About today.

Before I continue on with history and stuff, I just want to state my political and religious views on this immediate post right now. The rest of this blog will basically be historical documentation of SRY-2627 people and why YOU should care and how it relates to you.

My last post sounded somewhat anti-american. I’m not. I’m against american culture. people are people, cultures are artificial.

Here are my recommendations to the USA:

1-Eliminate the electoral college and instate one man one vote policy for the election of your president. Get money out of politics and replace it with public debate.

2-Distance the judicial branch of government from the legislative and executive branches by having an important time gap between judge confirmation day and time of service. At least 8 years or 2 presidential mandates. Your present process is always disruptive. I’m a foreigner and yet I know more about your rejected candidates than I know about any actual supreme court judge of my own country Canada. If it was truly an independent process then You should have already selected your next three judges to serve on the supreme court. Number three might die before serving. In the mean time these people could be scrutinized further and possibly replaced as next in line if ridiculous behaviour or views should rise up. You make them out to be icons. They’re fucking judges!

3-The public should give the balance of power in the house and senate to independents. This would eliminate gridlock and would force the american public to consider less corrupted and more varied world views.

4-Corporations should pay zero taxes on revenue. This would eliminate their corruptible influences. It would eliminate the vile beast known as the tax lawyer and his pal the tax collector. Go work in the fields you cunts! Instead, individual salaries should be greatly increased and taxed to compensate for revenue lost at governmental levels. Corporations who do not hire above a certain level of employment must invest in a non-competing R&D fund like NASA. Environmental regulations must be met at all times. Science dictates: not the establishment. Many voices must be heard. Better have your facts right. Profit is only honorable if clean.

5-A universal algorithm for fair taxation exists that should eliminate the need for tax loopholes or the need to point the finger at the wealthy or the poor. I am for a system that allows for multi-billionaires and a universal guarantied minimum revenue  for everyone. One is unfair without the other.

6-Patent law must be reviewed and used as leverage for wealth distribution. What could be more capitalistic than that? Make money from what you invent. How? By making the government your partner in exchange for patent infringement protection and deal facilitating for manufacturing. Make patents accessible to more than one manufacturer. Open systems can also have money changing hands. They are less monopolistic.

7-Provide Universal Health Care.

8-Pay for Universal Health Care by nationalizing the petroleum industry. You no longer have an excuse not to do it. You must curb your petroleum use anyway. Government must take responsibility here. We have no choice folks. By nationalizing and pooling the North American petroleum industry, we could now develop technology to sequester petroleum into long-lasting physical products in housing for example thereby creating manufacturing jobs and sequestering CO2 at the same time. The industry has failed at this because its cheaper to just burn the stuff for transport or electricity and use the profit to keep dummies like Rex Tillerson play-acting a fat important man. We need more research into fundamental chemistry. We might highly regret burning these molecules.

9-Invest massively in a de-centralized and open-source type system for solar energy generation and distribution. Make it profitable for the maximum number of people. This is perfect for the American mindset.

10-adopt a ‘buy locally’ food chain supply system to reduce transport waste and over-packaging and favour biodiversity. Don’t be a sucker for crass branding. Bring notions of ‘Terroir” to the US.

11-Promote intelligence, openness, nutrition and physical fitness as sources of happiness. all four are enhancible by all who try and persist. It will get you laid with the right person.

12-Freeze immigration and population growth. Be flexible with highly specialized foreign geniuses who’s presence here will benefit the entire world . Any immigrant must be willing to reproduce with any other willing American of their choice that do not resemble them: don’t allow for genetic ghettos.

13-promote the diversity we already have in North America.

14-Take control of the world’s oceans as its environmental custodian. Other well-intentioned nations welcome. We will not let the oceans perish.

15-Ponder the idea that there could be a United States of North America. No borders. No migration either. All places are good here.

16- Equal pay for equal work for everyone.

In regards to religion, scientists think the universe before the big bang was the size of a small pill. This means that our human size is the perfect size to interact with a pre-universe should we decide to swallow one. This is what I believe: Our universe is the result of the interaction of memory and matter/energy. The laws and constants of physics as we know them are set by memory in the early pre inflation period based on accumulated wisdom awakening from a near dormant state. The reason why we can understand the laws of physics is that mind is also made of memory. Lies contradict the laws of physics as they contradict what was etched in spacetime. This is separating us from the whole. This is why reconnecting with our past on earth is so vital. This is why I’m a FRANK. We seek the truth and act accordingly.

