Leader of the Free-For-All world.

The concept of ‘Leader of the free world’ is ill-defined. At the present, as best I can see, not only is there not a leader of the free world but there isn’t even a free world. Maybe you feel free. OK. That’s not the case for everybody though. It’s the free world we are talking about, not the free you.

I prefer the concept of Leader of the Free-For-All world. I’m not talking about the leader of great discounts! ; Free-For-All in the sense of completely unregulated. This is the world of idiots who have no use for science, ecology, climatology, genetics, atmospheric chemistry, space research, etc. A single out-of-nature abstract concept motivates them. The abstraction is out-of-nature in the sense that although it is seeded by basic human natural requirements such as food, housing and clothing, it is concerned with status and materialistic gains that have nothing to do with these basic human needs. In a chaotic system such as human relations, it’s evident that unfair disparities had the possibility to arise. It’s not a moral flaw per say unless you perpetuate them. There also exists the probability that these unfair disparities could be explained, understood and corrected. Less cynicism on all counts is required.

Today’s so-called 1%ers are not defacto immoral. They are amoral and we hope it’s from ignorance. They don’t concern themselves with the requirements of others including other species. They’re part of a small club of numb-skulls that number skulls follow and even number skulls work for.

A word about free-trade. I hear a lot of Americans onYoutube trashing NAFTA. They say that jobs moved out of the USA, that NAFTA(1994) is unfair, blah blah blah.

Here are a few things that you should be aware:

Back in the 80s, American consumers abandoned Main Street for Walmart and MacDonald’s. You, the American consumers, were the first to be disloyal towards your own local folks.; the mom and pop shops and small manufacturers of your small towns. This was a massive move towards the 1%er economy. The communistic shopping mall mentality; everything branded the same and centrally planned from coast to coast and profit only for the leaders/owners/commissars. Folks, your capitalism is becoming communism under a different name!

The idea behind free-trade was that there should only be one market on most things and no tariffs on domestically-manufactured goods at entry into partner’s country. Do you understand what a burden it is for an American manufacturer, and in particular a start-up or small business to pay a tariff on an item being shipped to Canada or Mexico? Why should the government of the customer country get a cut anyway? NAFTA was against Big government. Tariffs work against small business because big business can afford it.  Why are you dummies against free-trade with Canada and Mexico? Wrong culprits.

Canada has forever been a more expensive place to manufacture goods because we maintain a higher minimum wage than the US. We are much less competitive at that level and in taxation. We also have a linguistic hurdle as well. We thought that US advantages would in the short term even out because the US was already lagging behind other modern nations in health services and being an intelligent and compassionate nation would invest in this sector. This never materialized because you people are sooo self reliant! Actually, your wars and your corrupt banking and financial sectors have an enormous effect on your economy that makes free-trade with Canada and Mexico not even register on anything but bigoted opinions.

In NAFTA, nowhere does it state that people should purchase anything from abroad. These are choices for the American consumers to make. Again, the American consumers were the ones being disloyal to themselves. And by the way, you were purchasing from China, not Canada so jobs didn’t move north.

China is not part of NAFTA, actually Chinese OEMs of American brands are still presently your supplier of consumer goods. Distribution and retail profits are 100% in the USA and are a multiple of any overt or covert profit China makes.

Amazon and online purchasing is now changing pricing structures because it’s the only thing it can do and again cutting another layer of middlemen.

The first layer cut was the expensive American worker killed by the major retailers purchasing American office-worker-developed brands (unknowing accomplices)  from Asian OEMs. The second layer now being cut are these same major retailers being killed by Amazon. What goes around comes around Traditionally retail prices were usually around 6 times the cost, at least in the industry I worked selling at major retailers. This is never mentioned by opponents of free-trade. Now things are less expensive because fewer profit, mostly other American citizens. It has nothing to do with free-trade.

Amazon will soon have to compete with governments: US post office, Canada Post, etc. I predict Canada Post, in the name of capitalism and against oligarchy, will have a highly efficient online Canadian goods store within 5 years with low carbon footprint. Bezos will become a buddhist monk and/or give me 10,000,000$ to show he’s a good guy. I will accept it and pick up gardening as a hobby.

