In all societies to date, the State is never the most moral entity. States are changelings and sometimes even Shapeshifters; I mean Poutin was at a certain point a commie. Now he’s an oligarch. He epitomizes Shape-shifting.

Poutin, like you and me, is immoral. Nevertheless he certainly has an ideal of ultimate morality but probably doesn’t access it on a regular basis. He’s still on a cold-war mindset. So are the Saudis, the Turks, the Hungarians, The Chinese, etc. eyeing a 1984 scenario.

In America, we are in a possible paradigm shift. Clearly, Trump is possibly the next to last corrupt president. As it stands right now, Joe Biden will be the next president and as a politician, I don’t like him very much. Here are your choices: Pussy Grabber or Finger Licking Joe.

I was hoping for Mr Sanders to pull through but he’s about 4 years ahead of the American public. I hope the corona virus will change America’s take on insurance-run healthcare. No masks to hide behind America! Blame the insurance companies. They failed to insure your public security. What next? They’ll start charging you a premium for stocking PPEs for you in case of another pandemic!