The Rosaries

Here are 2 paintings by Albretch Durer of his father. They were dated one year apart: 1490 and 1491. They were probably never presented side by side. For me, this represents a message: When I look away and am not directly interacting with you, I can show you that I too am keeping track of my ancestry with this rosary of beads. When I look straight at you, I must hide this fact.

Now we have seen rosaries with Durer, Garon and Fugger. I believe this is a clear indication of association between them. It is also multi-generational and so linking not only individuals but families as well.

Jacob Fugger of the Lily was the richest man in Europe in the early 16th century. The Lily was a symbol the family used. It was part of their coats of arms. It was the symbol of the Merovingians as well. The city of Florence also used it and you find it in red in many early printed books.

Since I claim a possible link between the Renaissance, drug use and genetic memory within myself, can I find this possibility in others?

Turns out I can. Meet John Lilly (1915-2001) he was a multi-talented individual who worked at the National Institute of Mental Health in the USA. He was into inter-species communication (with dolphins) and invented the isolation tank which is a controlled environment that allows sensory deprivation for psychological investigation. He had the instinct to experience this environment with hallucinogens and the courage and ethics to do this on himself. He experienced the presence of conscious entities he Called E.C.C.O.: The Earth Coincidence Control Office. His interpretation of this was that ECCO creates events that if picked up by humans can help individuals and humanity evolve. For me my perception of ECCO is in the form of ancestral memory. There is so much love there but its never overwhelming and always full of humour. Never violent. It gives me shortcuts in my research. Instinct. Please do not think I”m trying to elevate myself with bravado. I have a High School diploma and some governmental training in meteorology. I am mostly autodidact which never impresses. I am a nobody with an intense love of life even if I’m bored most of the time. I have an advantage over mr Lilly: I had my genome tested and it brought me to Val D”Aran, Catalonia, Spain as the locality where my haplogroup has its maximum. This is verifiable by yourself immediately. Just search the haplogroup SRY-2627 or R1B1B2A1A2C on internet and it will show you this fact.

In the Lilly book ‘The Scientist’ Timothy Leary, the LSD guru, introduces John. He mentions ‘The enigmatic Catalan sea-going mystic John Ramon Llully in the intro somehow linking John Lilly to Catalonia. It is my belief that Lilly was indeed an SRY-2627 or a very closely associated haplogroup from La Tène culture.

Are ECCO and genetic memory the same? All I have experienced is indeed a series of coincidences that have very little consequences by themselves. The fact that my name in Occitan, the language of my ancestors, is ergot is an example. This is what I think: It’s my hypothesis that planet Earth is more than a planetary body. I believe that at some level, there is an earth consciousness present here since the dawn of life. It’s amazingly good but defenseless. Humans, by abuse of language have separated out of the planetary consciousness and have cease to communicate with the whole and have created for themselves an over-powering ID which has blinded us to this reality. As an example, we believe in sin when no such thing exists. It’s a way to blame the individual who never asked to exist. There is only misguided selfishness in which Americans and Vladimir Putin are the champions. Karma is a self-correcting system which we will all have to face eventually. There is much self-suffering involved with Karma: punishment never works: no one can correct mistakes that way. Republican oligarchs and self-proclaimed christians are earthly self-important local yokals and are up shit’s creek with their futile contradictions and hatred of the other. Christians promoting war in the world their god created. What bullshitters! Some democrats are even worst. To deny that irresponsible use of petroleum will degrade the planet will not be forgiven. To deny that a public healthcare system will increase health and reduce costs is ridiculous. They are only protecting insurance companies who profit from you and contribute financially to them. They make their money by giving bonuses to workers who deny you your rights. They corrupt with money your politicians. They have brainwashed many people who repeat such idiocies as ” Health care for all is for freeloaders”. The American working class is the champion of voting against its own interest. Remember this: Hell is realizing the harm you have done to others and to Earth, an incredible place with 4 billion years of universal investment, with your conformism and brainless vocalizing, your giving blind respect to a rigged economic system, maintaining a pre-pubescent pipi-caca culture and the embarrassment your pretentious and selfish personas have created. If you cannot feel the pain you have inflicted on others, its because you have separated out of the whole. You are the definition of a monster. YOU WILL ATONE MOTHERFUCKERS! Of this reality, All is known by all in the afterlife. Memory resides in spacetime within all living systems. Quit thinking of spacetime a so continuous or smooth. It’s not. Memory easily replicates with biological mechanisms. There might be in nature replication without chemical support. Memory might be the only thing left after all the energy has gone, ready for the next big bang.