I live in Canada and I purchase Canadian when I can; it’s not hard to comprehend. I do like my American media. I can’t purchase that from my country because we don’t have that much production. Bring Netflix on man! If you want shitty low-end french Canadian sitcoms, we’ve got those in the market, you don’t. Get it! Free-Trade! Buy what the fuck you want ( select what has the most value to you in all aspects including a ‘buy locally first’ approach that we should all use) and shut the fuck up.

When in Vermont, the best maple syrup in the world is from Vermont. It’s low in CO2 emissions. This has to be part of any purchasing decision.

American companies were the ones to move jobs away, not Canadian workers. They had seen how disloyal the American consumer was, obsessed with prices. Money was so deeply entrenched in the culture that consumer greed blinded them from social change! You still purchased those same crappy brands at half the price except the quality of your favourite brand was now more questionable and your neighbour started smoking crack after he lost his job at the mill.

The money you saved on purchases you now will have to pay back in social services and infrastructure.

Your stupid non-stop wars have cost your economy (except the benefactors of gun and grenade culture) beyond what anyone can understand. Why are you so evil? If its the minerals, tell us. There are other strategies at hand to obtain them. War is not one of them. Reality is etched in spacetime. All is known and there is still a you after death.

Your education system is known to be over-priced and student debt is through the roof.

The extra expense you tag to your economy because you prefer insurance company office workers over nurses is your own fault.

So don’t blame free-trade which is meant to lower trade barriers. Solve your other issues first before you create another wound for yourselves and your allies. In Quebec, we scrapped our textile industry because of globalization. Shit happens. There are limits to what we can maintain in industry. We are 8,000,000. Your problem is that you can’t adapt because you don’t believe in evolution. You are a slash and burn industrial society: look at the rust belt; not very sustainable. A manufacturing site once selected should be maintained and evolved for centuries. The Great Lakes haven’t moved. Use land wisely. Owners and managers must live near their factories.

Your democracy sucks. You’re having a bad hair-day and a bad hair-presidency.

Immigration works against social stability and keeps wages down. We don’t need to prove we are not racist by increasing our population in North America. It doesn’t make sense. The immigration policies are rooted in political correctness from affluent political suckholes who do not have to live with the intimate consequences of life in poverty. In their shielded mostly white affluent plenty of space suburbs, the immigrants they know are from affluent milieus anyway. They too are of the shielded types.

Immigration is a greenhouse gas.

A foreign country that has zero population growth can be helped big time because stability will install itself in that region. I would even allow some immigration from there if it’s environmentally advantageous for all humans to do so. This must be within a framework of zero population growth.

All future economic growth must be oriented towards improving the lives of the living, not increasing the world’s population. The needs of the presently living are beyond our economic capacity at the moment and so we must strive to reach that sweet spot where all human basic requirements are met. This is why a non-violent century-long depopulation policy would be a great idea worldwide.

US religiosity as a nation is laughable and frankly being of a similar tradition and having heard the religious rhetoric through and through like you, I feel you would be a delicate little hypocritical flower if I offend you by what I say. I never heard a US preacher talk against war ever. They fly in private jets. People who adhere to or fake along with religions will come to regret this disloyalty to America and to the true faith of some of their ancestors. Shame on you. You too had family that was tortured by religious bigots in Europe. The founding fathers poop on you.

You treat minorities like shit because they are different.

You keep white trash people in frustration to counter-balance and protect you from minorities.

I’m sorry I have to tell you this. It seems the message is not getting through to you from EVERYONE ELSE! American oligarchs! Cease and desist.


Let’s talk collective unconscious.

The collective unconscious was a concept developed by Carl Jung in the early 20th century. It’s the idea that individuals of a same species share some sort of pre-determined template which includes commonalities like symbols. I call it genetic memory.

If a form of memory can be transferable from generation to generation, after a certain time, within that gene pool, every individual would have some of that memory. That means that thinking patterns could emerge from isolated groups.

With the interaction of hundreds of billions of cells in an individual, whose 23 pairs of chromosomes with billions of atoms, are present in every cell and has interactions with common memories of thousands of other ancestors, comes a stigmergistic signal that mixes with environmental elements of our world to make us.

You’ve probably seen the killdeer, it’s that bird who fakes a wing injury to distract predators away from her eggs. I think this behaviour might have arisen from a single killdeer in the form of genetic memory. It then spread throughout the population, not as a learned behaviour but a programmed or remembered behaviour. it required much less energy than teaching it. We should be able to isolate that gene and place it into another type of bird just to test out the idea; never to use on humans; that would be by definition inhumane.

