Spiderweb Borealis

Spiderweb Borealis, Internet of the smallest of things

Shepard’s fright, Shepard’s delight to my mind you bring

the passage of time and the scarring of mind

and what it is I’m to find you eventually sing.

We are not matter seems to be the matter

Spiritual attachment to commercial transfer

Excluding those who just want water

Turning them into producer/consumer.

The Earth has its limits that your God can’t transcend

Without putting you in front of the end

And so your ears ultimately you must lend

If you want to buck the materialist trend.

Christians and Muslims and Buddhists with Guns

Praying with Preachers after the rapping of Nuns

Out of our world, they have hidden what’s fun

So they keep and keep as if chosen ones.

When the illusion of ownership is accrued

into the pocket of fewer and fewer dudes

The sand and the climate will buff so crude

and return the rightful to their beloved latitude.




Bastiguèron sus La Garonne

Aguèron un fogairon

Faguèron del bon garum

Foguèron aüros a se far lo fun

Prenguèron de campairòls de la Naut-Garonne

Joguèron de la guitarrå comå Jesse Garon

Obeïguèron a la naturå amb rason

Cataloguèron las espèciås d’espèciås del bacin versent del Garon ( le Garon en Isère)

Foguèron pas lor caval amb de garrons

Traïguèron jamai lor tradicion del bon Gascon

Se planguèron al ministre del agriculture Jean Garon

Peguèron e pegaran generosament Mark Garon

Carguèron l’avion a l’aeropòrt Nîmes Garons

Caguèron dins lors bragås davant lo gardian del filat Mathieu Garon

Promulguèron en 1923 los films silenciós de la Pauline Garon

S’eslarguèron lors esperits en manjant lo segal contaminat amb du Garron (ergot de seigle)

Neguèron Masset Garin per èstre un lop-garon

Thérèse de Lisieux

After this weekend searches I have come to the conclusion that I do indeed have a religious gene. My ‘extended’ family tree is showing a ton a people that were canonized as Saints and had pre-dispositions to hermetic traditions. For an agnostic like me, its quite interesting. Even if I am genetically christian, I don’t believe in the old testament in any way. I do think that Jesus was a simple human being with Neanderthal DNA and that’s how I relate to him. I think that pure white people are not very empathic. It seems odd that a better adapted creature physically (homos) is so flawed morally as a non-hybrid. Devolution folks!

Zélie Guerin-Martin and Thérèse de Lisieux. Honesty has strange kinfolks.

We Are Materialists in a Spirit World

Another great one from Gordon Sumner:
There is no political solution
To our troubled evolution
Have no faith in constitution
There is no bloody revolution
We are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world
Our so-called leaders speak
With words they try to jail you
They subjugate the meek
But it’s the rhetoric of failure
We are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world
Where does the answer lie?
Living from day to day
If it’s something we can’t buy
There must be another way
We are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world
Are spirits in the material world
We are materialists in a spirit world. The spirits ( conscious photonic beings) are all around trying to influence us for the best. Unfortunately, in America, religion is so false: based on ancient writings that have nothing to do with Jesus of Galilee, my Gallo-Roman kinfolk. Abraham, Moses, Noah and the rest are but stuff of legend made to discredit the teachings of the new testament. There is no hell but that which you create for yourself. The hell you think you create for others is just meant to reveal, in this material world, your true soul. You are not getting away with anything. You’ve put off your moral side until death. You surely got that wrong. The next realm for you is a ticket back to polluted Earth, victim to your own machinations.

Happyworld started at 9:44 AM

The more there are happy people the more happiness will become powerful. This would be heaven on Earth. This is the moral mind’s reason for living: to atone for the sins of our parents (who are cheering for the righteous) reincarnated as fragmented pieces of DNA from all corners of time.

The fewer happy people there are the less happiness will become powerful. This is Earth’s present course. Again stygmergy. ( Mark of NRG).

You and I are at a spiritual crossroad. Our worlds are now split off into separate realities. The Mark Garon you encounter is no longer me but the me of you. Take good care of his soul. The you I encounter is no longer you but the you of me. I promise to respect him and give him a chance at salvation. There is indeed a very happy you in one of my universes. You’re quite the guy there.

