Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenberg

I was just on internet viewing some goofy stuff on my least favorite subject: the illuminati and the freemasons, etc.

Unfortunately I know a lot about them because my ancestors were pre-freemasons and somehow, their renaissance art and symbolism got mixed into all of this.

Regarding my ancestor’s name Gensfleisch which means goose meat, it comes from the fact that the Guarino family (Gutenberg was the son of Guarino da Verona) where Cathars-Waldensians from Occitania. They were hiding. In italian, oca means goose and so gensfleish is oc meat or occitan meat. Goose was also a Garonne river specialty. Many a Jew and Oc shared bread and foie gras. Many Oc eventually hid in judaism which is part of our diasporic philosophy. David Ben Gurion was R-M167. He was closer to gentile galileans than to jews of 2000 years ago.

The true spirit of R-M167 is to spread on the surface of earth and blend with the locals; it’s a spirit, not a doctrine.

Regarding free-mason symbolism I would like to propose the following links:

G: the letter G points to the creator of the letter G: Spurius Carvilius Ruga: These are now three families of family names: Spurius (garron in the occitan language is a spur) Carvilius (Carville,etc) and Ruga ( Ronald Reagan is an example). Ruga created in 230BC the letter G from the letter C as it was inconvenient to have both sounds KA and GA represented by only one symbol.

This is why the Garon and some of the Caron are of the same family: their ancestors of a few hundred years ago where familiar with this fact about the letter G and used it to create another small branch of the family.

Ruga is also a symbol for roman slavery (samnites).

The compass represents Mathias Ringmann, another family member. He’s the one who named America from the word Armorica. The compass should be set at 45 degrees symbolizing the 45th parallel which crosses Venice-Bordeaux in Western Europe and the Quebec-NY/Vermont and Montana-Wyoming borders right on to Oregon.

The steel square symbolises Michael Wolgemut. You can see him holding one in the Feast of the Garlands by Albretch Durer.

And so roughly, this symbol could represent the Y chromosome haplogroup R-M167. But it does not! it represents freemasonry. Just like Jagmeet Singh’s turban could never represent me, this banner cannot do so as well. It has been usurped by many many others. My ancestors’ objectives had been met already up to now. It’s called American democracy for all.


George Washington was probably R-M167. Washington, Sussex is on the Greenwich meridian linked to Libourne, FR.

James Madison was probably R-M167. Madison Wisconsin in on parallel 45 linked to Libourne FR.

Ronald Reagan was probably R-M167. Reggane,Algeria is on the Greenwich meridian linked to Libourne,FR.

I guess this is enough information for one post.

Ya all come back now, ya hear!


Paul Gérin-Lajoie

Je crois que mr Paul Gérin-Lajoie avait des racines très près des miennes. Étant données qu’il a un nom GRN et qu’il était impliqué à un haut degré en éducation, mes croyances en mémoires génétiques me portent à croire qu’il était itou un descendent de Garin de Vérone.

En même temps, aujourd’hui j’ai fait un lien sur le 45 ième parallel. Le village de Stanstead est voisin de la baie de Fitch. J’ai vérifié et appris que les deux noms de Fitch et Stanstead sont reliés à la famille Anglo-Normande Gernon.

Mon hypothèse est que le haplogroup R-M167 a traversé les Suabians, Sabines, Samnites, Garumnas, Gauls, Galatians, Galen of Pergamon, Romains, Gallo-Romains, Warinis, Angels, Merovingians, Norses, Normans, Occitans, Italo-Normands, Vénitiens, Francoprovençois, Africano-Français et les Québécois. Je suis ici pour en témoigner. J’aurai aimé le dire à mr Gérin-Lajoie.

Michael Pollan

I’ve been catching Michael Pollan on TV these days. I really like his views on nutrition and agriculture.

I’m really happy that Mr Pollan is taking interest in this fascinating subject of drugs.

I would like to share with you my experiences.

The first time I took LSD I was 16 years old in 1974. It was a purple microdot. It was an amazing feel good trip but I did not hallucinate. I saw vivid purple colours and felt just so good.