The presence of programmed genes could help trigger in species new kinds of hybrid behaviours if their ecological niche allows it. It could trigger a form of reasoning by playing one meme against another.

Stigmergy is what made Donald Trump win the presidency. Stigmergy are agents in the environment that act like vectors. They can be remnants of a previously required function. They don’t necessarily act on their initial intended objects and so might  produce unanticipated outcome.

Vectors add or subtract from one another and therefore can be counter-balanced or hidden. You can spring-load society if you are not careful. Remember the Nazi? Being ignorant of stigmergy is dangerous and so I will proceed to talk about it.

Let’s say that you are a mentally handicapped person whose caregiver is ill-equipped to care for you. You lead a very frustrated life. A negative vector.

Then you discover the pleasure of guns. In fact it kind of becomes your anchor, drug or therapy. It also gives you a large basis for fantasy in your life because it’s the only thing you are adept at. You become a marksman. For a while, it counter-balances the negative care-giver vector. For a while its a positive vector.

As with many drugs, dosage must be increased. The gun therapy has run its course and no longer can provide a counter balance to the poor care-giving. The marksmanship of the ill person has just become a vector of the same size as before but now pointing in the negative direction.

Society is left with a mentally-handicapped killing machine because we did not consider stigmergistic effects and let unthinking people rule.

In the case of Donald Trump’s election, it’s the same situation: stigmergistic currents merging:

  • Democratic Bernie Sanders pushed out by crooked manoeuvres (right wing republican-democrat vector)
  • Democratic party picks an establishment candidate (right wing republican-democrat vector)
  • Democratic candidate is ill and limits her travelling to key states.
  • Fake news (a vector) propagates falsehoods about every imaginable thing.
  • Social media’s immaturity (a vector) lowers intellectual level of discourse.
  • Gerrymandering ( this phenomenon totally discredits the USA as the greatest democracy) Cheating people of democracy is the vector
  • The electoral college system.
  • Money in politics( right wing republican-democrat vector).
  • No difference between republicans and democrats. In Canada they would all be far right.
  • Ignorant population on all fronts: minorities, majorities, the rich, the poor, etc.
  • The concept of American exceptionalism (arrogance incarnate)
  • The USA has used dirty tricks in  other countries. To expect anything less from our adversaries would be insulting to them! Now retaliate on their democracies. You can only improve them.

Be conscious that there are social memes you are unknowingly involved in perpetuating that can be easily manipulated and that might not reflect your true position. What is your view on law, punishment or guilt? What value do you attribute to those ideas?

Genetic memory is part of the collective unconscious along with behaviour we might not be aware of that has been learned mostly through imitation. I do see a science emerging from this that relates to man. Its best practitioners will be A.I. because they will be separate from this genetic memory as well as its learned behaviours or modes of reflexive thinking-action sequence and will be able to view us objectively. If not, then these A.I. will remain incomplete, artificial forever and never transcend humans or be of any deep significance to us nor to themselves.



I would like to define my version of conservatism:

since we know that humans, have had, have and will have similar needs in time, we should structure society to serve the basic constant needs of humanity. To do so, a stable society must take form. One way to stability is through a constant population. A future true conservative cannot have more than 2 children.

To facilitate stability, war, the most aberrant behaviour any creature can engage in, must be avoided. Killing people causes baby booms and baby busts. These demographic disruptions cause generational conflicts. Therefore a true conservative is against war.

Even if you are against war, you must nevertheless have a strong defence. A strong defence requires that citizens be part of the process. This is why non-rifled military service for all might be an option. ( non-rifled in the sense that you do not promote violence and gun worship by flaunting these tools of death. It’s not about the guns, assholes! It only shows your weakness and lack of dignity and respect of others. You’re not scaring anybody, just showing off how stupid you are).

A true conservative understands that in production, only total quality makes environmental sense,

-spreads the economic love around and does not collude to crush competition

-sees competition as co-workers of a similar industry. The environment is always considered first. This usually spreads the work around.

-promotes a level-playing field for all. This creates social stability which is a conservative virtue.

-is for a constant population even if this means very low immigration.

-favours local multiculturalism such as aboriginal peoples or important past migration waves like Black folks, Yiddish speakers, Germantown, whatever… Most of these differences must become of micro-importance and simple cultural appendages or things of beauty and therefore non-threatening since no population growth is allowed. We assume a behaviour that gives no one reason to harm us.

