La Complainte de François Garin.

The second ancestor I found was Francoys Garin. In 1460 he had written his complainte. It was printed before 1501 and so it’s an incunable.

In his book he talks about being tortured with a choke pair: I think you get the idea!

Here’s a weird coincidence I found in the book:

If I translate from line 2016, it reads:

2016 It’s the reign of the Antechrist

The sword of justice, what to do?

Its handle is like, broken:

no one can hold it properly anymore

2020 for the laws of the world to maintain.

The great sheepish pastors are haters,

All the goods of the world perish.

Of course, 2016 in this context is a line number. Also Ante(christ) means before, not against. Oddly enough, this is my own personal philosophy as well: I believe the West is realizing that Christianity, Judaism and Islam are no longer tenable and should be non-violently disposed of through individual choice and commitment to reason.

I soon found out that Francoys Garin was often used by Albretch Durer as a model. When looking at Durer drawings, one in particular, a drawing of a troubadour, hit my attention; I knew troubadours were from Occitania.

At this very same time period, I got my results for my Y haplogroup: it’s SRY2627 or R1B1B2A1A2C. It’s from the north of the Pyrennées where the Troubadours came from. At this point I no longer doubted my ancestry. My genetics passed through the Occitan culture.

After discovering this most happy fact, I started to interest myself in Occitan culture including  its language as well as the Durer period in Art circa 1500.

3 facts blew my mind:

1-Durer painted  Saint-Anthony the man who took care of ergotic patients

2-Garron (my family name is Garon) means ergot in Occitan.

Ergot is that mushroom that grows on rye from which we make LSD.

3-I have myself used LSD around 35 times in my life since 1974.

This seamed to indicate that my ancestors like me, were familiar with the effects of ergotic compounds. I soon found a lot of art from many artists of the period that reveal an important drug cult existed during the Renaissance and that the descendants of these druggies are alive today and like me have instinctively been drawn to drugs.

I will now proceed to give you a brief  history of the SRY2627 as best I can . It will indicate that this haplogroup has been more than once exposed to drugs throughout its roughly 2500 years of history and that some people of this haplogroup might have a form of genetic memory associated with this past history. Please understand that memory in this context might only produce pre-dispositions to behaviours, not souvenirs of specific events. I refer to this as instinct: genetic memory triggered by environmental cues. An example would be an attraction to maps because an ancestor drew or used them.



Quinque Linguaru

In the Quinque Linguaru, the translation of criminale is given as La roye. This is one of the clues that led me to find the relationship that existed between the Durer family, François Garon and Guillaume Leroi.


This is not the first on-screen pornography but is the way my ancestor’s community accelerated the process of making woodcuts and made them more accessible throughout Europe from London to Venice. This is called an Alberti screen. Their community helped propagate alternative views to catholicism be they reformed christian, judaic, occult, humanist or secular. They were associated with the Waldensian cult of Piedmont until the massacre of Mérindol of 1545. My ancestor Jacques Garon was by then a Calvinist in Calvin’s Geneva.