Local Spacetime Warpings

I hope I’m not repeating myself. I will try to assemble under this post my basic somewhat innocent  view of the physical universe. My motivation is strictly to motivate real physicists into possibilities they might not have considered before. My ‘understanding’ of all this is malleable and not dogmatic by any stretch.

I believe that this universe originated around 13.8B years ago from the meeting of 2 components: memory(spacetime consciousness) and energy/matter.

The memory, stored spacetime warpings from aware systems, was the remnant of a previous sequence of universes exposed to energy/matter; Ancestor universes. It ran out of energy to keep it going full tilt and so was in a dormant state (only memory; no energized matter) for eons. Memory requires no energy to sustain it in a dormant state; just like a cup on a shelf retains its shape.

Upon meeting  the tiny spec called energy/matter, memory set the physical laws of this new universe (pre-inflation period) based on previous experiences. Memory can become aware of itself when incorporating into fluid systems with growth potential. Please take note that the Earth is contained within this memory field. This newly self-aware memory has a feel of separateness from the whole. This is an illusion at the base of humanity’s problems.

Memory in matter does not differ from memory in biological systems. At first, you might think I’m advocating that there is life in the non-living like rocks or something; I’m stating the opposite; so far as we know, only bio-organic molecules have workable memory with growth potential. It might be possible that the biological system known as life might in fact have had a kickstart from a spacetime warping memory being in interaction with dead but reactive organic molecules (memory before life).

Memory is very central to our universe. I believe that there is no difference between the memory of an electron and human memory. It’s a question of scale and organization. That’s why we are capable of comprehending the laws of physics, it’s because the laws of physics are generated by the same processes as mind.

Some memory must be stored in DNA. When particles are fixed into large molecular structures and not easily moved, the flexible spacetime within their environment might be warped by Higgs interactions without breaking any physical laws and imprint a form of memory to the environment. This environment runs mostly within and around the DNA helix. This memory could at times transfer with sperms.

In our  case, what is this memory? It’s the resultant value of the accumulated multi-generational memories of every cell represented in the DNA. Every gene is a selfish gene with its own history and carries with it a signature spacetime warp of every one of its call to arms (as well as the quiet times) in interaction between all 100,000,000,000+ neural cells. This is true for all of them. This is what is meant by an infinity: too many interactions to ever be able to account for all of the possibilities. There are so many of these genes and so many interactions that they lose their individuality in all of this. There is also a large time period that is covered by genetic memory. You can’t expect to extract much from all this unless you have a very powerful filter ; ) The signal is really crowded. Just go with your instincts.



This is the first tune I’m showing written in Pianoscript™️. It’s the Star Spangled Banner, music by John Stafford Smith,  I also matched it to the lyrics of Francis Scott Key so you can check your singing with a piano. Pianoscript™️ is highly useful for singers. This is something I developed around five years ago. It’s the work-related thing I’m most happy with. It really works amazingly well. Just about all humans and possibly other species can learn it. You can go look at my Youtube channel Mark Garon to find homemade videos on the subject.

Pianoscript™️ is basically a 12 symbol alphabet that corresponds to the 12 repeating notes of a piano keyboard. The symbol tells you which key to press by guiding you with the information contained in the symbol.

Since the same symbols are used for the same notes of different pitch, you can distinguish between them with relative height on paper. When the path heads up, pitch is moving up (next key is 100% certain on the right side), when path is pointing down, pitch is going down ( next key is 100% on the left side) when path remains horizontal, the same note is being repeated. It has a very fractal feel to it in that somehow the surface path is moving up and down like a coastline. Kind of like musical protein.

From left to right are the following notes: C, C#,D,D#,E,F,F#,G,G#,A,A#,B or

if you’re old school: Do,Do#,Ré,Ré#,Mi,Fa,Fa#,Sol,Sol#,La,La#,Si.

