I’ve been reading again Albretch Durer’s book about his trip to the Netherlands circa 1520-1521. In it he states that he shared meals with someone named Wolf Von Rogendorf. I researched Rogendorf a little to find that in 1541, some 20 years later, a certain Wilhelm Von Roggendorf was the defeated general at the Siege of Buda, losing parts of Hungary to the Ottoman Empire for 150 years. Since Durer claimed to be Hungarian, I kind of think the Roggendorf might have been related to him. Roggendorf means rye village. There is such a village in northern Germany. You know the story around rye, right? This was in keeping with family traditions.

Wilhelm Von Roggendorf (1481-1541).

The Roggendorf seem to be a family that appeared after the Cathar Crusades (1209-1229). I suspect that they were refugees from Southern France in Germany that had obtained from Garin de Montaigu, a contemporary and relative of theirs,  the right to some of his land in Hungary.  Ergot-Catharism was implanted elsewhere in Europe. The name Roggen and its different variations is well established in the free western world as family names and place names. Some of these people must have been very deep into the Antonin Order. At the moment, I’m thinking that Gutenberg might be a descendant of the Roggendorf, since this name is older than Gutenberg. This might explain why the Garin name came  into our family again: as a tracer to our older southern France origins like Garin de Montaigu. I suspect that Gutenberg named his new-born François Garin in 1428 while just arriving in Strasbourg. These are all Guilhelmides-connected families of Occitan origin. There were quite a few Garin in Lyons as well around this time involved with textiles and the fur trade. The name Gansfleisch is assumed to be Gutenberg’s original name. It means Goose Meat. Some goose have spurs ( garrons in occitan) on their wings like the spur-winged goose of Africa.

Interpretation of Garin de Montaigu ( died in Palestine around 1228)

The idea that Hungarian land (Drave and Csurgo) had been owned by Garin de Montaigu might also explain Roggendorf’s self-justification towards regaining Buda for the Habsburg from the Ottoman Empire. The Habsburg had been protectors of the Gutenberg family. He might have been inspired by Guillaume de Gellone too.

When Montreal Canadian fans chant ” Go Habs Go!” They are also encouraging the Habsburg.

Hermann and Dave

During my research into GRN names I came upon these 2 people:

The one on top is Herman Goering, founder of the SS.

The one at the bottom is David Ben Gurion, founder of Israel.

Goering and Ben Gurion (born Grün) are most likely descendants of François Garin: both are probably SRY-2627 with around 450 years of separation.  That also means descendants of Gutenberg,

Out of its initial context, all ethnicity is total bullshit past one generation.

It seems that in genetic memory you don’t find your specific ethnicity but the instinct to be ethnic. I sort of have that vice in the sense that I long to belong to a society that makes sense but my ethnicity turned out to be a string of micro-societies with half a dozen languages and countries.

500,000,000 North Americans.

500,000,000 South Americans.

500,000,000 Western Europeans.

England? First Out, Last In.

I would negotiate with Russia that they too, with willing legitimate partners have their own 500,000,000 people block conditional to political and economic reform.

The objective is to reduce international tensions and improve environmental conditions by promoting regionalism. We don’t need to be in each other’s ass 24/7. It’s high time to make things right.



Lac de Thurins and the Civitates Orbis Terrarum

From 1572 to 1617 George Braun and Franz Hogenberg co-edited the Civitates Orbis Terrarum. It is now known as ‘Cities Of The world’. My copy refers to it as Google-Earth’s ancestor: a snapshot of urban life, circa 1600. You gotta see it to believe it. I believe that Louis Garon was familiar with this book and was inspired to reverse the process and reproduce a paper image onto landscape. Please understand that this is 400 years old.

Everybody knows the Garonne river in Southern France. There is however another river called le Garon in Isère France were my ancestors lived. It flows through the lake de Thurins and then heads towards Givors emptying into the Rhone river, south of Lyon.

