Regarding Lysergic Acid

I just want to clear up my position on LSD usage.

I don’t recommend the use of LSD before anyone addresses his own personal issues. If you are a happy go lucky person like me, it would be quite OK but if you believe in ghosts, the devil, aliens, etc. you may best lay off the stuff.

Of course I’m speaking from my own standpoint; a man with strong religious/humanist genetics. It’s not that you don’t have such genes, it’s just that they might not be so active. If you’re a shrink and you’re close-minded, please abandon your practice.

I haven’t taken any such compound in a very long time and I’m not tempted either. In my case it would clearly be drug abuse.

For a psychiatrist, it should be part of their curriculum. It definitely would show you how humans connect dots and make links that may be irrelevant and so appear to be loony. Experience it for yourself and you’ll better understand those that consult and count on you for solutions. I have seen Vikings in my ceder hedge. Very friendly.

I feel that through better socializing from childbirth on through to old age,  we should overcome a lot of mental illness.