My next trip was within a few weeks of the first trip and was with morning glory seeds. TABARNAK! Incredible. I even saw belly dancers.

My last trip was within the last 6 months. I didn’t hallucinate anything but what I saw blew my mind. its alive and smart and vaporous and gone. A Y filament. What! Such a thing exists in folklore: Angel hairs. Identical story. I’m now stuck in believing in my hallucination. This thing read my mind. When I touched it, it evaporated into nothing folding into nowhere turning temporarily into a flimsy deep ocean fish and fake-biting the air with a wide smile: it imitated a spinning galaxy and disappeared.

We are definitely part of an earth mind at some level. It seems to be a great loving and caring entity. It’s no longer accepting business as usual. we need more collaboration.

We are a dying planet and there is no longer any need to hide shit from humans anymore. Mr Trump, If you’re so brave, why don’t you take a trip and while tripping, look at yourself in the media. Then go to the mirror and look into the face of the real you. Look inside motherfucker. Bring Mike Pompeo with you. Tell him to do the same. Take a large dose. Ask Vlad, Erdogan and Chairman Pooh to join you. Your ancestors used to call it communion with the ancients. I call it genetic memory.



Hey! Les Québécois!

Ne buvez-pas du Perrier. C’est Nestle qui a ça.

Buvez du Montellier! C’est moins salé que du Perrier.

C’est plus environnemental. J’aime bien leur petites canettes en aluminium.

Très recyclable. Ça viens de Ste-Brigitte de Laval.

Swabia, Sueba, Whateva.

I’ve been looking at England these days. first off, I hadn’t noticed that Angleterre is a NRG name. I was thinking that somehow the Saxons of England were related to the Franks. I had never looked at the Angles before.

When I checked I made a connection:

the Angles were said to be from Swabia in Germany.

Angles= Galens

I checked Swabia and it said that the people of Swabia had the same roots as the Sabines or Samnites of Italy where I suspect I come from. Now I could see how these people, the Samnites and the Angles were connected. They were Swabians. For all practical purposes, we can call R-M167 Swabian and it would be right. However, Swabia was not exclusive to R-M167. Obviously, our parent DNA was there as well; certainly others. This was the last great big re-shuffling of Western Europe until today. Now our national genomes are even healthier with all the variety of people walking our streets. If only they would fuck each other instead of hiding behind ethnie.

This family of Swabians became both Franco-Italians (Vert of parallel 45N) and Brits (Green of 0 GMT). They cross at Libourne, Armorica. My branch left Italy for the Garonne river around 300BC as Garumni only to return to Italy in 1100 AD as Anglo-Normand invaders (The Guarino of Italy). This is not a coincidence. These people had their own christian history and were pre-Cathar-Waldensian. They had their own set of hallucinations (becoming transgenerationalucinations sometimes in written form as in Finnegans Wake or in drawing form like Matthias Gerung) which did not concur with roman catholic doctrine  of any age. We still managed to have our ancestor, William of Gellone canonized in 1066AD, the year of the battle of Hastings.

The Italian Swabians (Samnites) were co-founders of the population known as Gaul who later invaded Greece (279BC) and occupied Galatia in Turkey. At one time, these Galatians were displaced by the Roman Empire and moved back into Germany. Some of the Angles were descendants of these displaced Gauls. I believe that the Merovingians were of this same population.

In 2018 I can call myself an Armorican American.

A Norse Armorican became North American.

Markland and Greenland were my first markers. Yes, Vikings were Swabian descendants too. Partly Mostly Maybe.

Eric The Red: 1000AD Norseman settled in Greenland.

Novgorod First Chronicle 1016- AD

Conquest of Sicily by Normands 1037AD

Battle of Hastings 1066 AD Normans (Norsemans) invade England.

I think that people apply stereotypes to the people of the past. Its as if your mind would apply a London accent to Romans and an Alabama one to Samnites. Folks, 2nd generation rich people are dumb as fuck! Many poor are highly intelligent. You can only look at individuals from the past as individuals. And what of families? we know so little about our own. Be very careful all the religious bull-crap that passes for history. it says nothing about you; nothing at all.

