For my doctors if they read English

I’m sorry but my time is important and to do this in french on my keyboard is a huge hassle.

I want to talk about psychosis. If you’ve had the interest of reading my entire blog, you’d find that I had something in the past that can be categorized as psychosis. I had discovered that the love I believed I could rely on was a huge illusion. It destabilized me. Basically I was down to about 3 people I could rely on. What a burden I must have been to these 3. They know I have gifts of future happiness in store for them.

The point is, I know what psychosis is but my healthcare providers clearly don’t. They were more concerned that that sucky med olanzipine was gonna fatten me up. I take the stuff and I just don’t feel the med. Guess why? I don’t have psychosis.

My first episode was about a year ago and I lived through it by myself. I came out fine with an increase in sensitivity to ill people.

I smoke 3.5 gms of cannabis a day. I empty the container daily. If it was whiskey, I would empty the bottle. This behavior is locked into my personality. Know thyself I’ve been told. I gm of cocaine is one sitting. 3 gms of cocaine is one sitting. Moral of the story: don’t take little white powders.

Right now, under the recommendations of Dr Gaudet, I only smoke CBD weed. I cheat of course.

Anyway, I truly think that ALL PSYCHIATRISTS must experience psychosis via a psychedelic. Let me be you’re guide. I have the genetic memory of the Hospital Brothers of Saint Anthony who took care of the rye eating people inadvertently poisoned by the ergot mushroom. Read my blog and prove me wrong. What fucking boring assholes these people are. Safe as milk. You’re becoming irrelevant. You’re pals are Fat Mike’s harmacists. You’re pen is mightier than the sword in the war on drugs. You dopes! Which side are you on?