Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey

Before you read what follows I have 2 requests to make of you:

Please do not use the information to feed conspiracy theories.

Please do not use this information as a sign that religion is true.

I am using this information to argue that the following items are related but only through a physically transferable item known as genetic memory. It feels spiritual and magic but it’s not.

The media, a few years ago was very amused when an old Simpson’s episode Bart to the Future ( March 2000) had Donald Trump as president 16 years before it happened. The Episode was written by Dan Greaney. The Simpsons are a creation of Matt Groening. These are 2 GRN names and are more than likely descendants of Guarino de Verona like myself.

When Trump became president, a book by Ingersoll Lockwood (1841-1918) called 1900- or The Last President made surface. He created a character called Barron Trump which freakishly happens to be the present president’s son’s name. The family was said to be of Huguenot descent like Sherlock Holmes.

In the book he writes that a certain 15th century manuscript writer Don Constantino Bartolomeo Strepholofidgegeguaneriusfum known as Don Fum entitled A World Within a World which had …….( my ancestor was Franciscum Garonum a 15th century typesetter).

Notice that he uses the same technique as James Joyce in creating word salads. In it I find Guarnerius, another Italiano-Normand name connected to mine. Maybe YOU find your own name in there. I would never know.

This is my hypothesis: People of haplogroup R-M167 and with names GRN are related to Guarino de Verona and possibly Johannes Gutenberg. They have some genetic memories in their minds (from the master of the playing cards and others) that they access when in creation mode (sincerity or honesty mode) especially if they have been exposed to ergotic-like compounds like their ancestors from the Ordre Hospitalier des Antonins. These genetic memories are entangled with the people of the past which means that they must be entangled with the memories of those from the future as well, the very stuff we transfer to them. Get it? A continuum known to us as the collective unconscious and all its implications.

Therefore I conclude that there are humans in our future to feed our imaginations. It seems humanity will outlive stupidity. Now would you please get Trump off my TV?

PS if we can’t handle our own memories then we should forget alien contact. We should make laws immediately to interdict biological memories to be read or  integrated into machines as well (our spacetime memories contain more than what comes into our human consciousness, this would not be the case for electronically controlled spacetime memories). Let these memories remain the exclusive domain of life and even out the playing field with Algorithmic Intelligence (AI).

all that I have told thee, little baron, and charged me never to impart it unto any soul in Goggle Land ( from same book, so hard to believe ).

Actually all of this is a joke: Free mason people have lists from which to name family members, companies (google) , whatever. Ingersoll knew that the name Baron was associated with the name Trump and so just used it. I say Free-Mason, lets just call them co-conspirant.

PS I believe in MY genetic memory but this is Trump thing has nothing to do with it. I think Google should at this point show a little generosity and stop blocking my site.



Like a lot of people in the West, at around age 45, I got interested in Buddhism. I never became buddhist but I was just curious and I thought highly of people of this faith. For me, one of the messages of buddhism that I thought was coherent was the idea that by serving others and by being empathic we detach ourselves from the material world. We end up better understanding it. But why detach myself from a world that is so beautiful?

Hinduism had thought me that the eyes of the old are wise but the heart of the young is pure. Wow. Respect on both sides. Now, I feel that the Christian idea of original sin is probably closer to the truth: my truth. Let me explain:

I told you about NRG names right? Which christian theologist came up with  the concept of original sin and where was he from?

Origen of Alexandria ( 184-253 AD ) came up with the idea of original sin. He was also from the desert Gallo-Roman community. It was said that he cut off his own dick to limit temptations. It’s kind of hard to claim to be a descendant of this dude. Anyway the point is that this guy believed that some sort of moral flaw he is experiencing is somehow something that was there before his own existence. I agree and it’s called genetic memory. Some Gallo-Romans like myself have this same feeling. I don’t personally have the desire to limit my sexual activity but I do feel that I was programmed by my religious and cultish ancestors. Their truth I know not of but shit! These dudes were for real.

A drawing from Poliphilli: Is that a dildo or are you just happy to see us?