There are people from Europe who descend from American Indians brought to Europe hundreds of years ago. They are not many but surely they exist. They might have only 0.1% of this genetic but all the differences count in making original people.

Just a note, a test of sensitivity has just occurred in the states: Are the children of people wanting to enter the US illegally not worthy of a reaction of what was before Trump, common decency? Put another way, Have Americans become insensitive to the children of others? This question was put forward by american fascism.

Americans have passed the test. You have refused collectively and culturally to take that baby step into insensitivity and then on to far worst. For a country of 325,000,000 you can pat yourselves on the back. Well Done! Keep on fighting for what is right!

We should not view people of central America as strangers but as partners in North America. If they can stabilize their own population, then we can share a stable expanded American environment with them on all fronts. People could move to where workers are required. people should retain a link to their native land and families and retire there.

Central America deserves more humanist-arian attention from within and from us.

I have no problem with people who want a legitimate secure border, its only in the implementation of policies that are improvised and antagonistic from the get go to migrants that I dislike. Migrant is a status. It’s not a metric in evaluating a person. These people wanting to cross the border are poor christians. People preventing them from crossing are rich christians. These later christians would do anything for Israel but for a fellow North American, NADA! They are dummies with little understanding of geography, history or the Bible for that matter. Many at the border are of European paternal Y-chromosome haplogroups or maternal Mt DNA haplogroups. They descend from the same parents as you with maybe 500 years of separation. How did you treat your sister, brother? How will the inter-generational memory complex of earth (what you innocently call God) evaluate your performance here? Your future judges have ‘Experienced’ you and the others you antagonize and they speak the same language as you. They are very coherent. Conscious complexes (which is what we are) have their own rules and regulation which are not identical to material physics. We lay at a higher level than simple matter as we can speak of matter as a separate phenomenon than mind (giving rise to such things as mathematics). Truth-telling is the zeroth law of spiritual physics.











Aujourd’hui, je suis un peu plus Africain

Mon fournisseur en génomique m’a avisé aujourd’hui que ma génétique en provenance Subsaharienne était de 0.1% plutôt que de moins que 0.1%

Donc, ma thèse que le premier Garon du Québec en provenance de la Martinique était 1/4 africain est vrai.

Par contre, je n’ai plus de gene de provenance indéterminé donc aucun gene autochtone.

Mes études démontrent que mon haplogroupe R-M167 était plutôt animiste en Europe même aussi récemment que 300BC ( légende capitoline Wolf) et que les vrais Cathars-Waldensians de la France-Italie on gardé un lien avec tout ça. Je me sens personnellement en lien avec plusieurs espèces vivantes d’ici entre autre les opilions où vivaient les Abénakis. Ils y en avaient à coté de chez nous quand j’étais petit. Ils me hantent encore un peu. Ce n’est pas de la peur mais de l’imagination basé sur du réel. Ce sont des arachnides sans toile qui pratique l’aggregation. Ils ne mordent ou ne pique pas. Ils sont québécois.

Le Cannabis au Québec

Étant donné que le débat sur le cannabis ne semble pas se clore au Québec, je vais y mettre mon Garin de sel. Encore une fois, les porteux de cravates retardent la société.

Les jeunes, vous n’étiez-pas là mais ces mêmes téteux, dans mon temps, chiaient dans leur culottes par peur qu’ouvrir les magasins la fin de semaine détruirait la fibre sociale catholique du Québec.

Le Iphone a changé les us et coutumes du Québec beaucoup plus et plus rapidement que le shopping le weekend. Le iphone propose du nouveau. Le shopping ça demeure le shopping.

Je fume du cannabis depuis l’age de 12 ans, depuis 1970. Ça doit être entièrement quelques choses qui était sous mon contrôle culturel exclusif donc de ma faute; Pink Floyd, Woodstock, Charlebois, c’est moi qui a organisé tout ça à l’âge de huit ans.

Le cannabis c’est comme le shopping le weekend; c’est rien de nouveau. Les Scythians le connaissaient.

