Collective Unconscious at 13N 13E

I really like maps. I visit Google Maps several times a day. When I learned that Libourne, France, a point of passage of my family, was on the prime meridian at 45N, I looked at several other cardinal points.

One that spooked me was at 13E 13N. The town name is Garunda in Nigeria. Here is an arial view of Garunda.


Here is the enlarged lower-right side.

Meet Garunda Man; Jesus Toast’s crunchier brother. He’s taking a knee in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick.


33,000 before present: Aurignacian (Markina Gora) Voronej Oblast, Russia

33,000-17,000 BP: Gravettian (Venus Figurines)

14,000 BP: Epigravettian, Villabruna Man ( R1B1 and U5B2B) Veneto, Italy

8500-8000 BP: Cardium Pottery at Coppa Nevigata, Foggia, Italy. Also called Impressed Pottery; it’s a bit like woodcut printing. Might have inspired Gutenberg and friends.

500 BCE: Samnite. Osco-Umbrian language. Volcae. Ver Sacrum. War.

300 BCE: Volcae Settlement at Garumna, Garonne river. Introduction of an Italic language with greater vocabulary into southern France.

279 BCE: Battle of Thermopylae Greece. Delphi.

Year Zero: between 279 BCE and 200 CE my ancestors were Volcae that had remained behind after the raids on Greece. People like the Galatians of Turkey. Gundestrup Cauldron.

200 CE: Porta Nigra

358 CE: Toxandria: A Salian Frank feoderati set up by the last non-christian Emperor of Rome, Julian the Apostate

450-700 CE: Merovingian Kings

800 CE: Guillaume d”Orange (de Gellone), Occitania. Garone is an anagram of Orange.

1100 CE: Guerin de Valloire, Ergotism in South of France.

1150 CE: Garin Lo Brun, Troubadour, Gévaudan, France

1400 CE: Guarino Da Verona, Johannes Gutenberg

1500 CE: Michael Wolgemut, William Caxton, Ulrich Gering, Matthias Gerung, Hans Baldung Grien, Mathias Grunwald, François Garin, Guillaume ‘le vigneron’ Garon, François Garon(ne).

1600 CE: Louis Garon, Isère, France

1713 CE: Arrival of the Garon name in America. Became Martinique Créole. Migration to Quebec in 1743 and then across Canada and the USA.




There’s been a surprising reaction from the Spanish government towards Catalonia’s octobre 1rst referendum on sovereignty. None of it nice.

It seems really odd that 2 Peoples of similar latin origin ( very much like myself) are not getting along.

Catalonia has its own linguistic minority that they treat really right. They are speakers of Aranese, a sister dialect of the Occitan language my family once spoke. I’m trying to learn Languedocian at the moment. It’s great. I read Occitan Jornalet on a regular basis.

Anyway the fact that I’m from Quebec, a place with a variably strong independence movement, the fact that I’m of Occitan origin, the fact that Catalans are great people that are sympathetic to Occitans makes it hard for me NOT to want to hear them out on their OWN political future. I personally hope it would include Spain in its plans. The UN should set up a referendum.

May I propose a compromise? Change the name of Spain to Iberia and the capital from Madrid to Ourence. It would better represent your people if you federated under another name.

As a Quebecois, I’m a federalist in Canada. I like the idea of being in the same country as British Columbia and Nova Scotia. I hope they feel the same about Quebec and I hope that their British, Hong Kong and Scottish heritages can be encouraged. Imagine if they brought back Canadian Gaelic? I think it would warm the hearts of the Gaelics of Europe. They too made this country. I personally  feel that individuals can focus in on their cultural identity to where it is matched and balanced by other surrounding groups. Inter-marriage is also an amazing asset. But this can only work if you limit the numbers of cultures interacting. For example in America we have Yanks, Afro-Americans, Asian-americans and most importantly Indians. (there are more indians in the US than there are Indians) I’m referring to the multi-millennium occupancy group that grew corn. I would wrap it right there. We have enough diversity already. Let’s help the people here without exception. Limit every community’s population growth. From Panama to Canada. One country. We must limit our population to 500,000,000.

Do foreign aid right by letting the do-gooders handle it. Zero population growth or no aid. PERIOD! If the leaders of these countries can’t educate people at such a minor level then no money should be sent there of any form.

Eisenhower said it in 61 and no one listened: the cynical rich cashed in and the cynical poor sat and did nothing except knowingly wait and did nothing: The Military-Industrial Complex. America’s Monster. As Archie Bunker would say “Goodnight Nurse!”.

I don’t think Canada could survive another Stephen Harper. He was just too much of a conservative cynic with judeo-christian overtones.

I don’t think Canada could survive the Justin Trudeau snowflake agenda too long either. He’s a sell-out. When our multi-trans-in-vitro-halfborg-iphonish-emo kids take over, will they be open to the taste of ‘la giblotte des îles de Sorel’ ? If they are, I might have to side with them. What will they bring to the table though? Will they help solve the mess we are leaving behind or will they just cover our shit with their fresher yet hardly recognizable shit.

Anyway, good luck to all Iberians.

Did you know that most Western Europeans including those in the British Isles are of R1B descent and that the earliest R1B (R-L754) found is 14,000 years old from Villabruna Italy.

In that same cave were found U5B2B mitochondrial DNA. These are my 2 ancestral haplogroups. This is pure hazard; I don’t think it’s that rare. 1/1000?

I have the very same mitochondrial DNA as those cave people. My Y chromosome is a continuation of R-L754. I therefore conclude that my lineage is of Epigravettian origin and was in the Alps region (radius of 1000 kms around) for 95% of this time.

