Twilight Feast of the Garon

Meet Rod Serling: a twentieth century television producer and writer. Little does this man know that his memory is being tapped by ancestors who still exist. He has just entered The Twilight Zone.

He also produced the TV show ‘Night Gallery’. Must be another one of those Gallic words. Knight Gale-Rye. The format of the show was the introduction of stories through paintings.

This frame is part of a painting by Durer known as ‘The feast of The Garlands’. It was purchased by Jacob Fugger, the richest man in Europe at that time.  In it Durer is holding a written document the 2 first words being “Exegie Quinque” which means ‘executed quinque’ as in Quinque Linguaru. Another coincidence? François Garon is just below that document and is holding a rosary. Behind him is a model holding an architect’s tool. He actually represents François Garin, his father AKA Michael Wolgemut, a well known enemy of the church. Now, everyone from the Renaissance is chilling in outerspace. On earth, we still have too many of us who over-estimate their personal requirements at the expense of everyone else. I know why.

When life on earth became mobile, communication between the mobile required the concept of I and the concept of Other. The concept of I still has the day. This concept of I has also cut us out of our ancestral memories. We can still access the memories but we attribute them to our selves as feelings we attribute to our own empathy. Empathy equals ancestral memories. If you’re not empathic, you have low ancestral memories available to you. People from the past suffered a lot. My people did anyway. You can actually put yourself in those people’s place like if it was you. And you feel it. The cells of your body respond, all mapped out, each cell having its own memory dependant upon its own individual path since the dawn of its procreations and now in your assemblage.

We need to be more honest. Genes are not that important as chemicals. It’s their memory that count. It’s the ‘where have they been?’ that counts. It’s also the ‘what other species have they allied themselves with’ that counts. In this fucked up world folks, we have all won a rightful seat here. I have no enemies. I request my rights as a descendant of the ergothic cult of the past to be respected as an individual in my drug-taking. That’s it! My allies are the trees, chickens, pigs, goose, wolves, cereals, mushrooms, fermentations, fish etc. Life is good.

500,000,000 North Americans is enough people. Eliminate artificial borders in North America. Save money. Let’s meet the people of Central America. Panamericanada.

Some people have cells loaded with memories of music, mathematics, fighting, slaving, trekking, etc. But me, I”m by essence a social introvert. I love people but I interact with them minimally because the turnover of people I have mingled with in my life has made it so. That’s just the way it is. I think about life for myself and so I don’t have to pretend anything to myself. I also assume that I’m not alone in this internal adventure because I have innate shit going on that doesn’t come from me. Memory resides in spacetime found around and bound by DNA. It’s not a chemical process per say. Memory has to do with interpreting the history of the cellular states of a  cell that are stored in that cell’s spacetime chronology as a warpage of that spacetime. These are all coordinated by the brain with every other cell involved in the event.

Wolgemut means what it sounds like: Wolf Gamete. These people were part of linguistic guilds: they created a lot of new scientific vocabulary. Just above him is François Garon’s young son Matthias Gerung another famous artist in his own right. Here is one of his pieces.

Kind of psychedelic for the 16th century.

François Garon de Libourno de Montferrato

François Garon (c.1460-c1560) as natural as possible by Albretch Durer circa 1498. As far as I can tell, he was the first to use the Garon name. he also used the names Garonum, Garrone and Carrone. Some Caron people are also in our family. He wrote the Quinque Linguaru.

This painting is also by Durer. It’s of St-Jerome. The model is François Garin. He’s pointing to the left temporal lobe. I wonder what Michio Kaku thinks of that! But why St-Jerome? It’s a marker that points to the man that said that the people of Galatia spoke the same language as the people of Trier in Germany. What do you find at Trier?

Porta Nigra or the Black Door. The Durer family name is reputed to mean Door. Look at the Durer Coats of Arms if you don’t believe me. Nigra is an obvious anagram for Garin. Must be one of those coincidences again.

Here is a known book published  by Francisco Garrone at Asti. When I learned of his logo, 2 unicorns, I had not made the connection with Durer yet. I then came upon this painting by Durer:

On the left side edge of the painting behind the trees is a unicorn. The man is also carrying a TAU-shaped cane, symbol of the Antonins. Must be one of those coincidences again! After all my research on Durer, I never heard any mention of these two symbols in this painting.