Restoring Origene’s dick.

This one is supposed to be of Herm of Moiragenes but I figure otherwise. Moiragenes includes Oragene and excludes a penis.


Tar Sands research

I live in Quebec so I do consume a lot of gas for my car. I do about 5,000 Km a year. I heat electric and cook electric and that power is from Hydro Quebec’s hydroelectric grid. I’m really into Quebec being oil-free because oil doesn’t come from here.

If I lived in Alberta I would be pro tar sands research. If you read the blog you know my stance on global warming. However I am a realistic person and ultimately if Albertans have only this energy resource for the time being then let it be but with certain caveats. By the way if I could transfer some sort of carbon rights from whatever surplus quebec has to Alberta as a sign of solidarity I’d do it.

The idea is that instead of searching for international markets why don’t you max out on what you can do with the resource locally in Alberta. Plastics would be a good place to start. Long term durable plastics: 1000 years. maybe more. Roads. We could come up with designs that never need to change. Items that are not degradable and so are not chucked into the garbage.

By manufacturing long term 1000 years plastic items you in effect would sequester the carbon. But instead your government is towing Big Money’s line. That I’m against. Also spending fuel carrying fuel is really not a desirable thing by any stretch of the imagination. Also environmentally risky.

Please Notley lay low on the imposing hardship on others.


Jarret is a french word meaning hock as in ham hock. As you know, the hock comes from the meat around the tibia. That’s kind of an odd name to have. What exactly was your ancestor doing with the hocks anyway? Must be some sort of food cult.

When learning some Occitan words, I found that garron (my family name is garon) in occitan means at least three things:

ergot (spur)

ergot (hallucinogenic mushroom)

jarret (hock)

Is it then possible to link the family names Garon and Jarrett or Garretto in Italian? I think you can through the following pictures.

Prominent ‘Jarret’. This is François Garon

The field image on the left is in Isère France where my ancestor Louis Garon settled. My ancestor Jean came from Saint-Julien-En-Jarez very near there. The image on the right is of Percival on the quest for the Holy Grail. He’s got a very prominent jarret as well. It’s my very unoriginal view that the Gundestrup Cauldron, (my ancestor François Garon made one of the panels) was in fact the holy grail and that it ultimately came from somewhere in North Africa, was owned by the Italian gene Antonins for at least 1500 years and was part of the religion of Carthage. I think the image on the right influenced the field image on the left because of the way the rider’s foot intersects the horse’s leg on both images. The horse on the right looks a little like a unicorn like those on the gundestrup (read entire blog) It might be its inspiration.


Fir Regan’s Wake

When I was a kid my father brought the family to his grand-father’s house in Inverness Quebec. I was really small like 3 or 4. It was a beautiful day, we were outside and there seems to have been a lot of dry weeds in the field. I remember the skull of a bull with horns that my brother had found. That’s it.

Recently I got curious about Inverness and found it to be at one time a true Gaelic village. There were Lennon and Joyce families living there at one time. When I found the name Joyce in a R-M167 data base, I decided I would learn something about James Joyce. I purchased Finnegans Wake. I was somewhat pissed off that it wasn’t a book you can actually read. However much sense can be drawn from it. Freaky stuff. He’s into the same things as me: green, cathars anagrams and the likes. I have counted 11 pages with items that I feel are so related to me, it confirms my idea of a collective unconscious that exists and is shared by other (but not all) R-M167.

example: Page 205 (oxford world’s classics) Never stop! Continuarration! You’re not there yet! Amstel waiting. Garonne Garonne.

page 204: Are you in the swim or are you out? O go in, go on go an. interpretation: R U in the swim or R U out.  O goRUin, goRUon, GoRUan.

ogoruingoruongoruan contains ruingoruongo and it sounds like rongo rongo, the tablets found on Easter Island visited by Roggaveen and Cook.

Veronica’s Wipers relates to Guarino de Verona.

Arran where’s your nose? ( Val D’arran, where is Guillaume Court Nez AKA Guillaume de Gellone)

I’m going to stop here because this probably is making sense only to me and is probably not helping my cause. If you ever where curious about Finnegan’s Wake now might be a good time to read it. Tell me what you find.