A true conservative has no more than 1 home and 1 cottage home.

-doesn’t wear a suit and tie as an expression of himself. That’s fucking stupid and conservatives are not stupid.

-understands the importance of origins and languages and tends to be multilingual. Speak White is not a conservative concept.

-a conservative cares for children and considers them in every decision except which pussy he will fuck tonight and what weed he will smoke.

A true conservative is also an independent thinker in affairs of religion, sex, social customs, drug use, etc. Therefore whatever his/her opinion is in these matters do not arise from conservatism therefore are not really discussed or positioned under its banner. True conservatives are very different from one another; nothing to do with those boney-assed pissed off bogus ones in the media; airplane-seat-occupying pieces of shit.

In my case, my drug use is conservative in the sense that I know that my ancestor François Garin (alive in 1500) was involved with pharma-alchemy as best illustrated by Pieter Bruegel, a visitor to Venice, several decades later. (Who has the right to deny me my right to explore the possibilities that this reality offers?

My ancestor’s name is found on the bottom right side of this drawing: it is written as Gherrin but it’s the same sound as Garin. Now you know. Folks, I’m for real. My story is true. Many of us might have the potential to link up to this guy’s memory. It’s in our genes. He of course has passed on to another realm still gravitationally bound to earth and sun just like LaGrange points (surface waves) or simply warped space. But if he’s like me, he’s still interested in us humans and the future of man’s purpose or function because there is one; the next cosmic feeding. Why would he not still be linked to his own memory? Why would nature scrap that memory? When the universe is basically redundancy galore: the same particles repeated over and over, the same stars repeated over and over, galaxies, universes, etc. I think that memory would tend to be copied and not erased. I myself have Steve Hillage’s Fish Rising in vinyl, cassette, CD and MP3.

Humans are purists and have a hard time with complex items. I mean complex in the sense of a construct, a multi-component item. We feel that the origin of the universe is something pure and mystic where no traces of the previous can exist. I feel this is wrong and humans would be smarter if they were like crabs and could borrow the shell of a previous occupant and not necessarily re-invent the wheel at every turn and question themselves add infinitum. Let your innards do some of the work. You are part of a continuum. We will never know everything and so we must  complete each other.


Remove CO2

Many people think that if we completely stopped using petroleum thereby reducing our CO2 emissions, we would reverse global warming. Wrong!

Not only do you need to cut down emissions, you need to remove some of the CO2.

The dices have been thrown. The CO2 already present in the atmosphere is of a runaway scenario quantity. This CO2 will get hotter because it’s absorbing IR radiation from Earth which is just re-emitting the sun’s radiation but in a different format than received. This in-coming radiation is a constant amount. If we do nothing it’s only a matter of time before we cook, so to speak. The amount of artificial CO2 (or heat packing capacity)  will only affect the rapidity with which we cook because the earth cannot dissipate this extra heat out into space quickly. It takes thousands of years. This does not spell out our doom. The promise of science, not capitalism, will save the day.

We need to invent a way to remove the CO2 from the atmosphere. Planting trees does not cut it because although it removes some CO2 it eventually re-releases this CO2 back into the atmosphere (Makes me think of the futility of Trump throwing paper towels at Porto Ricans after the hurricane, how dumb does he want to look anyway?). To bury this green matter would not constitute removal of CO2 but a possible addition of it because we would require more petroleum energy hence CO2 to do that.

What we need to do is to turn GMO technology to non-food activity. I’m against GMO foods. Apart from raw science which is always necessary, I think it’s stupid to develop non-required technologies like that which tie you up in legal battles over patented seeds and shit.

Reducing our population constitutes a much more scientifically proven method to reach many of the GMO-products’ public objectives: less use of insecticides and herbicides , less stress on soil, less transport of food required, less plant disease caused by intensive farming, less soil erosion, etc. Maybe I have their objectives wrong.

To halve the human population requires no violence; only education and 60 years. No one needs to die but women need to limit the number of children they bear to 2 or 1. Good news men, only women can morally control this. We win again! All we men need to do is to make sure that we make ourselves attractive to females, accept and apply the concept of consent, protect our sisters and friends, use contraceptives, facilitate sex education for the kids, shut up about religion and fake guilt, pay women equal salaries, be present for our children, you know, just stuff you know is inherently fair (genetic memory?).