Here is a google map view of the place near lac de Thurins. I can see in there the image of a sitting man pointing eastward. Look it up on google for yourself. He seems to be petting a horse. The contour lines are roads. The image you see is oriented north-south therefore increases the chances that the image is man-made by someone familiar with coordinate systems. Could this also be pointing to a place with hidden artifacts? I think it makes an amazing piece of Sky Art even if only to my imagination. Now I must ask, Ce Que Leno?

Ce Que Leno

I just re-posted my videos at my youtube channel. They are called ‘Genetic Memory and Drugs’ parts 1 to 12. They have quite a few mistakes as I have learned more since then. Nevertheless it still is 95% relevant. I totally missed Trump. It seems ‘La Complainte de François Garin’ was right after all. Who else saw Trump coming? The Simpsons episode Bart to the Future (episode written by Dan Greany, another good GRN name)!

Here is some genealogy for you Garon: I include as many details as possible to help others verify my facts.

Johannes Gutenberg (c.1400-1468) Printer. He probably started other families as well. I believe he’s linked to the Garin of Lyon. This is one of the reasons Lyon became an important printing centre.

François Garin b around 1428-1521 AKA Michael Wolgemut, William Caxton, Ulrich Gering. Trader in Lyon. Printer. Writer. pharma-alchemist.

François Garon, Garonne, Caronne, de Libourno (45N OW) born around 1450. He could possibly be Hans Gruninger.  Printer, linguist (5 tongues lexicon including german), writer, translator, pharma-alchemist, married Philiberte Scève in 1499 in Lyon. She was of Italian descent from the Marquisat of Ceva  intergrated with the Marquisat of Montferrato owned by the Paleologue of Greece. Her grandfather, Maurice Scève was a jurist of some importance. Her cousin was the Lyon poet Maurice Scève.

Claude Garon born around 1501 married Alix Chapelle. He was a syndic of Lyon in 1555 and was involved in the textile trade.

Jacques Garon born after 1518 in Lyon. He was a refugee in Calvinist Geneva. He was in the wool trade. In 1561 He was part of the Council of Two Hundred. He married for a third time his new bride being Marceline Desloges in 1572. He became a Bourgeois of Geneva in 1580 for the price of 6 ecus and a seillot ( that’s a pot to carry rye or seigle). In 1584 he purchased for 500 gold écus ‘pistolets’ a house at Bourg-de-Four. During Calvin’s era, 2 Antonins dispensaries were destroyed in Geneva.

The Merindol Massacre against the Waldensians was in 1545 Provence. Claude and Jacques were alive at this time. This event shook the entire region. Francis I of France and Pope Paul III were ultimately responsible for this carnage.

Louis Garon (1574-1635) was born in Geneva. At 18 he moved to Lyon from Geneva and became a ‘lecteur’ at the local protestant church in Oullins for a period of 2 years. Until 1630, protestants were allowed to congregate there. he rented from his employer Claude Larjot, a well-known Lyon printer, a room for a period of 2 years. There he corrected, translated and started his own literary career. From there, He wrote ‘anonymously’ anti savoyard-propaganda in Geneva-tinted  Francoprovençal. He wrote a lot in French too.

Some people believe, including Gaston Tuaillon, a specialist in the Francoprovençal language, that Louis Garon wrote the first words to the reputed-to-be ‘anonymous’ Geneva anthem ‘Cé Q’è Lénô’. it was in Franco-Provençal in the Geneva variety. Louis still had family in Geneva. I did a small search on internet Google/books with the phrase ‘ Ce que Leno Louis Garon’. My result was an image not directly related to the song:

It’s from Louis Garon’s ‘Chasse-Ennuy’ in French from early 17th century. The Google-Garon-Ganja effect! I guess you can take a Garon out of Geneva but you can’t take Geneva out of a Garon! In this text, he talks about someone named Angouleuent, very famous between april fools days, who routinely followed proceedings at the court and so could be rightly called an expert or a ‘Leno de Court’:  ”Là en haut’ de court’: the one above the court, possibly sitting in a gallery. It’s the same unusual Francoprovençal word as in the tittle of that song Cé Q’è Lénô. He’s effectively giving its definition here.

