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Entangled Information Stored in Time Then Transmitted at Determining Space locations

I often think about entanglement. This magic action at a distance always intrigued me. Recently I started to believe that the world is pre-determined. This completely negated the action at a distance paradox since all is pre-determined.

Yesterday I stated thinking about that in the most general of ways. Believe me I don’t know that much about spin or other quantum properties like that.

What physicists say is that somehow when entangled particles are separated they can  instantaneously synchronize their properties according to what is determined by the measurement of the other entangled particle no matter the distance at even greater than light speeds.

I think I have the solution. How arrogant!

The idea is very simple but I will have to explain it to you with pen and paper. On a screen like that, I just can’t do (just added new image).

The idea is that the information is actually stored in time or flat spacetime : between tzero and tmeasurement. When measurement occurs, tmeasurement-tzero or simply  superimposed spacetime is converted to localized spacetime. The information was actually stored in the past. Very recent past. This past is between the moment of release of photons and the first measurement.

The entangled world might be temporarily undetermined but does not remain so. The photons have basically isolated themselves from the rest of the universe.

Therefore we can store information on a triangle/strand of spacetime until utilization.

Once a measurement determines the outcome, a flat sheet of spacetime is separated somewhere in the middle of line L which is the base or edge of a spacetime triangle ( apex being the emitting source) but also the line between the two photons, the only strand of the universe where the information can travel to. They symmetrically reach their end points at this new synchronized time (before we were between tzero and tmeasurement) making it seem as if detector 1 influenced detector 2. In a way it did however if you tear a sheet of paper, which piece was released first?

c=speed of light

The max value L can take is 2c/t. This fools us into thinking that we are experiencing faster than the speed of light travel since L can be bigger than the distance travelled by c, the speed of light. Anyway because of the initial angle of separation between the 2 photons and the angle that L makes with the edge of this 2D triangle, all is known about both photons except spin and polarity. That is what is split in the 2D triangle. At what speed does spin-type information travel at? Does the entangled time act like a spring to the end points? Can we view this as 2 tiles of flatspin releasing each other?

If you can visualize that the information travelled from a 2D surface (spacetime triangle) to a 1D line ( between endpoints) to 2 separate points all at once ( compared to the speed of light ) then you have a good imagination made for thinking about such things. This information then interacted with matter in our universe.

When a measurement is made at Detector 1 (D1) it extracts from the spacetime triangle its required information and leaves in a symmetric way consistent information to the other photon. It doesn’t favour one photon over the other or service it more quickly. They’re were entangled.

The positional information of either endpoints of L is known and is limited to the corners of the triangle and acts as a guideline for the rest of the information to do what it will do at those end points. Its a spacetime phenomenon dealing with quantum information which is beyond the scope of this delusion.

I hope this stimulates your imagination.

I bet you there are a few physicists laughing right now. Hey! Become my teacher!

The spacetime triangle contains the quantum information (between tzero and tmeasurement) stored on a 2D surface. At tmeasurement, L (part of spacetime triangle) touches the detector and all is determined and split symmetrically somewhere down the middle. The end points are already known. The rest of the information flows to their respective localities. Both photons materialize simultaneously.

This elucidates the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Paradox.

My model makes spacetime, a product of relativity, intervene in a quantum event as its memory. Could be the start of something special. Get jiggy with it!

Oh! I almost forgot! No hidden variables.

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