Here is a document I found on internet that seems to show William Caxton practicing his signature. If you notice, he uses the names Cayton and Caiton, not Caxton. The last name on the list is Garton. That’s a little too close for comfort.

If you look at Caxton’s body of work, you will find him very interested in foreign languages. This is also a clue as this was one of our family’s specialty.

Caxton was said to come from the Wealds as in Wealdensian or Waldensian. There are other family names associated with Caxton. Richard Grafton (1506-1573) is one of them. (He might be related to Sebastian Gryphus, same family). He was jailed for Calvinist propaganda. During this period, my ancestor Jacques Garon was a swiss calvinist.

I told you about my ancestor’s signature woodcut frame. Here is a cover of Grafton’s book from 1568 Chronicle at Large with identical framing.

Hundreds of years later, Carol Belanger Grafton published this book. In it there are many references to rye and Cathar that creep me out.

So how does this relate to genetic memory?

This book is part of a series by Sue Grafton: 26 books each title a letter of the alphabet looking very much like typesetting blocks. Coincidentally, the next title due for release in 2017 is ‘Y’.

Guild of Crafty Acid Heads

Before I discuss the 15th century, I would like to recap. Basically, it’s my belief that some of the Guilhermides, who were part of the Cathar community of Southern France were the founders of an Ordre Hospitalier AKA the Antonin Brotherhood.

Once the Church in Rome took over the operation (1247) from the original Antonin Brotherhood, the descendants of the original founders took their pharmacopeia underground. They had known a very long time about ergot. Considering the few massacres people from Southern France had gone through in recent ages and considering that these massacres were the direct result of the Cathars being in contact with ergot, we can understand this paranoia.

A very interesting thing occurred that no one had really planned. In the days of old, trade Guilds such as for stone cutters, scribes and artisans were part of the social construct. Guilds controlled trade and trade secrets usually at a municipal level. The Guilhermides were part of this scheme like everyone else. Our family was involved in several trades like fur but also in the artsy-fartsy department like languages, books, music and painting and that is why we were so rich. We were particularly involved with art and used our own people as artists. We also were on drugs. The effect of generational ‘family trade’ transmission combined with ergot created a generation of artists and thinkers known as the Renaissance. Here is the short list of ergot experienced individuals:

Albretch Durer, Leonardo DaVinci, Lisa Gherardini (she was related to him), Michaelangelo, Cecilia Gallerani, Leon Battista Alberti, Giordano Bruno, Galileo Galilei and so many others.

It seems quit likely that printing, although finalized in Germany was of Italian know-how and involved more than one individual. The silk road passed through Venice. Printing know-how passed through the silk road as did cannabis and other goodies. It is my hypothesis that Johannes Gutenberg was SRY-2627 and that he was my ancestor.

Johannes Gutenberg’s son was François Garin born around 1428 and drawn here by Albretch Durer.

He also was Willam Caxton, Michael Wolgemut, Ulrich Gering and Francesco Colonna. Who the hell were they? The Guild of Crafty Acid Heads.


Cathars, Pierre de Vaud and the Antonins

The name Vaud has its roots in the name Volcae. The first 2 letters are pronounced Vo. Pierre de Vaud (1140-1206) was a rich merchant from Lyon who founded a brotherhood called La Fraternité Des Pauvres de Lyon.  This brotherhood picked up from where the true Antonins left off. They were part of the same big family. While living, He gave all of his goods away. He translated the Bible into francoprovençal (or arpitan). in 1184, at the Consul of Verone he was excommunicated along with several other sects.

The Albigean Crusade (1208-1229) was against the Cathars. Along with the early Waldensians they were severely punished for minding their own business in their own territory. A culture was permanently destroyed in the name of I don’t know what.

Around this time my family had been spread out. They were still very prosperous for the times.

Francoprovençal was now my family’s vernacular language. it had previously been occitan. My family somehow made their roots spread out like always. I have traceable family in Germany, Switzerland, England, Ireland, France and Italy from around this time. Just the name Garon itself leads to Peter Garon ( 1694-1723) the British clock maker. That’s not the only British family linked into this story.