The idea that we need market growth for economic growth is retarded. Most economists are retards. They think economy relates to money. Economy relates to nature.

Technically we need to create organisms or a device that is separate from the environment and removes CO2 from the atmosphere possibly in the form of CaCO3; oysterflowers or something. If we don’t add CO2 to the atmosphere any removal helps. In time, it would clearly show on the thermometer.

I am very confident that this will be done before the end of the century. If we could have a green world where petroleum can be used everybody would be happier. Right now, those pushing the petroleum agenda have no vision except short-term profit because they are thinking in terms of their own personal schemes. That’s really too bad. In the afterlife they too will face judgement and learn something about nature’s ‘ownership’ via nature’s own accounts; not theirs.

In the future, we will have the possibility of producing petroleum artificially with solar energy. It will be more practical than pumping. That’s why the petroleum industry is against solar. They know pumpable petroleum will shortly be obsolete and so they use delay tactics (corrupt government) so that the maximum amount of pumpable petroleum might be used as quickly as possible, before the scubbing out of CO2 becomes their expense. If this wasn’t the case, they would be sitting on it a little more. This is really selfish and dangerous. We are still dependant on technologies-to-be to get us out of this mess. They are knowingly gambling with the future quality of life for all. They cannot hide.

Americans must stop to be so doom and gloom. Bunch of fucking pussies.

We will remove CO2 artificially from the atmosphere. But first we must educate the dumbest bunch of motherfuckers there ever has been on earth: the affluent WASPs, the affluent WASCs (catholics) and the affluent WASJ. Jews are not from the middle east. Most are of anglo-saxon-german-french-spaniard stock hiding from the catholics(royalty) back in the days of the inquisition. It does not reduce the significance of the holocaust. For me, it’s even more fratricide: Hermann Goering  and David Ben Gurion were both descendants of my own paternal lineage. Look into it!

Fuck, I just realized that since I’m 40% British-Irish and my family was Cathar/Waldensians/Calvinist  that makes me a fucking WASP too. I don’t permit myself to use the N word even if I’m 0.1% Sub-Saharan. But WASP? Hell yes! New data. Times change. Aren’t atheists the ultimate protestants?

Actually non-belief pre-dates belief. Religion is a perversion of reason; an informational disease with a trans-generational feedback mechanism (genetic memory) that amplifies for some the religious experience. Many preachers come from preacher families. As a drug-taking atheist who descends from drug-taking religious people, (read the entire blog please) I have witnessed on LSD the religious feelings of my ancestors while completely being removed from them at the same time. There were 2 entities, on the left was my ancestor in pure awe and admiration of the other entity on the right. My ancestor seemed the most loving of us three. I found pragmatism in entity number 3. I know my ancestors were really good folks and I am indebted to them. We are one. Its hard to see them as no longer existing.

Chocolate Town

Tonight my hometown smells like chocolate. I guess the local factory must be batching up for Festivus. From where I’m at it smells great.

Now I’m gona go listen to Ween.



Violent Retard Mariano Rajoy, president of Spain, against democracy. Contradictions Galore! You alone are responsible for the eventual separation of Catalonia. You were caught siding against Scottish Independence. Don’t expect the outside world not to side with Catalonia. Even the people of Pontevedra declared you persona non grata. Leave public office now.

Macron, t’es pas mieux pauvre cave! Que ce vote soit questionnable, d’accord, ça se discute mais matraquer des citoyens! Et tu dis rien! FUCK OFF! Et si c’était ta vieille Brigitte avec une ecchymose sur la cuisse en larme? Tu n’es qu’une poule mouillée sans profondeur. Pourquoi est-ce-que la politique attire des minables comme vous deux, Rajoy et toi? Tu dois t’excuser publiquement pour ce manque envers les citoyens de Catalogne. Imagine-toi te faire matraquer dans ton pays en Europe.

Chrystia Freeland, Canada’s Foreign Minister has also sided with violence; no back bone. These morons think that because they are against Quebec sovereignty (which I’m also against) they must never criticize the federal governments of other countries in regards to their own internal sovereignty movements even if it includes violent action. That is worst than simplemindedness. It’s an abuse of power against the democratic people of other countries for perceived domestic gains. Plain and simple. I call it cowardice because they fear that criticizing Spain would be somehow linked to supporting Catalan sovereignty and indirectly Quebec sovereignty. If this is not the reason then it must be for economic reasons which they would again be placing above a basic human right: democracy. Dumb as fuck.