Cut down on travelling

The greenhouse effect is quite hard to understand because after all, it’s a Quantum Mechanical effect of sorts. I would like to give a try at explaining it.

CO2 and H2O in the atmosphere have energy content: it partly comes from the ambient temperature (set by the rate molecules bump into each other) but also, for a small fraction of the time, these molecules (CO2 and H2O) are at interplay with photons of infrared radiation (IR) and become very excited and transmit to other gases invisible to IR part of their newfound momentary energy by bumping into them until a new temperature equilibrium is set but now slightly hotter than before.

The best news in the entire universe is that the quantity of infrared radiation being introduced into the atmosphere is more or less constant. It comes from the UV radiation of the sun being re-emitted into the atmosphere as IR by the surface of Earth.

Diatomic gases like O2 and N2 in the atmosphere are transparent to IR and so do not interact with it. They do not have arms like H2O or CO2.

Because of their molecular structures, H2O and CO2 do absorb IR radiation momentarily and become very excited. These photons are not however absorbed by the electrons in the electronic shell that most of us have heard about in high school. It has more to do with the overall distribution of electric charge within the molecule including the contribution from the nuclei which generate something called a dipole. That is the part that interacts with IR radiation.

These molecular structures however re-emit the IR photons quickly without a structural change to the H2O or CO2. The added heat is not from a greater flux of photons (constant) but from a greater number of interactions between IR photons and the greenhouse gases that are now found at a higher concentration in the air. The IR photons are trapped in the atmosphere by these greenhouse gases, bouncing off of them and warming the air.

Momentarily excited CO2 molecules collide and transfer heat to the other gases ( N2 and O2). These same IR photons can be re-absorbed again and again. The process will stop when the IR photon eventually escapes from the atmosphere (2,000+ years). Remember, there is a constant supply of IR radiation from the sun via the surface of the Earth.

And so, as more CO2 builds up in the atmosphere, there are more photons that are trapped and at interplay heating up the atmosphere.

If you add zero new CO2 emissions, the atmosphere would nevertheless be expected to heat up some because of the CO2 recently added. Equilibrium would eventually be reached but at a higher temperature.

I assume that the IR generated by human industry is only a fraction of what the Sun/Earth system provides and so can be neglected.

If we want to return to a colder climate it’s 100% certain that some of the CO2 will have to be removed from the atmosphere because it will not dissipate out of the atmosphere fast enough.

I’m sorry that the explanations about global warming circulating around assume you are a fool and incapable of understanding some physics. Their Bamby-faced newscasters always play dumb because ‘that looks humble’. Eat shit! I am also disappointed that the spokespeople for the environment movement are so materialistic and out of touch that they look fake.

If you travel by car 8 miles a day for a year, like me, you end up traveling 2920 miles. The efficiency of air travel is a little better than travelling by car. However the fact that air travel exits makes us cover so much more territory. A round trip New York L.A. is roughly double that at 5,800 miles and takes 12 hours. How many times have you done the journey this year? Go anywhere else? Do you have a car? Does your wife? Do you have a lawnmower? a boat? a Motorcycle? A snowmobile? A gas stove?

That’s why I’m so critical of people who abuse air travel. They know there is a warming problem yet this doesn’t light up a bulb in their heads to verify what’s going on with the science and their own behaviour. They assume they are ecologically responsible because their behaviour is legal, shared by many and they like pandas. They momentarily suspend their ethics to look cool and cute and interesting and never mention how they generate garbage on small islands near the oceans. How many tons of jet fuel has been spent on travel strictly for Facebook posts you would be impressed at! You either know better and don’t care or feel your own importance or image trumps any compromise on your part. I’m actually talking about 100,000,000 people at least. Wherever you are going there is very little chance that you will improve things there. I’m truly not impressed with your anecdotes. I know the third world is beautiful. It doesn’t need your ass and what comes out of it there. I’m against non-local tourism and fake eco-friendly people.

