François Garon

When searching for François Garon, I first came across this book: Quinque Linguaru: a 5 tongue (Latin, French, Spanish, Italian and German) lexicon dated 1542 under my ancestor’s latin name, Franciscum Garonum.

In it, there was this image. Although it looks somewhat religious it is not; There are no crosses, or no other sign of repression. Behind his head is the sun, not a halo. The shadows of plants and the shadow on the hillside are consistent with this view.  This was my first encounter with a woodcut. After some research I found out that Albretch Durer had worked with Lyon woodcutters. François Garon was one of them and was somehow linked to Guillaume Leroi, another woodcutter. This image is indeed that of Albretch Durer. I beleive that the framing on the woodcut was François Garon’s signature.


In 1997 my family organized in Florida a get-together which included most of my grand-father’s descendants. We were about 30. I did a genealogical search at the BANQ ( Bibliotèque d’ Archives Nationales du Quebec) on Viger street in Montreal and completed the Garon side of the family tree with enough information for a presentation. I called it Ancestor Worship.

At BANQ I came across Luce Jean Haffner’s book L’Énigmatique Chirurien de Mer Garon. Incredibly, It was about my ancestor Jean-Baptiste Garon, a Martinique-born individual from an old Francoprovençal family from around St-Étienne, Isère, France.

In her book, Mrs Haffner mentioned 2 possible individuals with whom we are more than likely related: Louis Garon, a Calvinist who reconverted to catholicism and François Garon, a publisher of a 5 tongues lexicon.


In spring of 2013, I was diagnosed with cancer. It really shook me up. I survived. Thank you doctors, technicians, nurses and the desire for life. My case was mild. Respect to the ill. Respect to my people, all Canadians who participate in our national healthcare system.

During this period, I researched both François and Louis Garon. I discovered an amazing story.



Humans have 46 single or 23 pairs of chromosomes. Each of 23 chromosomes is matched to his corresponding mate. Pair#23 is the sex determining pair. Women always supply X chromosomes. Men supply half Xs and half Ys. If the individual is an XX she’s a woman; If the individual is an XY then he’s a man.

In women, XX allows for gene mixing. This reduces the possibility of tracking inheritance via the X chromosome.

In men, Y is a stand alone and so does not change from generation to generation or from father to son except for infrequent and random mutations. We can use the Y chromosome for genealogy. A Y chromosome haplogroup is basically a bunch of men who can trace their ancestry to a common lineage of male ancestors. I’m SRY-2627 which has in 2017, a maximum occurance in Val D’Aran, Catalonia, Spain. It is a rare and young branch of the most common haplogroup family in Europe: R1B.



Theory vs Hypothesis

I am of a scientific nature. I am also quite a discreet person. I am nevertheless doing this site because I believe in the importance of what I have experienced and that it could somehow help everyone that hears of it. I’ll cut to the chase immediately: I believe in genetic memory and that it can be accessed with certain drugs. I urge you to read on. I have genetics to help me as well as artistic artifacts that are clearly visible for all to see.


New Netherlands

I presently reside in the Bergkoninklijk Heuvels near Rio de Gennes in the Niew Nederlandt. Today we call them the Monteregian Hills of Quebec.  The River is now called Yamaska: it’s Abenaki for Many Rushes.