Three Quarks for Muster Mark

Dear reader, I want to establish a priority date ( Feb 18 2018) on the idea I’m about to expose. If you could print this page and store it, I would appreciate it. In exchange, I am simply sharing with everyone my idea before it just dies with me eventually.

a little while back, I listened to Stanford professor Leonard Susskind on Youtube talk about black holes. If you don’t know who he is, he’s a cross between Albert Einstein and Judge Judy. He said that all you can know about a black hole can be found on its surface.

Since the ratio Volume of a sphere/Surface of a sphere, goes up as the radius increases, that appears to us as a very counter-intuitive idea that such a large object would have this property yet I think this proposition is true. volume=4/3𝜋r(cubed)  surface=4𝜋r(squared). What about quantum sized objects? I left it at that. Being a neophyte, what else could I do?

A little later, again on an unrelated video on Youtube, a woman said that a sphere’s surface =4𝜋r(squared) could be expressed as 4 circles of the same size: 𝜋r(squared)+𝜋r(squared)+𝜋r(squared)+𝜋r(squared).  Wow, I then flashed back to Susskind’s teachings and wondered how this fact could relate to the information maximum found on a black hole’s surface.

I then thought that we live in 4 dimensions. What if we attributed a circle to each dimension: 3 of space (x,y,z) and one of time(t). Somehow this seemed like impossible since the time dimension is so different from the space dimensions. To attribute a dimension to each of x, y and z is fine, but the time dimension should be of another value. What if we gave it a fractional value like 1/2 or 1/4? Then, we would no longer have 4 dimensions but maybe a number between 3 and 4.

But where would we find such a number?

Right there in the equations of surface and volume: 𝜋=3.14…

Lets fool around with the equation a little:


=𝜋4(r)squared      note:(I just switched order on 𝜋 and 4)

=𝜋(2r)squared   note: look at the change in brackets from above. 2r=diameter. let’s call it d and make it the size of a quanta of space if such a thing exists.




attribute to each d(squared) a dimension from x,y,z and the remainder to t.


This would mean that a virtual spacetime particle can be modelled as 3 dimensions of quantized flat space and an irrational fractional quantity of time. its dimension is a spherical surface of diameter d contained within a cubic (3d) quanta of space.

Time and space are interchangeable and my equation is consistent with this fact. Its like saying that time is entangled with space. It would suggest that spacetime is an irrational quantity of material that not only cannot be rationed but must remain integral: one. It might suggest that anything quantized and available in quantities of three (being the first non-divisible-by-2  prime number) is energetically well-positioned to entangle itself with and irrational quantity of space. Its size would be determined by the material at hand.

Of course, this is a virtual particle and has no physical reality. Or does it?

Ever heard of a neutron?

It’s a particle made of 4 components: 3 quarks(UDD) and a gluon.

Ever heard of a proton?

It’s a particle made of 4 components: 3 quarks(UUD) and a gluon.

A proton is more or less a hydrogen ion: H+ . There are 4.7 x 10(27) hydrogen atoms in the human body (more protons as other elements).

The odd thing is that my interest in memory got me onto this path. Basically I can use this 𝜋-particle to model animal memory.

What is memory but encapsulated spacetime? You need matter to read it.

Since space and time are interchangeable, its possible to distribute information about space or time interchangeably. In reality space and time are only known as separate ideas in one place in the universe: the human mind. It’s so sad that such a powerful tool is found in such a stupid beast.

Consciousness resides in spacetime and leaves an empty body at death. Memories are recycled. DNA is like a coral reef being revisited by memories. These memories are physically transferred by sperm and ovum by spacetime modulations entangled with DNA. You’re ancestors have a lot more to do with who you are than our materialistic society will admit. This is why culture is so important. We are all potentially of genius minds but left to ourselves we can become dangerous things of unexpected reflexes and sheepishness. This is why everyone needs to be connected somehow to nature and true loving people.

I think that any extra dimensions that you would want to entangle beyond three would be energetically less favourable. Where would you stick a fourth and fifth dimensions? Admit that three is easy to imagine. That’s because things are mathematically that way. It has to do with prime numbers. Any extra information found on other entangled dimensions would not be distinguishable from the information we already have from x, y and z. They would just be superimposed on our rotating 3-D sphere.

Each line of sight we have available all around us can all be viewed as fractional dimensions. There are a very large prime number of them and they are growing as the universe expands. The starting point of this line of sight is your mind and so its a relativistic phenomenon.