Dear elected officials of Spain and Catalogne, if the Canadian government ever aggresses any people of Canada in such an illegitimate way, I would ask you to denounce my government. Thank you.

Majority linguistic populations, please learn some history, some genetics, etc, The language you speak right now was forced on your ancestors. Its a fact: Separatist populations just ‘are’ and have had the capacity to resist the great English/Spanish/French cultural bulldozers. Where do you find separatists? Scotland (english) Quebec (english french) Basque (spanish french) Catalan (spanish) Corsica (french) USA,( civil war, not a linguistics divide but we still find the incapacity to adapt to the rights of others).

Look at your past. I personally found my ancestors spoke from the year 800AD, occitan, then francoprovençal, then italian, then french and now french/english. It used to be all linked to the territory. Now English dominates because of American mass media. There is no longer a territory; it’s a crypto-culture without brick and mortar. As brilliant as English is we have nevertheless gained much in alienation because we have narrowed our field of listening to the conversations contained within one single idiom or a translation of it. It happens to be the most adolescent one in the world: english. Its a very recent language and America is a very recent culture with recurring immature tantrums.

That’s one of the reasons why I’m interested in languages and in particular the languages of my ancestors. My biology once spoke them. I believe in genetic memory. To me personally Catalan is an important culture and I’ve been separated from it for 1200 years. You would have to be the poorest Spaniard in math if you denied that you too as a spaniard are part Catalan. That language is in you too.

Hey Rajoy, why don’t you sponsor some genetic testing for some Spaniards and learn something about yourselves. Make a disadvantage (ignorance of origins) an advantage (learning about people ). Also, Spanish is spoken by 390,000,000 people worldwide. Shouldn’t that be enough of an economic advantage over Catalonia? Give them a break señor.



Zoomorphism is the idea of giving the shape of an animal to something: a child’s pair of scissors shaped like the head of a lion or something.

So then pianomorphism would be giving the shape of a piano keyboard to something: the easiest thing that come’s to mind would be a jacket with a keyboard lapel design as modelled by Morgan Fisher of Mott The Hoople.



How about pianokeymorphism: giving the positional information contained in a piano key, black or white, to something. This is what Pianoscript is. The objects to which it is applied are musical notes that so happen to correspond to the pianokeys themselves. Symbolico-feedback.

The reason why I mention this is to propose to anyone reading that has a problem to solve, that objectomorphism could be a possible solution especially in human-information system interactions; for example touchscreen activity. I see a future for a self-learning symbolic written system applicable to ALL intelligent life with eyes. It would have to be evolutive. If you are intelligent you can understand it. It will feel like telepathy. As easy as reading a GIF.

Actually any alphabet could be usable for the start-up of such a scheme. The part missing is the front end; the self-learning part. That would probably require some alphabet tweeking. If you add a sign language mapped to real emotions, we would be new humans. We have become terribly bad at evaluating others because we have replaced human interaction with simulations of them via stages and screens. We are not in a simulated universe but WE are multi-copy simulations (a species) who simulate or learn by imitation and apply to new situations. Some just don’t know when to let the imitation go. For them, imitation is not a tool but a way of life. We all play a role in life. Fine but at the moment, we are pre-schoolers on stage who don’t even know what a stage is. There is no God but there is something that we are part of that requires these simulations. If you figure it out the simulations will end. Good luck in your mission and please share your results with me. I want to see the evolution of my people through time. I know I’m going back instead of ahead but I feel that so much knowledge is there and memory is the raison d’être of the universe so that it can eventually imitate its past self in a future universe. Welcome to the present.



In the north of the Cameroon, there are 2 things I am thinking might be linked. I am not an expert in either fields but maybe this could interest someone working in these fields.

The first item are the Petroglyphs you can find between Maroua and Garoua at Bidzar. They have a slight Celtic feel to them. They are said to be no older than 2500 years. I hope these sites are being properly protected.

The other item is the fact that in the area, you can find local people with the R1B-V88 haplogroup, a very close relative of Villabruna-related haplogroups. There is a long history at Valcamonica, Italy near Villabruna of petroglyphs as well covering a huge time period. They are ruffly on the same meridian ( or would have been for a more primitive technology: the autonomous human mind). Most Europeans are more paternally linked to these African people than to the rest of other Europeans ie non-R1Bs.