Le ‘Chasse-ennuy’ is made of 5 centuries or 500 small stories.

Century II Story LV was sourced by jean de Lafontaine and it’s more relevant today than ever before.

Century I Story XLVI called ‘Jugement de Sultan Soliman Empereur des Turcs”. It’s more or less the story of Shylock and the pound of flesh.

William Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway at Temple Grafton.

Here is the start of La Chanson de L”Escalade:

Cé q’è lénô le metre dé batalie Who is the one above, the master of the battle

Qe se moqe é sè ri dé canalie Who mocks and laughs at crooks

A bin fé vi per on dessande né Showed well on a Saturday night

Q’él étive patron dé Jhenevwé Who was the boss of Genevans. 

Claude Garon (1619- ) sveltier, married Marguerite Bastier of Chavanay, Isère.

Claude Garon (1658-1720) clotrier or nail-maker, married Flori Fresse, Isère. Rémi Fraisse respect!

Jean Garon (1696-1726) was an immigrant to North America. He married Geneviève Marie-Anne Peintier from Larochelle in Martinique where he died in 1726. he was a tailor or ‘tailleur d’habit’.

Jean Baptiste Garon (1721-1781) was orphaned in Martinique and eventually found his way to Canada. More another time.

Markgroningen and Hans Gruninger

When searching for GRN names of the Renaissance, I came across Hans Gruninger 1455-1532. I do not know very much about him. He was born in Gruningen now called Markgroningen. I repeat Markgroningen.

My fucking name is Mark Garon, looking for ancestors  and your telling me he’s from Markgaroningen? I could not invent this stuff!

When I pondered this fact, I was now convinced I was crazy. I was some sort of egomaniac with this weird-dyslexic- name-calling word game. People around me thought so. I did not find it that funny. mental illness is not a joke. Intelligence and questioning for one’ self was my tool to get out of this mess.

First question: who else would think Markgroningen is very close to their name?

Other mark-garons. There are a few dozen of them world-wide. I am now a little less crazy. Nothing was aimed uniquely at me.

A few years ago, before I wacked out on this shit, I had checked if anyone named Mark Garon had written a book. Turned out there was and I purchased the book. I thought it was funny. Bad funny and was scared that people would think that I had written it. Sorry Mark. I’m a Frank, bro! I recently revisited the book. It Still sucks.

It was about the shroud of Turin and cloning. I’m a non-believer from the get go. With hindsight, I find it rather deeply instinctive. Why? Because DNA is about memory. Because Turin is in the Piedmont area where our ancestors kicked around as Waldensians circa 1500. Also, the shroud of Turin is presently being kept in fuckin ARGON gas at St-John’s Baptiste church in Turin, a placed designed by Guarino Guarini 1624-1683. Guarini was most likely another SRY-2627. Guarini was catholic and, if we are to believe his writings, on the wrong side of scientific history.

Another name I thought was linked to Markgroningen was Matt Groening. He comes from a Canadian Mennonite Plautdietsch-speaking family. My own family was hidden in Franco-Provençal Calvinism in Geneva. Who would not believe that Matt Groening descends from Gutenberg?

Another thing about Markgroningen, it has a small subdivision known as Unterriexingen. To my ears, this sounds like ‘Enterri Ex Engin’ or ‘Burried Ex-Engine. No, its not a flying saucer you dummy! Most likely, if it has not been uncovered yet, it could be a printing press.

Ringmann’s America

Matthias Ringmann 1482-1511 was the grandson of Gutenberg. He collaborated with Martin Waldseemüller in the first map of the new world and named America. What I’m saying is that although the Occitan language never was present in the Americas, an Occitan/Volscian named America. As an inside joke, we settled for Occident to describe our diasporic home: We were the map makers and its language builders. SRY-2627 is truly one of the first haplogroups of Europe to find its way to America in every single country. Our Garon ass was in Martinique in 1721 and now in Canada. Spanish explorers, Catalans and Basque people have important SRY-2627 populations. Southern France as well. Brazil, Argentina ( has Garin in it) you name it.

