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Hi, Thanks for visiting. My name is Mark Garon. The word garron in the Occitan language means ergot. Ergot has two meanings: it can mean a certain part of a bird’s claw (spur) but it can also mean ergot, the small hallucinogenic mushroom that grows on rye. I am also of Gothic origin   ( haplogroup R1B1B2A1A2C or SRY-2627or R-M167). I combined both words to make the word ergoth. This site is about 2500 years of my personal family history. For best use of this site, please start at the January 3rd 2017 post.

Adissiatz, Mercé de visitar. M’ apèli Mark Garon. Lo mot garron dins la lenga Occitan vol dire ergot. Ergot a dos sens: una partida del arpa de l’aucèl e tanben un camparòl allucinogenic que creis subre lo segal. Soi tanben d’ origin Gothic (haplogroup R1B1B2A1A2C o SRY-2627 o R-M167). Ai combinat los dos mots por faire lo mot ergoth. Ço siti es à prepaus de 2500 ans d’istòria familial.