My language group, italic, has been attested to by writing for 2700 years and has been the language of Villabruna for that same period. My genome results make me out to be 99.9% Western European: British-Irish/French-German/Italian/Iberian in that order. I actually know some of the recent family names: Roseberry(England), O’Reilly(Ireland), McKinnon(Scotland), Spire(England), Schinck(Germany), Holstein(Germany), Morin(Bretagne), Drapeau, Pelletier, Hudon, Letarte, Quemeneur(Bretagne), Anctil(Normandy), Drouin, Plante, Fournier, Martel, Hebert(Paris), Scève(Italy), Boucher, Garonne, Tavarès(Azores, Portugal). DNA testing has proven itself to be really accurate in my case. Since all of these countries are majority R1B, they are also in part italic.

Other humans from other Haplogroups shared the very same cultures and genes. They are difficult to differentiate between each other. That’s good! If we could now expand the franchise to the entire population of our continent we could finally all have a home.

PS There is no contradiction between being pro-biodiversity and against immigration. I like Russia just fine but it’s not my home. I don’t want to live there and I don’t want immigrants from anywhere. If two countries have zero population growth and a population committed to keeping it so, it would be then reasonable to consider possible movements of populations between them especially if environmentally recommendable.

Le Jardin Garon-Hogenberg

A while back, in an earlier post I had mentioned that Louis Garon had attempted to reverse the process of Hogenberg by printing an image on the ground and that it was visible on Google Earth. Just to make sure that you understand what it is that I see, I have made a cut-out. Remember, this image is oriented north-south and required no tilting to reproduce. You can see this image on the ground on the left side of Lac de Thurins in Isère. The river running through the lake is Le Garon, again, my family name. Most of the contour of the image is road number is D628.

I see a bearded man either sitting in a mushroom or in a boat pointing right and holding something with his left hand. I could really see converting this area into an incredible garden visible by air travel. It’s contained within  1 square kilometre.


Prime Meridian 45N

If someone was to ask me to give them some sort of symbol or site that could somehow make the prospect of what I’ve been talking about, ergotism and the secret knowledge of the Antonins more real, I guess I would have to send them half way between the equator and the north pole on the Greenwich meridian. In modern terms we could say at 0 degree 45 N. There you will find this:

It’s the St-Jean de Libourne church in New-Aquitaine, France. Clearly you can see a face in the artistic structure banked by ergot-like growths. Around his head are what appears to be arabesque-like DNA. The Catalan architect Gaudi was familiar with this structure. Libourne is on the Dordogne River near where it meets the Garonne river into the Gironde. It’s in the whereabouts of where the Garumni tribe of 2,000 years ago settled. My ancestor sometimes called himself ‘François Garonne de Libourne’. After reading my blog you can conclude with me that today he could call himself “Frankish(François) Ergot (Garron is ergot mushroom (LSD) in occitan) of Prime Meridian 45N (de Libourne)’. (PS I believe that both François Garon and François Garin circa 1500 linked our family name to the Garonne River, bird spurs (Gargano) and the ergot mushroom). Like I said before, they were pharma-alchemists and linguists as well.

Garum is a fish sauce from Greek and Italian origin. It’s a Ligurian word that Julius Ceasar used for the Garonne River: Garumna. I am quite certain that the Garumni were descendants of the Samnites and left the Italian peninsula after one of the Samnite wars. Since the Samnites were into Garum, a very stinky fish sauce, they might have been labelled pejoratively as such and called Garumni like Germans were once called Krauts.

That doesn’t mean I think that the entire population of New-Aquitaine were purely of this same origin. I think the Garumni hybridized with others culturally. That’s all. I do however believe that the presence of latin in the area was more voluntary and natural than would make you believe history. The Garumni had been in contact with Rome and Greece more than the Gauls and had more vocabulary. They were originally speakers of Osco-Umbrian, a close relative of latin. These people were the same people that eventually invaded Greece and occupied Galatia: the Volcaes, Tectosages and others.. The Garumni were not alone from Samnia in southern France.

Part of the invading Gauls returned to France hundreds of years later via the North and were eventually known as the Franks. They were mostly germanified Osco-Umbrians form southern France. They had been Germanic (circa 700 BC) before being Osco-Umbrians. It’s complicated. They had solid oral traditions. They abandoned quickly the German tongue for their ancient italic roots. This is why both French and Occitan are both poor in German and Gaulish. These people were more italic from the get go than historians admit. At least my haplogroup M-R167.

The Anthropic Principle

The Anthropic Principle is the idea that the universe is made for conscious life to arise. The need for this idea arises from the fact that the constants of the universe have values that, if any of them deviated a bit from what they are, our universe would be of a totally different nature and that biological life would be impossible in such a place.

One of the solutions to the fine-tuning problem is the idea of multiple universes arising and that ours is one of the winning universes.

I personally believe in an anthropic principle. I use the word principle here not as a synonym for truth or proposition but in the chemical sense: an active or characteristic constituent of a substance. I call this constituent spacetime memory. It’s mostly imprinted empty space. When it meets energy/matter in its primitive and compact form it becomes animated into a universe.

Life is a primitive form of spontaneously occurring simulations. The universe is learning of itself through us. What we learn from life, the universe stores in spacetime memory. There is real pain in simulations. This isn’t fakery. We have not much choice in the matter. We exist. Let’s make the best of it and make ourselves kind and attractive to the rest of the universe. Start with other humans.