I think we’ve learned too much about other people already and forgot about ourselves. I wish I had never tasted sushi. It’s not xenophobia, it’s only a rejection of this ill-thought-out show-off bourgeoisie French people call ‘Les bobos’. It’s like a mix between a Yuppy and a millennial, and like Renaud writes:

Ma plume est un peu assassine
Pour ces gens que je n’aime pas trop
par certains côtés, j’imagine…
Que j’fais aussi partie du lot!

I want to say that the worst case of cultural appropriation I have seen is in my own country: it’s how non-Japanese people, because of similar eye shapes and hair fibres have fooled everyone to think that what they are serving is that something Japanese that requires some refinement called sushi. If I was Japanese I would be somewhat offended by these ‘black-face’ sushi shops. If you master the art of sushi and your not Japanese that’s fine. If you’re in it for the money, up yours.

I think too many greedy people are taking Canada for their milk cow. Call your fake sushi turd-wraps or something: closer to the truth. Drop the crunchy fried batter or whatever that obnoxious shit is: Fake crab meat? Are you trying to make me puke? Fake sushi is out.



Gillets Jaunes

C’est assez bizarre de pouvoir vous dire que mon gouvernement viens de m’expédier du Cannabis. Feu de Camp: THC 4.12% et CBD 6.88%. J’ai aussi de l’étoile polaire qui n’a que du CBD a 15.21% La pénurie me force à experimenter avec leur cannabis de tout acabit.

J’ai des idées pour des noms de Cannabis:

Gillets Jaunes: parfait pour l’après-émeute.

Kush de Bébé: il pu mais moins que les couches du p’tit.

LaCaq: ne gèle pas mais rend paranoïde ( AVERTISSEMENT: Ne Pas Fumer Avant Élections)

LeBloc: un hash cheap de Longueuil

Bombardier: subsidized bonus pot

Notley: a bituminous hashish that causes pangs of greed

La différence entre le Sativa et l’ Indica est la même qu’avec le Merlot et le Cabernet Sauvignon. C’est un peu comme des cépages n’empêche que du THC c’est du THC.

Le THC je connais bien.

Le CBD pour moi est plus mystérieux car les gens disent n’importe-quoi. Pour l’instant si j’ai bien compris, le CBD réduirait l’effet de paranoïa et d’anxiété causé par le THC. Voila pourquoi je veux expérimenter avec le CBD pure. Agit-il ainsi seul?

La paranoïa due au cannabis est réelle et pour moi est signe d’une bonne qualité. Elle ne dure pas longtemps, 2 minutes maximum au tout début. Sincèrement j’ai ressentis aucune paranoïa avec le pot gouvernemental car il est en quelque sorte dénaturé: trop sec, terpenes réduits, etc.

Les huiles THC en comprimés: effets presque nul sur moi. Pourtant j’ai déjà mangé du hash très intense.

Vaporizateurs: j’aime mais ma pompe à 158$ est défectueuses. DNA I’m fucking pissed off! Your product is great but way too expensive for what it is because of the packaging. Its like drinking an expensive champagne in a styrofoam cup. It still is a fucking styrofoam experience.

Your marketing people owe me. Also DNA means something in the chemical world. To market THC under a DNA label is wack. Your cannabis Lemon Skunk hybrid oil is also very delicious to the taste but your Lemon Skunk weed doesn’t deserve the monicker Skunk by any stretch even if it was a hybrid from a skunky variety. Don’t get me wrong though! It’s very good weed.

If your Lemon Skunk came in sub-lingual drops with a proper dropper I would certainly have some at home at all times.

Uncle Martin

As you can see, I write about weird stuff. One of the very unfortunate consequences of my writing this will cause 2 things:

People will think I’m crazy. As long as they see I mean to do harm to no one, I think they will leave me pretty much alone.

People will over-estimate me. I have been sensitized to a roll of the dice: the memory of my ancestors. I did not cause any of this information to come about me. Period.