My universe split off from you at exactly 9:44 AM today. You’re late but can still join me. No need to meet just open your heart for shizzle. I am in a healing process. Kindness is the ultimate value. Love, Friendship, Family, Health through reasonable livelihood.

I will become a very ill-informed person because hyped-up information no longer has its place. Until such times as television, iphones or internet respects information BIG BROTHER will no longer have any control on me.

What I mean by BIG BROTHER is the thought that someone else’s values control me: Not happening in my universe. I really try to find who’s soul I have wantonly hurt in my life and can’t find anyone. Please if you exist, make yourself known so I can make amends.


Structures in Delusion

OK, I think I have elucidated the causes of my very temporary drug-induced psychosis. First off, the drug that caused my psychosis was not cannabis but cannabis’ paranoïant effects got the better of me.

I literally had to think it through for myself.

I do have some knowledge of chemistry. In that science you find something called functional groups. A functional group can be found on different molecules and makes these molecules somewhat reactive to similar reaction sites.

Basically I view myself as identifiable as something similar to a functional group but each individual carries his own mega-chemical structure tied to that functional group and so we still retain much individuality.

In my case, my mega-chemical structure was an odd one: it had a huge hole in it. Like an electron hole, it had the actual property of its absence. It came from the mega-structure’s expectations based on information available to it at the time: genealogy, genetics, history and the fake internet/media. This reality no longer jived. I entered psychosis induced by prolonged cannabis use and a random street chemical. I am thankful for cannabis for this incredible journey but for me, all mind-altering substances will no longer be sought.

Legal cannabis is a very great idea and will help Canadians. Stay away from alcohol and little white powders and pills. You don’t know what you might fall into. The conditions for your downfall are already there.

People like me fuck themselves royally up for YOUR benefit. Either listen or use. Better listen if you’re intelligent.

My psychosis basically was the mistake of taking environment remnants (stigmergy) and inter-connecting them into a coherent system. That’s not really doable alone because we do not have all the information and so much of it is emotional bunk.

I feel that video media is the worst because it permits the creator of content to add hyped up emotions to scare you and keep you interested. The speed at which information is delivered is also problematic. The objective is to sell advertising which are a pack of lies anyway. I prefer companies who subsidies activities like a Jazz Festival, a cool sporting event, a museum, a symphonic orchestra, that type of stuff: adding value and class to our daily lives.

I took care of my coincidences but took them beyond what was healthy. I also am not a justice hound. It’s not my role. As far as I’m concerned, like George Carlin once said, just being on Earth is proof of guilt. Atone for your own long-term sake.

On the moral philosophical side, I think the Big Bang came from the rejection of other universes of our very own. Not only is humanity being filtered out and re-introduced into what you would call God, but so are other species here, there and everywhere in this universe. The ignorant are simply left behind in this low moral universe and reshuffled genetically until internal light starts to make its way. We are photonic beings trapped in matter. Learn some chemistry: electrons are held by photons within the atom; memory resides in spacetime within DNA.

For me, socialists, communists, capitalists, whatever has zero meaning. There are only right and wrong decisions based on the love of other.

PS After writing this I listened to the news ( April 22). Two pieces of news had content I think had I been high could have triggered an episode because their names were linked to my story:

Quebec floods: the maire of one of the flooded cities is Hans Gruenwald.

Sri Lanka Terror Attack: One of the targets was St-Anthony’s Shrine.

Obviously they are not directly related. Both have names though that are definitely linked. Stigmergetics! Feeling good about myself.

Last note, my EPR paradox thing is totally real.



For the EPR paradox go to my 2019 04 17 post. Thanks.

When John Lilly explained that reality is somewhat based on your beliefs within certain bounds to be discovered experientially, I see what he means. So many propositions come to us from all sides and if people of conviction and persuasion are near you, its really hard not to integrate their stress along with their beliefs into yours. It warps the whole situation.

