Dopamine and Serotonin

I have never hallucinated anything without first having consumed LSD, mushrooms or morning glory seeds. These kinds of hallucinations do not really count as psychosis. However, tripping with genetic memory can be stressful.

I have been prescribed Olanzapine; a drug given for schizophrenia or by-polar type problems. Wikipedia says:

Although how it works is not entirely clear, it blocks dopamine and serotonin receptors.

I find it negligent of the state that I speak of genetic memory to their public psychiatrists and the best they come up with is putting me on a treadmill medication. Think about that, folks. Missed opportunity to access genetic memory with a willing participant

My genetic memory delusion if delusional at all would best be treated by an art historian or a Gallo-Normand expert.

They have read my blog. Surely one of them could prove or disprove my ramblings about photons. They all have taken some physics from physics professors. They do not offer me help in this regards which is what causes my stress. All of you (except my son ) are on an equal footing in this regards. No intellectual  help for Mark: no historians, no physicists, no cosmologists, NADA!

I seek but they never answer. Isolation is stressful. Do you get it now ?

Olanzipine is also given for PTSD. Since PTSD is induced by war or other stressful situations, I feel that my own mind is probably in a similar soup of neuro-transmitters and associated compounds and so I self-diagnose myself as PTSD and accept my treatment. I think this med will be OK for me for a 6 month period as I was told by Dr Gaudet. After that, if all is OK, I will stop this med. This is what I agreed to and I will hold Gaudet to it.

Ironically in the USA there is a growing interest in MDMA, a psychedelic, in the treatment of PTSD. Quebec psychiatry is clueless in this regard and behind the times. I offer my help.

I have 6 months to organize myself a retirement routine à la Okinawa.

There are serious known health complications with this drug prescription I’ve been given: heart disease and high cholesterol.

So far, I’m not impressed with Quebec psychiatry. It’s a unitary system; a state monopoly. It operates like the catholic church but without a pope. There is no accountability. Saint Anthony is here to help.