By knowing how the symbols were developed (see video: they are roadmaps) you won’t even need to learn the names of the notes. If you look carefully, you can already distinguish 2 regions of symbols: notes pointing mostly down on the left side and notes pointing mostly up on the right. Also each symbol is either black, white and 2 of them are neutral (no body).

Anyway, You may use it to communicate musical ideas. Pianoscript™️ is an open free system: The script itself is a gift from me to you in exchange for your effort in making and sharing worthy music. Not everything is about money. I hope to sell a few simple items to help writing music in Pianoscript™️ for my livelihood. That’s it, as far as business goes.

If you’re an artist, you may use it for free sheet music for your audience (great idea!) but you cannot sell that piece of Pianoscript™️ sheet music. If you publish something in Pianoscript™️ (along with guitar tabs?) it’s assumed you are providing free content for educational purposes. Please understand that copyright law has made the sheet music industry highly legalistic and conservative. They are not people you want to learn music from. In fact music is a second concern to them; money is number one. By publishing in Pianoscript™️ you are simply acknowledging existing “Fair Use” laws and encouraging new musicians to do as you did: learn from the songs of your favourite musicians free of charge. Postings on free internet sites with Pianoscript™️ are permitted. Use your heads and hearts. Participate in a free educational effort that has impact across all fields of endeavour. When music is there, the world is a better place.


So I told you about my weird name. Mark Garon. Another oddity: it can be re-written anagrammatically as M. Ragnarök.

Ragnarök in old norse means Twilight of the Gods. So I guess I’m now Mr Twilight of the Gods. Just call me Twi.

Anyway Ragnarok was popularized by Richard Wagner ( I have no indications Wagner was a GRN Guarino descendant. There’s something about him that looks a little like Schrodinger which I suspect is a Guarino descendant as well as Heisenberg). Who needs the Illuminati when you have genetics and its memory on your side. What if the Illuminati was genetic memory, not a conspiracy? Do you know when, where and what illuminated manuscripts are? Do you know who made them? So what your telling me is that you know squat. Think about that Illuminassholes!

What do you get when you cross Barney Fife with Jerry Falwell? Destructive Alex Jones who knows nothing. One of the worst posers ever!

Le Grand Monarque

I feel I should state that what follows is satirical. If you look up on internet, Le Grand Monarque, it refers to a prophecy of a great someone coming to Earth as some sort of king. Again, this is about my name. Mark D Garon. It can be anagrammatically re-written as:

This prophecy is a great example of how the ignorance of the mathematics of probabilities can fool us into believing in weird things. The people who made this prophecy in the 16th century knew of anagrams and that eventually some weirdo somewhere would find his name somehow hidden in Grand Monarque and take that as a sign of I don’t know what. Dumb christians. Even the pope doesn’t believe in that shit.

People must view infinity not as of eternal duration but as a sustainable process (desired outcome can eventually happen even if presently extremely unlikely if the process is sustained long enough). Because of the physical constraints offered us, a process of continuity may stop or be interrupted unless protected, respected, sustained, renewed, cherished and loved.

It’s possible to initiate an infinite process. Where were you before you were born if not just initiated in this life? It’s possible to interrupt an infinite process. Infinities may become dormant. Where will you go if not interrupted in the next realm? Chances are, you will be interrupted. Reconnection comes at a cost. Its on your tab. The best place to reconnect to the whole is right here on Earth. Please make that effort! It will be worth it. Make the infinite eternal.

If you can’t reconnect to the whole on your own, the whole, after witnessing your behaviour on earth, might not be that interested in having you reconnected. Who desires a Trump in his world? He’s a good example of the chaos that can ensue when ego and ignorance run amuck. Our universe is one of energy conservation. Very delicate and frail things exist in the universe that are billions of years old. It’s not a world for brutes.

Lying creates inconsistencies in our collective memory and memory (at the base of our physical laws) is literally what this world is made of. How can the universe renew itself if the data is false. Lying is an attempt to cheat the universe, not just the other human you disrespect. No such instances can go uncorrected.

