Hispini and Hirpini

Since I’ve been working on my story away from this blog I just thought I would give you an insight into what I’ve been thinking:

The Hirpini of Italy and the Hispini of Spain where both of the Punic religion.

The Gundestrup Cauldron is partly Carthagenian and I can explain quite a lot about its symbols, at least to myself.



During my research I tried not to contradict established history for nothing but in this case I must ask myself some serious questions. How can this be happening to a local yocal like me?

Here is a map of the world as described by Herodotus, the father of European history, in 430 BC.

It is thought that Herodotus mistook the source of the Danube as originating in Pyrene which is more than likely a reference to the Pyrenees in France/Spain.

The River that has its source in the Pyrenees is the Garonne, not the Danube. Again let me remind you that my name is Garon.

So Herodotus knew that an important river had its source in the Pyrenees. In other words he knew of Val D’Aran in Spain (Pyrene on the map) where my haplogroup (R-M167) is at max. Why would he assume that it connected to the Black Sea? He didn’t. He made it so to keep the coast of Armorica a secret where the Garonne flows out.

I must admit one thing to you, my ancestor Guarino de Verona translated Herodotus back in the 15th century. I ask this honestly: could he have inserted false information in his translation to point to our clan (R-M167) now in Val D’Aran (Pyrene) or is this really Herodotus’ doings?

If it turns out that it is indeed Herodotus who created the myth then I would have to conclude that Herodotus is Also R-M167.