In the past, England and France had mingled between them beyond what we remember today. Since my family where heretics and identified with Gallic culture and had been multilingual throughout their history, they knew quite a bit of English. They wanted to create a naming scheme that would permit them to disappear in time as a family but to reunite eventually by traceable names. Since they were more or less in Burgundy and that they were descendants of Guillaume d’Orange they created a family of names with the letters GRN.

At first, the family name was Verd as in Ponson de Verd (c.1393) which can be found in the Forez region near Lyon. Verd is from Viridis which means truth in Latin or Frank. Verd is pronounced like vert, the colour green in French. In English the name became Green, in German Grun and in French it morphed into Garin a convenient name already present in our family history. Maybe it was Garin that ended up as Verd. Either way you are not breaking any thermodynamic law. There are tons of spin-off or combination names. Most easily found are nberg names like Guttenberg, Heisenberg or Schoenberg. There are indeed SRY-2627 with that later family name online. Arnold Schoenberg descended from the troubadours and lexicographs like me. We are probably millions of people. Pop star wannabees. Much less unique than we think. We are only a small portion of the ergothic descendants of Europe. Frankly, I think that’s 100% of Europeans.

The next family names I find are my ancestors from Lyon who were involved in the fur or pelt trade. Their trade continued up to Calvin’s time. These furs were used on collars so that people could recognize their ancestors on portraits as being part of this cult. The image above is of Albretch Durer’s brother. The rings are also a GRN marker. As an example Matthias Ringmann was/is in our family.

1399 Martin Garin pelt trade

1404 Estienne Garin pelt trade

1419 Jean Garin pelt trade

1442 Rolin Garin ( textile trade and money exchange: early banking)

1448 Francoys Guerin banking

I beleive that this last individual is my  ancestor who also wrote the book Complainte de Francoys Garin previously mentioned and was holder of the Gundestrup Cauldron.


Guerin de Valloire

in 1089, one of the descendants of Guillaume d’Orange, Guerin de Valloire was hit with a bout of ‘Le feu sacré’ or ‘sacred fire’. This was an illness due to the consumption of ergot-contaminated rye bread. Rye might have entered the food chain with the Merovingians. Its effects could be from skin rashes to convulsions and hallucinations. This same ergot mushroom is today the source of lysergic acid used in the manufacture of LSD.

His Father, Gaston de Valloire, a rich nobleman, to counter the illness of his son, founded a hospital and a brotherhood dedicated to the care of the afflicted. As rye became more and more popular, the problem kept on growing.

Some 150 years later, Pope Innocent IV (1195-1254) elevated this ergot-influenced community into a religious order known as l’Ordre des Hospitaliers de Saint-Antoine’ or Antonins for short. This order is not to be confused with the Knights Hospitaliers coincidentally headed by Guerin de Montaigu  (from 1207-1228) another member of the Guilhelmides families.

Antonius with hisTAU symbol associated with the Antonins order.

This one by Albretch Durer has the cross of Lorraine linked to his father’s country Hungary.

At its peak, the Antonin order had 269 ‘clinics’ across Europe. Call them medieval head-shop dispensaries if you like. They existed. Some are still standing today but have a different vocation. The last closed in 1803. I believe that the causes of the sacred fire were known from the start by the Antonins but kept secret from the Catholic church. Since they were the ‘go to’ people on the subject, they kept their religious drug cult under cover. The witches of the day were simply women cooks of this community as this drug was part of the food supply. I suspect that the brothers themselves were micro-dosing and eventually came to understand ergot in a similar way as some of us do: as a potential vector of genetic memory. Folks, conveniently, these were my ancestors. Doesn’t it make it seem more plausible to you?


The actual secret of ergot was not its psychedelic WOW! effect but its permanent effect on human creativity. It resulted in the incredible leap of acuity of the Renaissance (1500).

How many people would you say these dispensaries serviced over their collective lifetime? If there is any truth to genetic or inter-generational memory having a link to LSD-like compounds, we should scientifically be able to find out. From 1089 to 1803 is 714 years or roughly 21 generations. In my lifetime there was no Antonin clinic but something called Rock and Roll or psychedelia. The Antonins did not have exclusivity on Medieval drugs anyway. Drug-taking is fundamental to the European brain and people should recognize that. Its seems to be quite important to Africans, Arabs, Indians of all continents and Chinese as well. Can we start chilling together folks?

