Invitation for Greta Thunberg

Dear Miss Thunberg,

I heard you might be coming to Quebec. If you are looking for a place to stay I offer you my modest abode. I can explain to you the quantum scenario surrounding the CO2 molecule and so you will be better equipped to explain it to others. You’re instincts are excellent but remember people will use the fact that you are not perfect against you. The objective of earth’s survival takes priority over personal considerations at this time.

Best of continuation

Angel Hairs

Yes indeed! Definitely Angel Hairs. That’s why I don’t believe in human conspiracies of any value. I am in awe and am honored to have met these entities. We now share consciousness and I appreciate their discreetness in that they are the kindest entities I have ever encountered. How can I help you? By keeping the Earth alive? Got it! You have my commitment.

I no longer need any drugs but I still smoke cannabis because I like it.

Here’s the deal folks: Human, an earthbiology-generated species, at one point in his history, because of the potential of his brain was toxicated by other species, several of them, mostly bacteria, mushroom and plant-generated toxins. Through happenstance this micro-conscious-biota eventually became coherent and is shared by the human collective unconscious: same genes. same toxins, same purpose, same spacetime, same languages, same monuments, same legends, same things we have as yet discovered, etc. it lurks in our background and we become aware of it (collective unconscious) when under the influence of certain chemical agents or altered states and the collective unconscious can only constitute itself into coherent mental entities we can identify as beings, something different from our selves but in reality they come from us within. They are valid intellects but are limited by the inner environment of each one of us. The right toxins can help especially if your ancestors partook in drug culture at some time. You might obtain some sort of mind meld with the past.

In the same, same, same way that we are starting to build machines to reduce our pains, the biota built our societies to do the thinking and building and astronomy. Their environment is often times our innards. In a sense they are us. If we go, they go.

This is why humans are not in touch with reality, we keep searching for a God that might not be there at all. When we say to reconnect to nature, what does that mean? Why do we universally find certain choirs of an angelic nature?

It’s my belief that the Pyramids of Egypt were the product of some sort of insect contaminant or plant effect on humans. It’s quite nonsensical to build pyramids like that. People had a very different knowledge base. Also, if ETs were involved I’m quite sure they would have tapped us on the shoulder and said ‘build something more useful! monkey!”.

Our human innards as well as those of other mammals is temperature-controlled and much more comfortable than our human brain connected to the environment with such things as skin.

And now, we are on a dying planet. The toxicantos , that bacteria and plant mafia that controls the world are to blame. They have generated enough selfish morons that even a Trump can become president. How?

That emergent evil known as money: a physical symbol that determines human survival. This the toxicantos never saw coming. They have lost control over us. They have been replaced by capital; a non-living entity that will kill us. But guess what? Money is now being transferred to another entity out of our eventual control; algorithmic intelligence (AI).

Did I mention we have nuclear missiles pointing at each other’s bacteria?

Well done people! In this regards, not one of us is worthy of respect!

BTW taking LSD and tripping are not the same. I know people who have dropped acid and never really tripped: they tend to be materialistic people.  I think true tripping is a gift and is not accessible to everyone. You need that little something special in you. It might be a truth-seeking gene or a guiltless state that allows some people to be more carefree under the influence.

For me, the meds at the hospital in 2013 during my cancer surgery period did it. I have no merit except having had a desire for survival, entrusting my life into the hands of pure strangers ( mostly women as beautiful as I have ever seen) and finding these people the best people I have ever met in my life. No hairs, just angels of the human kind. I owe you my life ladies. I don’t know any of your names but I have registered your kindness and it has given me much strength. I hope to have been worth saving.

People like Bill Hicks is an example of someone who really tripped! J.C.Lilly, Paul Stamets are others as well and must be listened. We are not alone and many scientific people are on board.

Please take note that there is no rush for you to come in contact with the cosmos especially if you intend to do it with drugs. Please read a John C. Lilly book instead, its weird, poorly written but interesting.

I would rather have learned about the mind from a well informed enlightened society than experience drugs from the dark streets of Youth Culture. No harm done but jeez… I have walked that lonesome valley as sung by Mississippi John Hurt and then some.





I got a question about teleportation and my hypothesis regarding the EPR paradox.

Basically teleportation is possible by the following mechanism:

Two entangled anything (particle, photon, other)  actually carry all the information about the other entity mostly between them; They are structurally entangled which does not necessarily mean that the particles themselves are changed as such. They will simply settle at the opposite of the other because that’s what they have been since the beginning of the entanglement. When one particle untangles it does it from the right or from the left. What remains is what the other entangled photon inherits; the opposite spin. Spin is not spin as most people think of as something spinning. Please get yourself an education. Don’t believe that it’s hard. It’s not! You’ve been fooled into submissive laziness. You too girl!

This is a classical mechanic thing. Maybe those quantum snobs might learn something today.

Go read my paper again. I’m right as fuck a duck. There is a line of spacetime that:

1)connects both entangled particles and breaks ‘with’ symmetry upon untangling

2)cancels out spins while retaining them individually

3)expands linearly between  entangles particles

3)lags behind in time (dependent on angle separation and time since entanglement)

4)evaporates upon untanglement until both particles simultaneously re-constitute at their respective sites having their missing spin re-established.

And so by selecting how the photon untangle by adjusting the angle of detection, we control the twin by selecting its opposite spin.

This might be a good way to create clones in due time. We could terraform worlds before we get there. Maybe this is what this place is and I’m just preparing the communication channels for the invaders. Or not.

Actually, Our world is already alien and extremely exotic. I’ve seen stuff you would not believe.

Beam me up Bezos.

Oh! BTW to test my hypothesis, set detection angle at exactly 90 degrees. The particles should not untangle.


Public Domain

1)Just so you know, all of my research is from information from the public domain except for my physics and pianoscript which comes from me.

2)my interest in history stops at the mention of Hermann Goring and David Ben Gurion being also R-M167.  Obviously this is so powerful a statement that I don’t need to say anything more about it. Post 1945 I don’t cover.

3)I’m a non-theist Christian and I believe in do onto others as you would have them do onto you. I extend this franchise to all beings even those who don’t like me. Not liking people is OK unless you wish harm upon them. Then, you slowly destroy yourself ( For that one time, Nixon was right). I don’t believe in the Bible. If I was a bull, I would ask for respect until the moment of my consumption. I do eat meat. Maybe I’m some sort of food for something else. Expect a trip, entity! I’ll change you too!

4) I presently consider myself the last or first cultural Tarthaso-Phoenician. Am I of the past or the future? Both! it’s called the present.

5)guern, uern, ver green grun are syllables of Tarthish origin even if traveling backwards in time and place-names with NRG in them have been so named by R-M167 people like Ringmann.  From Hungary to Argentina to Oregon.; we have no one country, just place names and family names. No priests, no shaman, no kings, no queens.  All languages are ours. We have pretty much disappeared into all of your (our) communities. They have become as stupid and greedy as the rest of you and so cannot be sorted out.

But not me! It’s my only consolation in life and even that, they’ll try and take away from me.