My purpose is to communicate this information through this website. It is meant to restore us from a cognitive imbalance in our collective mind due to humans having separated out of the earth collective and having become self-serving on an individual basis. Your present skepticism is a great example! You are one to have my ideas crystallized into a someone you can equate to yourself and who’s ass you’ll kick or lick: whatever serves you.

If you travel by air more than once every two years, it’s impossible for you to be part of the environmental movement. You are a self-important ignoramus. Internationally competing athletes or touring artists are the best example. Ignoramus in the sense that you don’t understand that CO2 must be REMOVED from the skies and that the CO2 that YOU put into the skies today will have to be removed by SOMEONE ELSE at a latter date. CO2 that you emit will be absorbing heat for the next 2000+ years. Your little shitty competitions are not worth it and the morons who attend these events are culturally deprived.

At one point, and this reflex still occurs, I ask myself if this is all a conspiracy I have uncovered? My answer keeps coming back to: no, it’s the collective unconscious. Nothing magic but not so easy to decode. What you are experiencing is similar to electronic bandwidth within a conductor permitting the travel of electrons from one atom to the next. In this case its memory that’s being played with.

How can something as complex as memory be so easily transmitted?

Actually, your assumption is wrong: memories are very simple things that contain very complex information. Please make this distinction.

So simply by the process of my ancestor’s love making, this little bundle of DNA feels he’s a recent hybrid of Carthage/Cathar/Hughenots/Free-Mason/Eugenics sub-conscious activity.

Memories, like hieroglyphs can be read by someone of a different culture at a different time.

Inter-species memory transfer is something that could confirm what I’m saying.

Inter-species: inter-alien-species? What is alien?

Alien is what a consciousness that separated out of the whole would feel about the rest of the inter-connected DNA changeling.



Elizabeth Batts Cook (1742-1835)

When you start genealogy you often know about nothing of your ancestors. It’s quite difficult to bring the knowledge found in America and then expand it into the far European past. Nevertheless in genealogy you must accept what you find.

I believe that I’m a descendant of captain James Cook (1728-1779) and Elizabeth Batts Cook and of their son James (1763-1794) and a kind of ‘widowed’ unmarried mother.

My great-grand-mother’s family’s name was Roseberry. In the USA Roseberry is found but it’s from the family name Rosenberger (1724).

I searched for Roseberry on internet and found Roseberry Topping in the UK. It’s a sugarloaf. The only person I found associated with this place was James Cook who would climb the Topping on a regular basis.

James Cook mapped out the Saint-Lawrence and so allowed the invasion of Quebec by Wolff. I therefore have family on both sides of the conflict.

His son James was also a sailor and could well have visited Quebec before he was apparently murdered in 1794.

His Mother Elizabeth was reputed to have left no living descendants. However I feel that my adopted ancestor Jean-Louis Giroux-Roseberry (1783-1865) was one of them and was given the name Roseberry as a tracer to the Cook/Batts family.

Every rose has its thorn. Right? So please allow me the idea that Roseberry and Thornbury are related family names.

Here is a beautiful painting of Elizabeth Batts Cook.

It is now found at the New South Wales State Library. About the painting their site says:

This portrait used to hang with 8 others in the George St show room of W. Chorley & Co., Sydney. Mr Henry Chorley offered it on loan in 1938 as “apparently [that of] the wife of Capt. Cook“. The offer was not accepted as the authenticity of the portrait could not be proved. See Corres. 1938/55 in and 1938/70 and 148 out. In Oct. 1956 after Mr Chorley’s death the 9 portraits were presented to the ML [Mitchell Library] by Mrs H.J.A. Chorley. 6 are of Yorkshire ancestors of F. Thornbury of Sydney called Dale and Reynolds, the 7th is of an unidentified boy probably of the same family, the 8th is of Mr Taylor, engineer, the connection with the Thornburys is not known“.

Again I monitor my coincidences. Roseberry Topping points to Cook and Cook points to Thornbury.

The Roseberry of Quebec very likely descend from Captain Cook and Elizabeth Batts Cook.

No matter what, I really appreciated learning about the existence of this great lady.