By 1247 the Church took control of the Order and it then lost most but not all of its autonomy. The knowledge gained by the original Antonins however was kept secret from the superstitious church that was already hundreds of years behind the times. The original Antonins were closer to alchemists and forward-looking people of the day.

Guillaume d’Orange

Guillaume d’Orange (755-814) is a founder of the Guilhelmides families of Europe at large. In 2017 you can find them in Canada, the USA, all Latin American nations including Brazil, all European nations including Russia and most nations where whitey showed up. This family has its roots where the Samnites settled on the banks of the Garonne river or Garumna, where the makers of Garum settled.

Here he is portrayed by Ambroise Frédeau (1657) with similar devils as you would find associated with Saint-Anthony.

His mother was a daughter to Charles Martel and so he was the cousin of Charlemagne.

in 793 the Muslims of Spain attacked the People of France. William fought them twice: at Villedaigne his army lost but exhausted the Muslim troops who retreated back to Spain. In 801, he headed a coalition of armies and took Barcelona from the Moors. in 804, he founded a beautiful monastery at Saint-Guilhem-Le-Désert and retired there in monastic life. I believe he had the Gundestrup Cauldron (it wasn’t named that) in his possession and left it to one of his children.

In 1066, the year of the Battle of Hastings and long after his death, he was canonized a saint by pope Alexander II.

Exotic Toxandria

Toxandria was a place in the Netherlands named by the Romans. I suspect that intoxication was why they named it that. Around this time, culturally and certainly outside  mainstream Roman Empire, the people around here were still doing something called bog bodies. I don’t understand this practice but it’s quite interesting. Yde Girl is an example. They must have been on drugs to have been murdered like that by others. This might have been culturally easy for the ergotic Franks of the east to move on into this territory as urged by the Romans. In time, this hybrid population merged into the Salian Franks. It had been a long time since the Franks had been at sea but now with these new family allies they had instantly become pirates as well. They now also had writing and the Gundestrup Cauldron.

Here is a brief summary of the SRY-2627 lineage from the Salian Franks from which my family is issued: Note that my specific chromosome might have been housed in a cousin or something, not necessarily a king. It’s even possible that my chromosome stayed behind on the Garonne river for 600 years while the others trekked a great big cyclonic European circle and met me back home having sweated nothing for myself except perhaps Hannibal, the Roman Empire and the Visigoths. I would find that just as worth remembering. In fact I think this is what happened: The Frank rekindled with the Volcae after 500-600 years of partial separation. Common words still existed between them. Common myths as well. The Merovingian dynasty was SRY-2627:

Chlodio (392-448 CE) King of the Salian Franks. Victory at Cambrai and loss at Vicus Helena.

Merovech (d.457) fought Attila the Hun at Challons, France.

Childeric I (440-482) in 463 his army fought the Visigoths. During this time period, Palladius (408-461) a Merovingian, was spreading the northern tradition of the ‘Jesus as a Galilean’ faith or myth into Ireland before their own king ever recognized the Roman Christian version of the same story which had Jesus as a Jew. This was the start of countless schisms in this faith.

Clovis I ( 466-511) united all the Frankish tribes. In 508, he made Paris his capital. during his reign, Salic law came into existence. At the Battle of Soissons (486) they defeated the Visigoths. He was a witness to the end of the Roman Empire in Gaul. In 496 he became a Christian and dragged a whole bunch of people into it as well.

Chlotar I (497-561) Converted to Necene Christianity or non-arian belief. frankly, I don’t give a shit my dear! he remained polygamous with 5 wives.

Chilperic I (539-584) was a fan of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

Chlotar II (584-629)


Dagobert I (603-639) was the last true Merovingian to actually have any power. The remaining Merovingians were more figureheads than anything else and became known as ‘ les Rois Fénéants’ or Lazy Kings. They were just stoned. They were gradually replaced by the Carolingian dynasty who were Thuringians, possibly RM-269 or associated haplogroup from LaTène as well.