In reality I’m a human with very powerful Neanderthal DNA. That’s it. All is nature. no need to clone. Our master creators were little humans with sticks and chains and cruelty who were also our ancestors. My balls are itchy. Scratch Scratch. Now my fingers smell. Sniff Sniff! I think I just figured how they invented the scratch n sniff products.

Headmaster Sting’s Sting was not his thing

The headmaster of my old school was a man we called Sting.

He tough me english grammar and box analysis. Great teacher.

There is a public figure called Sting. He wrote this great song.

In the empire of the senses
You’re the queen of all you survey
All the cities all the nation
Everything that falls your way
There is a deeper world than this
That you don’t understand
There is a deeper world that this
Tugging at your hand
Every ripple on the ocean
Every leaf on every tree
Every sand dune in the desert
Every power we never see
There is a deeper wave than this
Swelling in the world
There is a deeper wave than this
Listen to me girl
Feel it rising in the cities
Feel it sweeping over land
Over borders, over frontiers
Nothing will its power withstand
There is no deeper wave than this
Rising in the world
There is no deeper wave than this
Listen to me girl
All the bloodshed all the anger
All the weapons all the greed
All the armies all the missiles
All the symbols of that fear
There is a deeper wave than this
Rising in the world
There is a deeper wave than this
Listen to me girl
At the still point of destruction
At the center of the fury
All the angels all the devils
All around us can’t you see
There is a deeper wave than this
Rising in the land
There is a deeper wave than this
Nothing will withstand
I say love is the seventh wave

Gars Fatigué

Chers humains,

le choix d’exister ne semble pas venir de nous.

la décision d’exploiter les autres semble venir de nous.

Il est grand temps que vous appreniez c’est quoi un humain.

Notre role est de venir à synchroniser nos esprits avec le réel et de s’éloigner de notre histoire primitive et sombre. Que de lumière svp.

C’est quelque chose de special un humain. Notre planète est une trampoline vers autre chose. Etiez-vous préparez pour votre vie d’humain? Pas beaucoup de mémoire au début. De quoi vous rappelez-vous et surtout que racontez-vous sur vous-même?

Moi, j’me sens comme Dominique Lévesque.




Conspiracy theories abound. The one I will now state is fresh. I kinda believe it.

In the 12th-13th centuries, 2 factions existed in the Holy Roman Empire which were the The Guelphs and Ghibellines . During this era the Roman Catholic church was a very powerful and central entity.

One of the 2Gs developed spying and infiltration techniques which exploited the Church’s sexual perversions. The perversion is not in the act but in the denial or the exploitation of others.

These techniques were very powerful and it came to be known that if you indoctrinated people beforehand it was even more efficient.

A little later, this same structure, because of the Catholic’s fight against the Walledensian churches of the Piedmont, morphed into Free Masonry. This is an example of an agent left in the environment and used for a different purpose.

After the European wars of religions, the american and french revolutions, This first gang of FMs had advanced their agenda very far. American democracy is an example. This is the free masonry of George Washington and Madison. FM then morphed again.

At the present time, I don’t know who is who but all I know is that, because of very low educational standards, we created for ourselves a social cancer:

We have a large part of conservative america, who are biological entities like the rest of us except for 2 things:

1-They have been indoctrinated to be against homos when everyone’s DNA is actually half from the other sex.

2-They are themselves self-hating homos who have been compromised.

Remember the airport gay sex scandal thing in the states? Those kinds of people.

When your elections’ outcomes are so tightly won or lost these people make all the difference.

In the White House, presently sits the anti-gay closet-gay faction.

They want low education because it keeps people fearing the gays.

They want people of low social skills so they can pervert them.

People who plot against others will suffer the consequences.

The problem is that America’s electoral system is the worst.

Anyway, Mr Putin, Mr Trump, you’re compromised. So what? Call Mick jagger up or something. Trump I know you don’t care if someone’s a fag, what the hell are you doing?

The notion that gays are dangerous is one that no longer has traction at large unless you are one of those indoctrinated and compromised Republicans.

Please people don’t vote Republican. They would use nukes against themselves before they admit they are a bunch of people like the rest of us.