Je vous dit que les humains ne sont pas sous leur propre contrôle exclusif. Il y a des interactions millénaires entre les humains et les espèces qui les entourent. Plusieurs croient, moi inclus, que les champignons magiques ont participé au développement de l’intelligence humaine en le faisant halluciner et de sorte lui montrant le chemin vers le figuratif; ce qui semble être. Les avocats et les gens d’affaires n’étudient pas ce genre de chose. Le fric c’est tout ce qui compte car c’est avec ça qu’ils se mesurent.

Pour ma part, j’ai révisé à peu près les positions des parties politiques sauf ceux de la CAQ car leur site web sucks lemons. J’ai mené une recherche via leur engin de recherche de leur site anglophone avec le mot cannabis et rien a été trouvé. Erreur importante car pour moi c’est le sujet de l’heure et si on part du mauvais pied ça peu aller très ‘cravataire’ pour rien.

Voici mes propositions:

1-L’age militaire est de 18 ans. Si vous pouvez envoyer un cerveaux humain pas entièrement formé à abattre ou se faire abattre au front, vous devriez le respecter assez pour lui permettre de fumer un pétard avant de partir. Avec votre comportement irresponsable, ça pourrait être son premier et son dernier pétard.

2-le droit de vote arrive à 18 ans. Un jeune de 18 ans, avec le cerveau pas entièrement formé, peu empêcher par son vote, un plus vieux que lui, soit des 18-19 et 20 qui ont le cerveau plus entièrement formé que lui mais pas entièrement formé selon les critères de métrologie en matière de cerveau pas entièrement formé du ministère. Allez chier La CAQ avec vos cerveaux pas entièrement formés! 18 ans c’est l’age correct pour fumer. Mme Charlebois ici vous avez raison.

3- faire pousser à la maison son cannabis pour consommation personnel est la meilleur chose possible car on pourra encourager l’utilisation du soleil (cannabis solaire) pour la plus grande partie de la croissance de la plante. C’est potentiellement équivalent en économie d’énergie aux besoins en énergie des piscines municipales du Québec. Comme vous, Je sort ce genre de chiffre de mes fesses. Le pot fédéraliste pousse en serre donc consommation d’électricité. À la maison, il y aura moins d’utilisation de produits chimiques douteux car on fume nous-même notre pot.

4-le cannabis doit avoir statut de produit de la table comme le vin et le pain. Ça se mange itou.

5-la légalisation règle un problème pour moi: la conduite au volant. Je crois que c’est une bonne idée de ne pas conduire sous l’effet; Je l’ai fait beaucoup sans conséquence mais c’est un risque que j’admet et j’ai eu tort. Si ça vous inquiète je m’engage a ne pas conduire quand j’ai fumé. C’est pas une grosse affaire, les bagnoles vont se conduire toute seule bientôt. SVP developer une petite machine made-in-Québec pour qu’on soit en mesure de se monitorer. Au lieu de monitorer le niveau de pot dans le systême un petit test de cognition pourrait faire l’affaire.

6- Le cannabis n’est pas récréatif. C’est faux et péjoratif de dire ça. C’est autre chose; ne faite pas d’amalgame. Ce n’ai pas par ce que c’est plaisant que c’est récréatif. le travail c’est plaisant mais pas récréatif.

7-la quantité permissible de cannabis à la maison peu être variable durant une année si on le fait pousser; maximum à la récolte à l’automne et minimum 11 mois plus tard. Le nombre de plant en culture l’été doit coïncider à la consommation résidentielle annuelle. je trouve ça téteux mais c’est pour vous faire plaisir.

8-un permis peu être requis.

9-J’aime l’idée que les municipalités, nonobstant les propriétés privés, déterminent ou et quand on fume chez eux.

10-je respecte le droit des propriétaires sur ce sujet. Les gens ont le droit aussi d’être incommodé par l’odeur et la fumée du cannabis et de le dire haut et fort. Fumeurs, soyons respectueux à 100% et plus mais pas incroyablement téteux comme les propositions du PQ. Absolument ridicule! On va se mettre à mesurer des distances entre les joints fumés et les trottoirs. Charron sniffait d’la poudre à l’assemblé national viarge! Vous êtes des hypocrites.

