There are 2 things I need to do at one point and one of them is to share my findings about some symbols kicking around. Today I’m talking rings, a most simple NRG word.

Two hints that crossed my path regarding my family and rings and what it all meant started with the name Matthias Ringmann; it’s an odd one for an Alsacian born in the 15th century.

Then my ancestor Lucas Cranach the Elder also had a dragon (anagram for garon) with a ring as a logo. The ring is a Claddagh ring.


Just this past week I’ve been looking at Ireland quite a bit. it is after all my genetic homeland ( even if culturally I’m a poor Renaissance beneficiary; my ‘poor’ though is richer than your ‘rich’ ). I found a place named Ringville or simply Ring. And what do you find in that part of Ireland?

Ringforts, like this one at Garranes, Ireland.

I believe that in 1500, my ancestors new of their Irish connection (cousins really) and its one of the reasons why, through genetic memory, the task of finding this out for myself has been simplified.

Its my thinking that a branch of the Angle-Franc literate-religious faction made its way to Ireland and integrated the community through the Gaelic language with people and place names. We repeated this process where minority languages existed. We became them and promoted vernacular languages while spreading the ‘drug’ chromosome R-M167 and its genetic memory. This happened as well with Angles, Francs, Norse, Normands, Occitan, Francoproven├žal and Italo-Normands. We’ve been in and out and in and out and across the English Channel and back to the continent again with cross channels of our own throughout history.

As an example look at the Angevin Empire of the 12th and 13th centuries. It produced such kings as Henry II, Richard I and King John. This is pure R-M167 country. In a way, it was so Canadian.

I don’t mean to say that the Angevin kings were R-M167. I think it more than likely that the last royalty to be R-M167 were the Merovingians. I just mean to say that the haplogroup was present across the Angevin territory and around. R-M167 was probably never the majority anywhere since antiquity but present on all the coasts of Western Europe right up to the Black Sea.

I would not be surprised if James Joyce was R-M167. The Joyce family name appears in R-M167 data bases. Joyce had huge linguistic and memory skills. He even talked about me in Finnegan’s wake! Amstel waiting!