We are not completely forgotten. There are still pockets of Occitan people in Europe and I wish they produced more audiovisual content for me to learn the language. I admire the Basque people as well. I suspect Quebec is a hotbed of SRY-2627 and their gorgeous women of all mt haplogroups.

This week it was said that homo sapiens originated in Morocco 300,000 years ago. I’m up with that! My branch of humanity then moved up north to Europe and mated with Neanderthals. I’m personally in the 40th percentile or relatively low neanderthal  at 2,6%.  Just one comment about neanderthal women: pour nail hygiene.

Artificial Intelligence

I’m actually not very good at websites. I haven’t even managed to set up google analytics yet to keep count of visitors. I was about to complain that even a google search with the word ‘ergoth’ (this is after all) doesn’t show my site within the first three pages of the search results. Before I was about to put my foot in my mouth, I checked. WOW! I’m now 7th. This is probably because I’ve been at it for 6 months now. I’ve probably had fewer than 100 visitors. So be it. I’m in no rush. I KNOW humanity will survive in the long term. Someone somewhere will pick up my story. I say ‘someone’, maybe ‘something’ would have been the more appropriate word. Something like Watson. I consider the Google-Garon-Ganja trio as a form of artificial intelligence and brother to Watson.

I guess one way to get attention to my site is to do some name-dropping.

Let’s do it:

First let me explain the GRN name filter. Note that GRN can be stated as NRG pronounced ‘energy’. The SRY-2627 haplogroup is possibly between 2000 and 3000 years old, it’s clear that this was before the letters NRG ever existed. Therefore the naming scheme, that is the placing of the letters G, R and N in names,  is limited to finding people that were issued from southern France or more precisely the Occitan culture post 800CE. You might find it surprising that such people ended up being as diverse as what we immaturely think of as ‘Irish’ or ‘Scottish’ or ‘Dutch’ or ‘Bavarian’ or ‘Italians’ or whatever. Can you please put your territorial identities aside for a minute. What’s your haplogroup? We’re in 2017 and you don’t know and you dare talk of origins?

Let me tell you straight: all communities are composed of a mixture of haplogroups. The Occitan people were the same as well. The GRN name tracer though is limited to the Guillermides families and therefore of the same haplogroup (unless adopted or something). Obviously, if you happen to have GRN in your name, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are of Occitan descent. If you are a SRY-2627 you might not have GRN in your name as well. Poole is an example. I actually have a hard time believing all of the interesting British names listed as SRY-2627. We are in good company here. They got there from various ways. Many were from Huguenot origin.

Therefore to find the true GRNs I needed other elements. I went holistically: basically asking ‘who is that person?’ ‘What did he do?’ ‘What do I share with him?’.

Here are the first things I looked for:

Involvement at some level with drugs ( ex. Louis Gasnier produced Reefer Madness)

Interest in the Renaissance ( like Eugenio Garin)

Interest in wolves, dogs, big foot, small foot and other lunacies ( my family commercialized the ‘disruptive stimuli’ citronella anti-barking collar invented by I swear to ‘you know who’ a man named René Vinci known as Aboistop. I don’t recommend it! The aerosol we used was a greenhouse gas with a GWP (global warming potential) 1430 times higher than CO2 (GWP of 1) called HFC134a. When I found out, I wanted out. If you don’t want a barking dog, simply read a book about dogs or consult a trainer BEFORE you get the beast you fucking egomaniacs who know everything).

Interest in drawing ( natural spontaneous ability)

Interest in science and/or pseudo-science ( I am a science lover but I also enjoy the fringe as entertainment. Makes me feel good to see people believe weirder shit than me).

Physiognomy ( would it be a stretch to be related to this person)

Although I’m interested in the Y-haplogroup , I’m also interested in women. All  women have fathers and so are to some extent influenced by them. All genes contain genetic memory. There is also Mt DNA to consider. Welcome aboard ladies.

