I think I’ve already mentioned that I have some African DNA: very little of it. Initially my genomic provider had listed me as having 0,2% sub-Saharan DNA which made sense since my Ancestor of 9 generations ago Jean Garon married a beautiful  Island woman in Martinique named Genevieve Peintier in 1720. Her parents were 3/4 Black Carib 1/4 European. Back then, for a time, inter-racial marriages were accepted.

Since then, my genomic provider has removed the mention of African DNA and has categorized this DNA as undetermined. They also increased the amount to 0,3%

For myself, I suspect that this undetermined DNA is of  Black Carib origin. This would mean that I possibly have more or less some Amazonian DNA as well as some sub-Saharan DNA not in micro but in thousandths parts.

3/1000 sounds like a ridiculously small amount of DNA to fuss over. However, in my theory of genetic memory, I would indeed have some of the genetic memory of these people. It tints my dreams and hallucinations. We access these memories in a non-linear way Trust me. It’s not trivial.

0.3% of the world’s population is like the population of Taiwan. Could we do without Taiwan. I dare think not; all that industry! I’ve actually been there and I really liked it apart from almost being run over by a scooter every few minutes.

I ate a dish of bamboo in mayonnaise. Very weird!

Great hotel. Nice place. Nice museum. I was there the week Mrs Chiang Kai Shek died in october 2003 with Chantal my then girlfriend and my present lockdown partner. We’re sitting down the corona virus together with my son as well. All is good with me.