Guarin, Chancelor of the Kingdom of Sicily, 1137 CE

I have been quite lucky in my recent research. I have deduced that the reason why Val D’Aran, Spain, has the Y-chromosome haplogroup R-M167 maximum is because a lot of the population descends from Guillaume de Nogaret, keeper of the seal of Philip the Fair, who gained these territories (1313) for his services slapping the pope Boniface VIII around (PS I’m not a pope watcher and don’t plan to be). The Nogaret, like the Guarin, descend from Guillaume  of Gellone. I can now with quite a bit of confidence claim to descend from Guarin, the “Normand” chancelor of the kingdom of Sicily under Roger II. This was in the 12th century.

(This might help explain how the name Garnaoui, a name found in Tunisia and, I suspect, also R-M167, found its way there. It’s supposedly related to the Guarneri, the famous Italian luthiers. I found the Garnaoui on internet smiley and the young Guarnaoui women are amazing. I’m also aware of Ihsan Garnaoui, a terrorist that slipped by dumb legal outfits. All is etched in spacetime consciousness. Good luck with that! William of Gellone is your ancestor)

My family was no longer Southern France Cathar. Guarin participated in the first Crusade (1095-1099) and from then on my family was associated with the Varangian guards (Englinbarrangoi) until the 14th century and kept continuous contact with the Byzantine Empire. During this period, another Guarin, de Valloire founded l’Ordre Hospitalier des Antonins’ with the Pope’s blessing. This is not a coincidence. Catharism was morphing into pharma-alchemy.

Guarino da Verona was a descendant of Guarin. He also sojourned in Constantinople and brought back many books and histories from there. He was Johannes Gutenberg’s father.

Later, my ancestor François Garin ( AKA Garon, Garonne, etc) married into the Sceva family who were very close to the Palaeologue, a past ruling dynasty of Byzantium living in Piedmont.

With a bit of luck, we of haplogroup R-M167 will be able to trace our paternal lineage to its very inception and help map out the real history of Europe.

Jack Of Shadows

Jack of Shadows, nocturnal outlaw
Daemon of darkness, brother to the night
Jack of Shadows, what’s he hanging out for?
King of the dimensions, the other side of light
And when he passes
He casts shades of mystery black
Flowing like molasses
It’s only Jack of Shadows on his way back
To the kindom of thieves
Before the skies crack
Jack of Shadows, cloak of constellations
Draped around his body, blanking out his face
Jack of Shadows, don’t believe in God, he
Steals from the future, fades without a trace
And when the flames flare
Flickering forms of velvet dark
He plays his games there
It’s only Jack of Shadows, he’s lit up by a spark
To run into the umbra , as fast as a shark
Jack of Shadows, ultravoilet eyesight
Giving him the vision that cats-eye infrared
Jack of Shadows, watch him as he flies right
Through all of the umbras, quicker than the dead
And when he passes
He casts shades of mystery black
Flowing like molasses
It’s only Jack of Shadows on his way back
To the kindom of thieves
Before the skies crack
Jack of Shadows, Jack of Shadows
Jack of Shadows, Jack of Shadows
Jack of Shadows, Jack of Shadows…….
Songwriters: Adrian Paul Shaw / Robert Newton Calvert / Simon House
Jack of Shadows lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

Sir Charles Sherrington

I recently skimmed a book I had read a long time ago called Quantum Questions; Mystical Writings of the world’s Greatest Physicists by Ken Wilber. My first read of it was well over my head.

In it, Erwin Schroedinger (1887-1961) through his essay The Oneness Of Mind, talked about some stuff that is so close to my own recent way of thinking I’m kind of spooked. He talks about Sir Charles Sherrington, another NRG name, the man who won a nobel prize for medicine in 1932 for his study of the neuron.

By describing a single neuron and then realizing that such individual neurons were in fact interconnected together to make a unified us, he realized that our identities do not make individual neural experience specific only to those neurons involved in sensing but that the experience is shared in many other cells as well. It’s the oneness of mind concept.

If this can exist at the cellular level, that is experiencing extra-cellular activity as if it was our own, then why can it not exist at a human macroscopic scale between humans of the same origin, that is parent and child? We are connected through our DNA. In DNA resides memories. Even if memories are not synchronized to the present, they can be triggered by events.

In an atheistic way as possible, I would like to express the view that the concept of original sin is a miss-interpretation by a more scientifically primitive culture of genetic memory. In a certain way, I kind of respect that they were sensitive to this phenomenon. Now, we can abandon the guilt trips and cruelty and just learn how to treat each other fairly.

I think some psychiatric, religious or sexual disorders can find their origin in the miss-understanding of the individual in his genetic memory.

I have very little belief in the invented individual, the self-made man. You come with baggage most of it quite excellent.