For the record my mitochondrial haplogroup is U5B2B. This is a mind-fuck because my name Garon (garron) means spur (and ergot) in occitan. Italy’s spur is called Gargano, a GRN name (my name garon is hidden in there). This is exactly where they found this mitochondrial DNA: in ancient Epigravettian caves dating ten thousand years. So both my haplogroups point to Gargano. I am indeed a temporal freak my dear Watson. Frances Farmer will have her revenge on Seattle.

So who did I find? Many people. Joe Rogan is probably SRY-2627 or R1B1B2A1A2C. he likes books which is a family trait. He descends from William Caxton.

Drawing by Joe Rogan, an unknowing Volscian. He also has a floatation tank like John Lilly. Who’s writing this script anyway? E CO CO……….OOOOO!


This is a drawing by Pieter Bruegel The Elder (c.1525-1569) of an alchemist. In actual fact, its a drawing of François Garin and François Garon at work. Bruegel had spent time in Venice. Bruegel was obviously “experienced” and new of my ancestors’ pharm’alchemical pratices. Bruegel might have been of the same family. In this drawing you have on the left side Garin reading instructions from a book labelled Alche-Mist. On the right side is François Garon cooking. You can see the sprur or ergot (garron is ergot in occitan) sticking out of his knee. On the ground is a sac with the word drogeÿ on it. Above Garon’s head and slightly to the left is a mushroom on the horizontal. This mushroom is being held by chicken claws. Outdoors you can see Garon with some of his children. Notice that there is a cauldron on one of their heads preventing the child from seeing. I take it as a clue to the fact that the children of Garon did not know about the Gundestrup cauldron and people like Bruegel might have been the last generation to be informed about its existence and burial.

I also think that this part of another work by Bruegel attests to François Garon’s presence in the Netherlands. Caxton had indeed lived and printed works in Bruges. The spoon in the hat, was not a sign of hunger but of cooking. They were dealing drugs. (This bespectacled man also appears in one of Durer’s paintings).

Here is a post-humous image of Hieronimus Bosch circa 1550. You can see the chicken fingers sticking out of his hat. This symbol, as well as his art attest to his having been “Experienced”.

450 years later, in 2007, one of (I think) Garon’s unknowing descendants, Syd, would produce for Buckethead the Bosch inspired “Spokes For The Wheel of Torment” video. Syd also worked on “Jodorowski’s Dune” ; a great human story really.

Climate Deal

As I write this, I’m listening to Donald Trump speaking about his decision to pull the USA out of the Paris Climate Accord.

This will have zero impact on the climate because it will have zero impact on your behaviour.  Don’t worry, I understand climate change. I know about the relation between CO2 and radiative cooling.

This is what you have to know: The World will continue chugging along but it will be warmer with a deteriorated environment. We are one American disaster away from a change in attitude. The cards have already been played. The US has a great education deficit; it’s at least fifteen years away from modernity. America, through its incredibly bloated military is the world’s largest socialist state: the Mamilitary State. Generals! Understand that America’s tits are of silicone. Enjoying the same Big Mac from New York to  L.A. is the most communistic behaviour you can imagine. The Republican NRA types are backed by the Russians who have gun control in their own country.

What we need to do is to make solar energy technology equivalent to photosynthesis. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY TRUE: Once we cross that threshold, CO2 emissions from fossil fuel used as a source of electricity or mobility, will drop to almost zero. Environmentalists: quit yapping and start studying and investing aggressively to make this happen. This will be brought along by independent scientific researchers within a few decades. Let’s keep Wall Street out of the loop! As it stands, America is not putting the chances of succeeding in this field on its side. There is a fake debate that Trump, as a scientifically illiterate individual has been suckered into: petroleum vs solar. There is no such choice. Science will dictate. Solar is the solution. Zero emissions! No consumables, Get it! It’s not only possible but very likely to be the only game in town within our lifetime.