In a Gadda da Vida Baby!  If you could double the energy of a photon, split it in two as a pair of photons moving in opposite directions (keeping the initial magnetic field on the same side either towards or away from you): you would have 2 entangled photons with both having pre-determined and synchronously alternating sets of quantum numbers. I can’t put it simpler than that. Go read my paper again.

Do you know what can help in visualizing this?

Keep in mind that a photon always starts with a crest therefore the photon pair is sharing  a trough between them. The splitting of the trough occurs at detection. Problem solved!

This dual trough stretches to incredible distances. Should we find out how much stretching this trough can undergo would possibly reveal some sort of fundamental property of space. I wish I had physicists to talk to. I need confirmation that this makes sense.

J’ai écris mon papier en Québécois. Il date du 20190314 et fut posté sur ce site le 17 avril 2019. J’ai développé l’idée encore plus depuis.

J’ai des props interessant sur les photons. Ça ferait un beau film voir même une BD.

Le Garon transform est présent ailleur dans la nature.