Reiner Musterbuch

I’m learning new things every day. It’s great! Today I found this old book dated around 1200 CE from Austria known as Reiner Musterbuch. I don’t know anything about this book but it appears to be some sort of teaching manual or a catalog of some sort. In it there is a depiction of a unicorn being stabbed and killed. This symbol of unicorn is recurrent in my family. The red ink might be a tracer down the road as well. I’ve seen it in early print jobs.

If you look back to the Gundestrup Cauldron previously discussed you will find on it the same symbols or drawings in this book as well. This connects both groups of people together: the Cauldron Holders and the people who made this book.

Ancestor Simulation

This morning, May 4rth, I got up and listened on Youtube to the remainder of the LePen/Macron presidential debate I had started the night before. Afterwards a new video in my Youtube home screen caught my attention:

Are We Living in an Ancestor Simulation? ft. Neil deGrasse Tyson | Space Time

This is a post from yesterday from PBS spacetime featuring Matthew O’Dowd. After listening to it I decided I would post something about it immediately.

It occurred to me that an ancestor simulation and genetic memory would feel the same. How odd is that? Are we pondering the same instincts but obtaining grossly different results?

I call myself scientific and yet I am fully conscious that my data set couldn’t be more subjective.

In the video there is an inconsistency. An ancestor creates a simulation. Eventually the simulation realizes that it’s a simulation and then becomes a self-conscious simulation which is useless as a simulation.

What of a human. Just repeating memories of ancestors? Been there, done that!

There is a natural memory structure for generational memories. It is that of a hollow sphere like a hologram equidistant from the consciousness and having on its surface all of it’s existences it could register. It’s a 5-D reverse-point perspective in that there are 4 dimensions on the surface. The 5th dimension is consciousness. A fifth dimension implies obligatory memory movement as the time dimension is imbedded in the surface. It’s happening all at once all the time.

Humans can bounce back and forth between a 4-D conscious being or a 5-D jello timeless, zero energy existence.

Bath at Nuremberg

This is a well-known drawing by Albretch Durer. Here are the people on this drawing starting with the man leaning on a fountain and going clockwise:

Albretch Durer

Mother of Matthias Gerung

Michael Wolgemut

Matthias Gerung, Wolgemut’s grandson

Willibald PirkHeimer

Jacob Fugger of the Lily. He’s holding an upside down lily.

François Garon. He’s holding an Antonin TAU symbol.

On the ground between them is a seillot, a bucket.

Here is a drawing of Jacob Fugger The Elder with fur collar and rosary. I think the French family of Faugeroles are related to them. They held Condrieu Castle in Isère where Tour Garon can be found. The Verd family were also associated with this Castle.

I would like to list some of Gutenberg’s children and grand-children:

Master of the playing cards, Master E.S., Michael Wolgemut, Ulrich Gering, William Caxton, François Garin, Claude Garamont, François Garon, Hans Baldung Grien, Matthias Gerung, Matthias Ringmann, Matthias Grunewald, Lucas Cranach, Katharina Von Bora.

They were from the cathary/waldensian/antonin diaspora and assimilated really well everywhere they went because they were from everywhere.

Between the Durer drawing and the Massacre at Mérindol in 1545, my family helped Pierre Robert Olivetan (1506-1538) with his writing of a French bible. I believe this might have cost François Garin’s life as attested by this drawing by Hans Baldung Grien.

Here you see a dead man sitting on a y-stick used in cooking and besides a TAU shaped grooming brush. The horse is leaving for somewhere. On the wall is an image of a unicorn. Hans Baldung Gruen’s initials HB, on a book could mean Holy Bible.

Here is a family crest by Gruen. Tenagler is not a real family name. It’s an anagram for Angleter or England.

Here is a painting by Augustin Cranach in 1586. I believe it depicts the arrest of François Garin. On the bottom left and right are family members.