All French people know this song:

Le bon roi Dagobert,
Avait sa culotte à l´envers,
Le grand Saint Eloi lui dit :
“O mon Roi, Votre majesté
Est mal culottée”
“C´est vrai, lui dit le roi,
Je vais la remettre à l´endroit”



The Franks were already Gallic

The Franks of Trier, Germany (from 279 BCE until today really)  who were the descendants of the Volcae who had previously spoken an italic language, were interacting with more authentic German tribes. Of course, their language was influenced by this. Genetically, they were all of the same gene-pool (La Tène) with only hundreds of years of separation. These Franks ( which means truthful) were now a population out of reach of the rising Roman Empire.

During this time, the Franks are considered illiterate by historians. I think this is too strong an assumption. They had at least seen writing and he who sees writing  wants to transmit his own magic culture. I think the Franks became a very strong cultural vector that is still going on today. If they were indeed illiterate, they would have had to be multi-lingual anyway. Pre-literate people had intellectual elites you know! Translators, be they slaves or not also existed. They were also metal workers. This required transmission.

Ulfilas ( 311-383  CE) is said to have been a Cappadocian from Turkey. That is exactly where the Galatians of Tectosages, a tribe from the Garonne river in south-western France, had set up a colony hundreds of years before. Galilee from where Jesus of Nazareth is said to have come was an offshoot colony of the Gentiles of Galatia. If Jesus ever existed which can legitimately be put into doubt, we can speculate that he had 250 years of separation from the Gauls who invaded Greece. He might have been an SRY-2627. Jesus spoke Galilean Aramaic. This leads me to hypothesize that the Jesus myth is a Gallic myth which is why it caught on so well and so fast from Turkey to Scotland. Turkey’s leader today is Tayyip Erdogan. he has my name Garon (or orange) written right in it! See! Is this a fluke or is he an Ergothic Galatian? If he is, he might be totally lost in memoreegocentricity: attributing shit to yourself that comes from way before.

Contemporaneous to him is St-Jérome of Stridon (347-420 CE), a Dalmatian from across Gargano, the ergot of Italy’s foot, in the Adriatic, who noted that people from Ankara in Turkey had a similar language to the people of Trier.

Ulfilas, which means little wolf, created the Gothic alphabet which became the first traceable contact of my haplogroup SRY-2627 with its own domestic writing system.

I believe this is attested to by one of the panels of the Gundestrup Chauldron. It’s my hypothesis that my family were the holders of the Cauldron until its burial in Denmark a few hundred years ago. This panel seems to me more recent than the others. It contains the following symbols:

A wolf representing Ulfilas, the Volsci, the Volcae, the Welsh, the folks, Vaudeville, etc.

2 horses and 2 unicorns.

A druid-dude holding a Y-shaped person.

Either a cauldron or a tablet.

Black Henbane (Witches’ brew) plant which several family elders are connected through its vines.

The person between the holders of shields and the holders of carnaxes (he has an animal on his head), seems to be holding a musket, an item that came into existence only around the 15th century but coincidentally well-known where my family lived in Francoprovençal territory. Durer drew muskets. My ancestor François Garon or Francesco Garonne was a metalcut and woodcut artist as was Jacob Fuger.

Rye, from which the ergot mushroom lives, is thought to have passed through Turkey. The Elders are holding lances and shields similar to their ancestors the Samnites. The other panels of the Gunderstrup Cauldron represent even earlier beliefs and traditions possibly originating in Gargano, Italy where multi-horned fossils of hoplitomeryx were available to be found by curious druids. There is also clearly on the cauldron an image very similar to the Capitoline Wolf of Samnite fame.

A little more about rye. It is thought to have dissimilated itself with wheat via vavilovian mimicry: every generation looking more and more like its host. With it came Ergot or claviceps purpurea: provider of LSD-like compounds to the Franks via the food supply. This could possibly mean that my family had an encounter with drugs around 2000 years ago. This does not exclude the possibility of even earlier events as this. I do know however that my family has been involved with drugs since around 0 CE and this has revealed itself to me by my responding to my personal intuitions and curiosities via hard work. I also have been looking at other individuals, past and present and have found people with very similar profiles as mine as well as GRN-casted family names. Folks, I am this parcel of DNA, molecule of memory that has reproduced itself countless times, each time different yet the same and followed the path I am exposing to you. Your own story is very similar.