11- si le pot est trop cher, les gens additionneront du tabac à leur pot. Ça c’est pas bon car le tabac c’est cancérigène. Il faut qu’il y ai sur le marché un pot moins cher que le tabac ($/V) pour fin de mélange. C’est une question d’hygiene publique. Personne n’a proposé ça ce qui m’indique que votre écoute auprès de la population fumeuse fut très limitée.

12-l’industrialisation du pot n’est pas une bonne chose. Il faut garder un élément terroir à tout ça et ne pas créer des fortunes personnelles sur le dos des consommateurs via des gimmicks génétiques ou du contrôle politique.

13-le pot solaire ne requiert aucun packaging, marketing, transport, espace tablette, etc.

14-Le pot solaire domestique est Made-in-Quebec dans toutes les régions.

15-Si la conduite de véhicule est prohibé durant l’intoxication, on doit avoir ‘walking distance’ des lieux de socialisation dans les cartiers pour fumeur genre ‘coffee house’. Avouez que ça pourrait être des lieus de rencontre intéressants. Par contre, ceux-ci seront nécessairement près des écoles de cartier. Nous faisons partie de la société.

16-le blanchiment d’argent et le crime organisé n’interviennent pas dans la pousse de quelques plants à domicile pour consommation personnelle. Duh!

17-aucun syndicat contrôle le point de vente ou la production.

18-la visibilité du pot solaire dans les médias serait à peu près zero donc invisible pour les plus petits qu’on aime tout autant que vous et qu’on ne veut pas influencé à fumer de façon prématuré.

19-permettre la culture du pot solaire réduirait les coûts de police. So stupid! Merde que c’est décourageant d’être gouverner à tâtons par des cravates.

Je crois que l’attitude à la con de nos politiciens en matière de pot depuis toujours démontre la faiblesse du collectif politique Canado-Québécois. La Commission LeDain avant-gardiste date de 1973. Cela a pris 45 ans à bouger. C’est vous, les porteux de cravates le problème. Vous êtes des conformistes sans idée qui ont voulu plaire aux Etats-Unis à tout prix; pas de couilles. Oui Chef! J’espère que l’époque Trump nous a donné une leçon.

Mme Charlebois, vous avez raison que ce genre de chose se décide à Québec mais ne faites pas de ça un jeu de bras de fer avec Ottawa. Cité le litige en example mais permettez-nous de faire pousser du pot quand même. Vous ne rendez pas justice à la population. J’ai peur que vos arguments sur le point constitutionnel soit juste et de ce fait mes droits en tant que consommateur soit brimés pour très longtemps. Ne nous prenez pas comme otages perpétuels.

Judiciariser votre gué-guerre avec Trudeau n’est pas une bonne idée. Encore du fric pour les cravates! Toutoune! Fumez-donc un pétard les deux ensemble à la place mais avant, je dois vous demandez; avez-vous le cerveau entièrement formé?


Crimea was Genoese and Venetian

I always wondered how come there were many traceable Russians R-M167s. We after all originated south of the Alps. I now know why: Parts of Crimea on the Black sea, were both Genoese and Venetian colonies. That was one of the past doorways. Putin: Don’t worry, they’ve been Russian and Ukranian for hundreds of years and you never new it. I assume some Québécois are in the same haplogroup as you, Vlad. Russia! Don’t be greedy fucks like us! It doesn’t work. You’re lame with your violence. It’s not fun. Change or we all perish.

Curiously, I found this out from my interest in the 45th northern parallel: Crimea is on it like my hometown of St-Hyacinthe and the fine city of Venice and Devil’s Tower and a lot of stuff. On parallel 45, there is a place where China is north and Russia is south and where Ontario is east and Quebec is west. Hokaido, Mongolia, Dzungaria, Lake Balkhash, Aral Sea, Caspian Sea, Krasnodar, the Danube Delta, Belgrade. We all share the same solar exposure notwithstanding clouds. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter are known entities to us all as are rare glimpses of the Northern Lights. On parallel 45, you will find the upper limit of palm trees in America. On parallel 45 many don’t take countries seriously.