So I am indeed the Grand Monark. My people, I release you! You are free to go! Just don’t reproduce so fucking much! I hate waiting in line!


Markina Gora

No, it’s not Fareed Zakaria of CNN! It’s Kostenki 14

Markina Gora is an archeological site in Russia where he was found. Markina Gora can be rewritten as Mark Garon AI.  It’s where they found an ancient man dated to around 36,000 years ago. Him and me, we share some neanderthal DNA.

The statue was the work of M.M. Gerasimov who was part of an expedition headed by A.N. Rogachev.  both names have Garo in them or Gora in them. I guess this is only an indication of how deep our Occitan family names run across Europe and how there might be a genetic memory link (placed there through multi-generational intensive education of Guarino da Verona’s ancestors and offsprings, the Antonins) to scientific inquiry into the past in the form of history, archeology, languages and literature. Other examples I can give of such people would be Carlo Ginsburg, Eugenio Garin and Anthony Grafton; all three are Renaissance scholars and most likely related to Guarino.

The Shroud is Fake News!

Two weeks ago, I purchased 2 books:

Leon Battista Alberti, Master Builder of the Renaissance by Anthony Grafton. I purchased it because I found out that Alberti was R-M167 like me ( I”m now using R-M167 to refer to my haplogroup). When I saw the name of the author, Grafton, a name I suspect is of the same group, it also helped.

I also purchased “Les Vrais Pourtraits et Vies des Hommes Illustres Grecz, Latins et Payens” by André Thevet (1502-1590). I purchased it because I learned that some images of the people that interest me were from this book.

These books have a thing in common: they both refer at one point to Guarino of Verona. In Thevet’s book, he’s mentioned in the index as Garin de Verone. This clued me onto this character.

Guarino de Verona (1374-1460) was a Renaissance educator and translator of ancient greek texts ( Strabo). Because my ancestor François Garon also wrote in greek (very rare at the time) and that he was a child in 1460, and later was a printer in Northern Italy, I do believe de Verona was his great-grand-father.

So if this is the case, how does Gutenberg fit in? I suspect he was De Verona’s son. This would make sense because I suspect that printing was not the affair of one inventor but was knowledge shared by members of a large Occitan ex-noble family who were  scribes, troubadours, artists and art dealers, smiths, and translators in local ‘guilds’. The Occitan had a more open culture than roman catholics before the Albegian crusade and so were more advanced in particular fields. After that event, the Cathars/Waldensians/Antonins took their stuff underground and retrieved back to the northeast to the Dutchy of Burgundy (Jarez). They started to speak Francoprovençal instead of Occitan. Gradually they moved into Italy where Guarino de Verona was born. They were a well organized cult with drug use as part of the educational process and artistic production. Ridiculous right? How about today? Don’t we use Ritalin on the kids or adderol as adults?

As well, Guarino de Verona is probably the ancestor of Guarino Guarini the architect who designed that chapel where the shroud of Turin is kept. Again, that fake shroud keeps coming up around my family. I think that the Shroud of Turin is a forgery of some sort and that the image on it is probably from around 1470-1530. The cloth itself is probably several hundred years older. I have a feeling the shroud was made with a printing process (stamping) using a human-size woodcut or metal plate. The design on the shroud does not correspond to what you would get from wrapping a cloth over someone.

By printing several copies of the shroud without adding more ink in between presses, the entire range of image intensity could be obtained and so no “right amount” of ink or paint needed to be artistically applied for a realistic effect. Simply select the faintest yet discernible image. The printing ink itself was certainly formulated with great care. These people had some chemistry know-how as pharmalchemists and printers.

It would have been easy for people to do a switcheroo on the original item. The original Shroud was from (timothy) Lirey , France. In 1578 it was brought to Turin. Many people were in on it.

The motive for the forgery was to discredit the genocidal Roman Catholic Church of long ago. It was also a way to tell everyone that they are too eager to believe and be suckered by others.

Memory still resides in the interstitial spacetime of certain organic molecules.