong
‘Cause if you really want to hear our views
You haven’t done nothin’
Jackson 5 join along with me say
Doo doo wop – hey hey hey
Doo doo wop – whoa whoa whoa
Doo doo wop – mm-mm-mm
Doo doo wop – naw naw naw
Doo doo wop – bum bum bum
Doo doo wop
We would not care to wake up to the nightmare
That’s becomin’ real life, mm
But when misled who knows a person’s mind
Can turn as cold as ice, um-hmm
Why do you keep on making us hear your song
Tellin’ us how you are changin’ right from wrong
‘Cause if you really want to hear our views
You haven’t done nothin’
Yeah, now
Now-now-now, nothin’, nothin’
Jackson 5 sing along again say
Doo doo wop
Doo doo wop – oh
Doo doo wop – go go go
Doo doo wop – sing it baby
Doo doo wop – bum bum bum
Doo doo wop – um
Sing it loud for your people say
Doo doo wop – um um um
Doo doo wop – stand up be counted, say
Doo doo wop – go go go
Doo doo wop – ow
Doo doo wop – bum bum bum
Doo doo wop – ah hum
Source: Musixmatch
Songwriters: WONDER STEVIE
You Haven’t Done Nothin’ lyrics © S.I.A.E. Direzione Generale, Black Bull Music, Johanan Vigoda Admin. Acct. Stevie Wonder Catalogue, JOBETE MUSIC CO INC, BLACK BULL MUSIC INC, JOBETE MUSIC CO., INC.

Trudeau Brownface.

What a Joke! Trudeau as a brownface!  And that makes him racist! No it doesn’t but it does negate his candidacy and I’ll tell you why.

But first, before we go on, I want to admit that when I was a kid, I dressed for Halloween as a cannibal.  Before you read on, please answer; does that make me a racist? Why or Why not?

Actually how you answered the question might make YOU a racist. I said I went as a cannibal and, admit it, you imagined a brown person. I never insinuated that. Busted asshole!

That Trudeau put on a black face doesn’t make him a racist but the fact that he was not pro-active about it makes him a weasel, low IQ, a wimp afraid of facing facts.  You have lost my vote because of a fundamental lack of judgment in underestimating the impact of hiding this triviality specially since you and your team are so dependent on appearances. You have fucked your own strategy.

I think Andrew Sheer’s comments on Omar Khadir makes him unfit for office. Sheer is pro-Trump and pro-Netanyahu and couldn’t give a rat’s ass about people in Drummondville. He also has zero imagination and would burn a barrel of petroleum in the open air if it generates profit for his crowd. I’ll never vote for him.

I’m less concerned by Trudeau’s brown face than Sheer’s brown nose.

Jagmeet Singh would be great but he has that Bigot’s turban that I so dislike. It’s an insult to Native-Canadians and people of Viking origin like me. Remove your turban and you get my vote my friend. Turbans do not belong in Canadian politics because they represent something else than Canada and as a prime-minister you will be called abroad to represent Canadians. Seems simple enough; you would also be promoting Sheikism at the cost of Canada.  That’s unfair and you know it, dude. You are a moral crusader and you think you have a lesson of tolerance to teach us by wearing your turban. I think the Canadian public should teach you some manners and insist that you remove your turban when on duty. I’m not kidding, I will not be forced into knowing what that turban is about. Religious textile fetishes are an Asian thing, not Canadian at all!  I have no problems with them in civil life, even at work, but not where international diplomacy is concerned. Native people’s wear is OK with me at all times because they were here before me and they do not have a foreign land like Singh or myself to fall back on culturally and we also depend on them for our own legitimacy. They are authentically from Canada.

Mrs May of the Green Party is an asshole with posters, t-shirts and a huge bank account: fair-weather environmentalists I call them. Virtue signaling is lame and serves no purpose but individual gratification. She uses the environmental movement as a fashion accessory. I don’t like that.

Bernier is simply an idiot that arose from party politics. He’s the best example of what politics shouldn’t be.

I’m left with the highly unenlightened and manipulative separatist party who are not separatist for the time being but…. BTW they have good policies in general but are too ethno-centric for me. French is a tongue that killed its own co- regional languages including that of my ancestors, the Occitan language. I’m not pro any language that extends beyond its own borders at the expense of others. English and French are twins in this regards and I’m from both communities. I don’t feel good about that. Languages are some of my favorite things in this life because they point to origins. English and French erase origins. I like the Gallic languages as much as Occitan. Why have you forgotten your origins, you from Sweden or Hungary? Have you become a faceless Canadian without character?

And so this is why I no longer believe in professional representative democracy: Ordinary people, what can we do? How do we change our society to best represent who we are collectively? We are not 2 sides of every argument, That’s fucked up! The Liberal/conservative tandem is an illusion serving the same upper crust of moneyed selfish people.

We must change the way we do democracy and remove personality politics. This will be hard because its not in the interest of the politicians in place at this time or the simple-minded who vote for who they like as a person. To send the same morons, day in and day out, to silently sit at parliament for their party is a bloody waste of resources and takes the place of legitimate progress through honest discourse.

Technology is definitely NOT the solution: We can thank Page, Brin and Zukerberg types of people ( Generation X) for that insight that came from the election of the Big Orange Dummy. They sensor your future to sell you crap you don’t need.

The Rugii

Please take note that people of haplogroup R-M167 with names such as Rugen Rogen, Rotgen, etc, are more than likely descendants of the Rugii: a Viking tribe that I’m presently studying. They are linked to my family via R-M167.

It’s very likely that some descendants of Marcus Aurelius made it to Rugii after the end of the Antonine Dynasty of Rome.

These people partly morphed with the Merovingians keeping family ties as late as at the times of the Battle of Hastings and the invasion of Sicily by the Normands. They somehow also kept religious ties with the Punic-Delfian religion right up till today really. It’s called genetic memory.