Bruges in Belgium was also a colony of Genoa. Same people spread their seeds, printing and art there as well.

R-M167 individuals competed strongly against each other through the republics of Genoa and Venice. They did not control politics but much commerce. Top notch education for the times; early humanists.

R-M167 were both part of the Roman Empire and Gallo-Roman as well.

R-M167 is a majoram-oregano-eating people.

In France there is an ancient tribe that was called Veneti, they were a Celtic tribe in Brittany. That’s in Armorica. Araméic is the language of the mythological Jesus of Galilee. America was named by a R-M167 (Ringmann) who believed in our genetic passage through Araméic (Galilee) roots ( to the very least Ankara). Its the ‘Sinclair descend from Jesus’ gang. Macaire le Grand, Saint-Antoine-du Désert et Guilhelm ‘Le Désert’ Gellone, même culture, même famille, même mythe, celle de l’hermite dans le désert: R-M167. The hermitic experience of today is quicker; floatation tanks. Hermits are not avoiding people but seeking deep quiet.

Fine. Only one question: who gives a rat’s ass about jesus; a gun-toting redneck from a different haplogroup? I don’t want to be associated with them.  All haplogroups are experienced and don’t require Jesus. Seek your own ancestors beyond (but not necessarily without) christian thought! Do it! Good powerful non-christian ancestors existed in your genetic past with rituals that involved you. They had no written dogma. Seek them. Written christianity failed us.

Jesus is the last possible mythological figure unless we relapse into another dark age. American Jesus people, quit your perpetual violence on the enemies of your friends. What a lame ploy! We can see you: WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Iran-Kuwait. Same scenario every time. It is ultimately you doing the killing and destruction. All your enemies and friends were assholes too. You’re not alone. We must all change.

North America is a great place for 567,000,000 people already here. Great diversity! No other needs in that department.

Peter Navarro, Justin Trudeau is a lot more loyal to America than you could ever hope to be. You’re self-important and you take your fantasies of American nationalism for a reality. Trump and yourself are apes like the rest of us all. Quit your pointless, I repeat pointless bellicose crap. Politics has been a joke for a very long time and is run by dummies. Why did Trump, the family man, not treat Trudeau like family? Because Trump is not a real american. When I realized that, I was no longer pissed off at real Americans. He has no roots here in America. Trump has no roots anywhere.

New York state borders on Canada yet richismo Trump had never been to Canada until this week. I find that so hard to believe. Ignorant behaviour leads to more ignorance; at least have a little curiosity.

Lomas de New Jersey
son hermosas,
me gustaría regresar
Marc Ribot y los Cubanos Postizos

Trudeau has the entire world behind him because he’s nice.

Trump: You’re fired as leader of the free world. You failed again! You did not lead us but obviously tried to discourage us and it worked for about half an hour. You cannot be a traitor to us; you’re not made of North American spirit. Buildings have no roots. How wrong you are about Southern North-Americans and Northern North-Americans! How wrong you are about North Americans altogether.

The rongorongo tablet

since I’ve been studying the Guillemides (William of Gellone) families, I have always kept in mind that the letters NRG keep appearing in things or people associated with us. The name Rogan, an anagram of my name Garon, is part of this family. Roggen in german means rye from which ergot (garron in occitan) comes from. The LSD ergot we’re talking about here.

Now two names that are rarely linked together but are: Jacob Roggeveen and rongorongo.  Actually, Roggeveen discovered Easter Island on which the rongorongo tablet was found.

Today, on the Joe Rogan Experience, mr Robert Schoch mentioned rongorongo.

This is an example of genetic memory: there is a kind of phenomenon we pass on as randomness that is starting to look incredibly organized and initiated from different brains that have probably similar genetic memories or let’s be blunt, similar neurons fired from some sort of fractal beyond?

This is my belief and I’m programmed as such. We have a function in society; It’s called making all humans instinctively part of the same family.